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   [05 Jun 2014 | Thursday]

Quote: Change

~ What Is It That Changes Everything? ~


The following is an excerpt from a book.


It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that changes everything. You know what Paul proved from the resurrection? He said to the people of Athens, “You know, there was a time when God overlooked ignorance. God looked at a man’s ignorance and sort of winked at it because he didn’t know any better. But now God commands all men to repent everywhere.”   


Why? Because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world by the Man that He has ordained. Whereof He’s offered proofs, that is, of the Day of Judgment. He’s offered proofs that He’s going to judge every man. By what? By the resurrection from the dead, by raising Him from the dead. 


Paul realized that because Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, that everything on the other side, on this side of death has got to be judged. Why? Because everything on this side of death turned against Christ and crucified Him. And God, standing above life and death, took Christ out of the grave and lifted Him above. Since that time Jesus Christ sits as a Judge, and it’s this one that Peter preaches in the tenth chapter of the Acts. He said He made Him to be manifest after He raised Him from the dead, not to all men, but to us who were chosen beforehand, we who were His witnesses. He commanded us that we should preach to the nations that this Man was the Judge whom God has ordained.


It is precisely the resurrection which makes earth so very unimportant, my friend. That’s why it doesn’t make any difference whether or not I’ve got a good bank account, if souls aren’t being saved. That’s why I ought to be weeping, even though I’ve got good food in my belly three times a day, if souls aren’t being saved. If heaven’s not greeting people and my belly is being filled, I ought to be in tears about it.


~ from “JIM ELLIOT: A Christian Martyr Speaks to You, pgs 73-74  (ISBN: 9781615797646)

Learn more about this important book at Amazon, the Publisher, or the Author’s website.


~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW


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