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12:35 PM   [19 May 2014 | Monday]

Faith Made The Difference

Luke 8:40-48

     When Jesus was here on earth He was always followed and throunged by people. In this passage of scripture Jesus was on His way to the house of Jairus, to heal his dying daughter. As Jesus passed through the crowd He suddenly stopped and turned and asked who touched Him. The disciples apparently thought that such a question was crazy given the fact that the crowd was thronging him. But Jesus knew that virtue, or power had gone out from Him. Finally the woman with the issue of blood came forward and admitted that she had touched Him and was made whole of her illness. One has to wonder why was it that so amny people were touching Jesus and yet He only felt power go out from Him when the woman with the issue of blood touched him ?

     i think the answer is found in verse 48. It was her faith. Yes many were touching Jesus, but apperently this woman was the only one of those who thronged Jesus that actually had genuine faith. he says that it was her faith that made her whole.

     When we pray, when we "touch" jesus with our prayers, if we do so without faith then we are no different than the crowd who touched Him and had no faith. And like them we can expect to see no power come from God. God wants us to have faith. if you notice it was the womans faith that got the attention of Jesus. It was her faith that caused power to come from Jesus.

     So we have a choice. Will we be like the mob that thronged Jesus and touched Him but not have faith. Or will we be like the woman who was healed from her issue of blood and touch Him, and do so with the faith that He can and will do something in our lives. Thats what the woman did. She believed that Jesus can and would do something about her illness. We must believe that He can and will do something about our problems. When we do we will get the attention of God and we will see power go out from Him.

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