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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 33 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 04/09/2014


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12:39 PM   [13 Apr 2014 | Sunday]

Trying To Speed Things Along

So after coming home from the doctor I did a lot of research on how to naturally speed this along. I found some really helpful websites and some that made me quite mad and upset. Some of the good sites are: this is the same site but the main page so you can read other ladies stories too: this one is a really good blog but I must warn you she has pictures of her miscarried babies so if you don't think you could handle that don't go to this one: this too is a good one but it also has pictures: this story is one of my favorites and is the first one I looked at after accepting this she too has pictures: this is good too: At first I was a little weirder out about the idea of pictures but then I was so grateful that these women had shared such a personal thing with others. It was so helpful to me to see these babies so that I was prepared and knew what to expect. So to every lady that has shared your story or your pictures thank you so much and know that you have been a blessing to other women and you have helped us in a time of need, God will bless you for that. While looking up how to speed this along I found sites of women trying to have abortions naturally and that really bothered me. I could not help myself so on one of them I created an account just to tell them how I felt about what they were doing (don't worry I was tactful and keep it Christian even though part of me wanted to be so mean) Then I found some sites about speeding up things naturally when you are actually miscarrying and read that taking high doses of vitamin c and drinking parsley tea will help. So after the doctors appointment Wednesday the 9th I started taking vitamin C. The next day I started the parsley tea. All the things I read said different things about the dosage for vitamin C. I started out taking 6000 mg a day spaced out about every hour and a half or so. I drank at least three cups of parsley tea. For the vitamin c it has to be just ascorbic acid it cannot have any bioflavonoids in it like rosehip. With the parsley tea you can use either fresh parsley that is washed or you can use dried parsley that is probably in you cabinet. All the things I read said to use two tablespoons of fresh and two teaspoons of dried. I tried that for the first two days but it really wasn't doing anything so I started adding more. Well its been 4 days and I am confused. You would think that the more you are up and moving the better to get things going but I have found that to not be true for me. Since Friday morning when I get up in the morning I notice that I am bleeding but as the morning goes on I stop and don't bleed anymore until the next morning. So it seems that if I lay down and sleep then I bleed but if I'm up and doing stuff I don't. Very confusing. I have never delivered early or on time with my two girls they were both late and I am thinking this baby is going to be too. On Monday the 14th it will be 20 weeks into this pregnancy and this baby passed at 13 weeks so its been 7 weeks! But today I am having a bit more painful cramps and my hips are hurting so that is normally a good sign. So we shall see!
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