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idk what to do

I do not know what to do.. I take the bible in a different way! & I rely on others to teach me.. :( lately I have been so confused! People telling me one thing, and then saying another! LIKE what is TRUE! I believe I am going to hell. I am loseing so much hope, and faith!!!!!!! :( I try and ask people and tellpeople how I think and I don't want it to seem like I am takeing them away from the Lord, I simply just don't know what to do.. I feel like god is mad at meeee. I have no escape from my pain :( idk if I could truelly love god and honor him if what I am interpreting him to be like is for real ? Also is his love really unconditional? or does he hate you after you turn evil ? Like satan and demons , or people in hell.. Than what does that mean its unconditional if he does not? he loves those who only do good? than hows thay unconditional idk? lol it don't make sence.. so man people say he is love.. so love, loves.. and he does love them but they refused him? than so many say the devil is all sin and evil and god hates evil so he hates satan, so he doesn't love him unconditionally?:(, if he knows id think like this.. why create me. why know I would think and feel this way and have no choice in how I feel, nd prob go to hell. ido not like this confusion , pain at all. :( & I see evil and sorrow in all things now.. my only hope is seeming to fail me too. No one probuably actually reads these or knows any way to help me.. but actlease I can vent.. I js want truth In my life. why did I have to know this. why couldn't I js of never known.. why do I have to be so soft at heart for evil people. why exist ? why why why... :, now im here and see my family suffer, every thing goingdown the drain.. ik its almost the end and I wont be saved? neither will my family.. :, then in armageton days ill be fought nd put to hellto torment..
Mood: worried
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hvnlymssngr99 | Wed Jun 18, 2014, 11:06

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I'm reading a good book right now. Its called "limitless life" by Derwin Gray. (he used to be a nfl player for the colts and panthers). You should check it out. Its been such an life altering message. Also if you want to dive in more and EXPLORE :) you can also join a online bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries (p31 Its great fellowship with woman that go through different avenues in life, all striving to get to know the PURPOSE of their life. I hope that helps :) angela

iamdan | Wed Jun 18, 2014, 11:06

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6  Be strong and take heart, and have no fear of them: for it is the Lord your God who is going with you; he will not take away his help from you.
Deuteronomy 31:6 (BBE)


LoveThatAmazes | Wed Jun 18, 2014, 11:06

I would say that I stumbled on this website, but I don't feel like it was an accident that I read your post. I was actually looking for places with Christian blogs, because I have one, but I couldn't leave without writing to you. I should warn you...I talk A LOT! But, hang in there with me, and I hope I can help you have some peace.

First, I want you to know that God sees you. And He led me to talk to you. You are that valuable to Him.

I can tell you are going through some struggles and dark times right now. One of the worst feelings a person can have is wondering if you're really saved. I've had those feelings. I think Satan really likes it when we have those feelings, because we're so busy trying to figure things out that we don't have the energy to accomplish anything for God! I think Satan almost laughs at us during those times.

First, let me tell you that if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, and if you have admitted that you needed the forgiveness that He purchased with His death on the cross, you are saved. You are God's girl. It's settled. But Satan loves to whisper in our ears and try to convince us that we've made God mad, and we've messed up too much for God to love us anymore. But those are nothing but lies.

I know you're struggling with God's love, and it being unconditional. Did you know that the Bible never really says that God's love is unconditional? Now, it does say it's everlasting, for those who fear him. (That's Christians.) A couple verses that talk about that are Jeremiah 31:3 and Psalm 103:17. So, God's love doesn't end for His kids. That means He's not mad at you! Sure, we can sadden Him with our bad choices, and we can quench His Spirit so we can't hear Him so well, and we can even make Him discipline us to get us back on track! But that's not anger.

Still, I understand your question. How can God love everyone on earth, and then send them to hell? And does He still love them while they are there? Let me try to explain.

Would you agree that God has the power to remove Himself completely from hell? Would you say that there is nothing about God that is there? I would say that is true. So, that means that hell has none of His goodness, none of His light, none of His forgiveness, and none of His love. Hell is completely separate from everything that God is. On the other hand, heaven has EVERYTHING that God is. ALL His love, ALL His goodness, ALL His light. It's all there.

Now, let's look at the other part of God, His justice. God is completely love, and He is completely just. So, if a person has sinned, they have to be punished. Right? (And that's the part we struggle with, but let me help.) So, a person who has sinned has to be punished. But, if that  person has accepted Jesus as their Savior, they have been saved from that punishment. Even though they still sinned and still completely deserved that punishment, and even though God has to punish someone, it won't be them! Jesus took their punishment for them. So, out of God's love and justice, that person will ONLY ever know God's love, because the other part was taken care of by Jesus.   BUT...what if a person never accepted Jesus? What if they refused to accept that He took their punishment? Well, then they have to take their own punishment for themselves. And, the Bible tells us that punishment is hell. Now, God is still love, and God is still just. But the place where they will receive their own punishment (by their choice), doesn't have any of God's love in it. So, the only thing they will ever know is God's justice.

We can kind of get our definitions of good and bad all mixed up. We think about people who do good things or bad things. But really, God defines good and bad based on whether or not a person has accepted His Son or not. Because unsaved people can still do good things, right? Unsaved people still obey the speed limit and help hurting puppies. But that's not how God defines good. We only have goodness if we have accepted His Son.

I understand that you're seeing a pretty scary world right now. It scares me too. I can almost feel the evil in it sometimes. And so that makes the end times and things like Armageddon even more scary. But I look at it this way. I know I am God's girl. And I know that He will keep me safe, no matter what happens. So, even though I can't imagine it all, and even though it kind of scares me now, I know I won't be scared THEN. And that's what matters. I know God will have my back, and I won't be afraid.

I'm sorry that you are having a rough time right now. I know I have  had days like that, when I just wanted to crawl into a hole, or run away from home and never come back! I've got a daughter, though, and she might not like that too much! I've even got Christian family members who can really drag me down when I'm trying to have a really good day. But  God sees all the we go through. He sees you, and He has not forgotten you.

There was a prophet in the Bible named Elijah. I think about him when I'm feeling really tired. Elijah battled hundreds of evil prophets one day, and he won! All of the bad prophets ended up dead. But then one awful queen threatened him, and Elijah ran away and wanted to die. Talk about manic-depressive! And do you know what God had him do? All Elijah did for a little while was eat and rest. Sometimes, God wants us to stop fighting, stop trying to figure everything out, and just crawl up into His lap for a great big hug. So, don't be afraid to do that. God has read every word of your posts, and He knows how confused and scared you are. But He's big enough to take it if you need to get really in His face! Tell Him what you don't understand. Tell Him that you're scared. And I promise you, He will wrap you up in a big hug and help you be strong again.

If you have access to the internet where you can watch vidoes and listen to stuff, I would like to suggest a preacher for you to listen to. I know there are tons of them out there, but I think you need someone really kind right now. His name is Charles Stanley, and I've been listening to him for years. I have never, ever heard him say anything that isn't true. His website is (His ministry is called In Touch.) You can even go there to sign up and receive a free magazine every month. It has some stories in it, but also a daily Bible study at the end of each magazine. It's very good.

A lot of people have a lot of different opinions about what the Bible says. And Wow, it can sure cause some confusion. But keep it simple. If you have accepted Jesus as Your Savior, you have so much! You have wisdom, and strength, and power, and He will never, ever leave your side! You are not alone, ever. Everyone gets confused, because there's some pretty tough stuff about God to try and understand. Just rest, and take a deep breath, and know that He's got you.

I hope and pray that I have helped you a little today. In Jesus' name, I pray that God will place a hedge of protection around you and wisdom to know He loves you.

In His Name, Wendi

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