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hebrew425 (2)


12:59 PM   [18 Apr 2014 | Friday]

I don't have the answer

 ~~ This week has been a week filled with great joy and great sorrow. Last Thursday night as I tucked my family to sleep, I laid on the couch and began to watch TV. I was so comfortable and did not have a worry in the world. I was excited as my wife and I began to talk about our plans on celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary. Then suddenly, I see a text from one of my close friends. This friend, whom I consider my sister, informed me that she lost her sweet and beautiful fourteen-year-old daughter. Instantly, my heart became heavy with disbelief and anger. I asked the question, “Why God?” I started to think to myself, “Why Lord, you know this family and the struggle they have been through.” This tragedy has come at the worst time. Really why now?

This age old question of why has been asked throughout the bible and mankind. Why does God allow pain and suffering and death? Why does God allow a man to walk into a school with a gun and kill innocent children? Why does he allow a young beautiful girl to pass away and leave her family? Honestly, I don't have the answer. It's humbling to admit that the pastor in me always wants to have an answer. I do, however, know the One that does. You see, many times we try to make sense of things and present logic to God. The word says, “His ways are higher” and that means he doesn't work or think from a humanistic perspective. I can tell you that waiting for the answer will only steal your peace and rob your joy. The next morning, as I picked up the phone to call her, I knew that question may be posed. Honestly, I didn't really have the words to say. I didn't want to give a cheesy “my condolences to your family” , or “I feel your pain.” When the moment happened I broke down and just said, “My sister I don't have the answer but I pray that God gives you peace during this time. I pray that you grow closer to Him and trust and lean on Him.” The words were very soothing to her soul and I knew that's exactly what she needed to hear. She didn't need someone trying to figure it


all out or give her all the answers. She just needed the reassurance that He will always be with her. I want to encourage you, today, that if you are in a place of asking “why,” don't get caught up in that place. Just remember through the tough situations you face, He is with you. From our standpoint, the puzzle isn't complete and some pieces are missing. In His time, He will bring it altogether so that you can see the full picture. Some will throw legalistic stones, say you need to pray or fast more, or just be happy and stay strong. My advice is that you be weak. Yes I said, be weak. In your weakness His strength is made perfect. When facing a point of tragedy, allow God to give you the strength to continue on. Lean on Him and trust Him. Never forget He is always with you. As Christians, we will not have the answers. But, with God, you can find the peace and the strength that you need to go on. This applies to those you love as well.

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hebrew425 | Sat Apr 19, 2014, 09:04

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All I can say is wow! That was so needed and so right. Thank you so much for that. Just Monday the 14th I had a miscarriage and lost my 13 week old baby. We were expecting it, we had know for about 5 weeks and the baby had passed away 7 weeks before.(I have many posts about everything that explains it in more detail)But even knowing it didn't ease the pain or make it better. I did question why and I know that I will never know why this side of life but I trust God and know that His ways are perfect even if it doesn't look that way. I believe that God allows us to walk thru tests and trials knowing that it produces a better person in us and it causes us to lean on Him. Maybe we don't lean on Him right away sometimes we get mad and want to pull away from Him but in the end we know that the only way we are going to get thru a situation is to lean not on our own understanding and just trust in the Lord. Bless you for your words. My prayers are with your friends family.

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