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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 33 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 04/09/2014


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12:24 PM   [10 Apr 2014 | Thursday]

On The Same Page

I was able to speak to my general doctor who transferred me to a different doctor. I was wanting to go to a group of midwives but their office wouldn't accept me with what was going on because if I needed the D&C a OB doctor would have to perform that. So I was sent to the group of OB doctors that are in the same health system as the midwives so I can see them when this is all over which is nice. It was quite a headache getting this all figured out. I was scared that something would happen in that time period and I wouldn't know what hospital to go to if I needed to go to one. They finally called and let me know that the OB doctor had accepted me and that I had an appointment the next day on Wednesday the 9th. The day before the appointment I was talking to my husband and wanted to know if I started bleeding was he then going to talk to me about this and he said I will stop believing when the baby is out. That bothered me so I said to him that in the Bible every time someone was brought back to life it was instant or every time someone was healed it was instant, why should this be different we have seen now three times that this baby is not alive it had been 6 weeks since it passed and nothing, and we have been praying for 4 weeks. To me this didn't line up with the Bible, I felt that if it was going to happen then it would have already happened. If we were praying for someone who had died that wasn't in my stomach but here on the outside how long would we pray for them to come back to life? A few hours, days, 4 weeks? A few hours maybe even a few days but you would have to eventually prepare things and the body would not stay for that long it would need to be buried. Now don't get me wrong I know that Jesus raised Lazerus from the grave but they didn't keep his body out until Jesus got there they did the normal procedure for the dead. I know all things are possible with God but that doesn't mean that all things are going to happen. I think we all know that to be true. I know we all have prayed for things and it didn't happen the way we wanted or we didn't get the answer we wanted. That is how it works sometimes. That is when you have to say well my prayer wasn't answered the way I wanted but I still love you and surrender to your sovereignty Lord. After talking to my husband I was a bit frustrated and upset so I got up and walked away. I went into the bathroom(the only place I can escape to for a few seconds of privacy, you moms I'm sure can understand) I was upset and crying and prayed to God and said to Him, Lord if this baby is going to come back to life and that is your plan then make my husband continue to not support me and to believe for this and I will know that this is your will, but if you are not going to bring this baby back then please let my husband support me and I will know that is your will for the baby. I prayed this in my head because I didn't want any stupid demon hearing me and trying to influence my husband in any way. I went out of the bathroom and a few minutes later my husband wanted to talk to me but because of the girls I didn't get a chance to so a little while later we went to bed. We were laying there when he said to me I want to talk to you so I asked him what was up. He said these three simple words to me, I support you and that's it. I asked him what did he mean by that just to make sure. He said that I can talk to him about things and that I was right about what I had said earlier about the healings in the Bible. I was so excited that I could talk to him about this. God is so great. I was very thankful for that answered prayer. I later told my husband what I had prayed for and I asked God to let him support me and that was his exact words, I support you. How awesome is that. I love when God works like that. The next day was our appointment. The doctor was a man which didn't excite me at all. I really wanted a women. We went to the doctor's office which was 50 minutes away! When the doctor came in and after talking to him I was very pleased with him. He was very considerate and understanding of what we wanted to do. I did not want the cytotec and I really didn't want the D&C. I felt that what was best for me was to do this naturally so that I would be able to process everything and experience it. I felt like a D&C would make it feel unreal for me. I know everyone is different and I have read so many stories of other women getting the D&C and some taking the cytotec and they were happy with their experience but all women are different and all women need different things and I needed to do this naturally (with maybe the exception of pain medicine if needed). The doctor wanted to do an exam and check to see if I was effaced or dilated and to do an ultrasound to confirm that there was no heartbeat. I asked if there was any women there to do the physical exam but there wasn't so we skipped on the exam. I only allow a man down there for emergencies only and this wasn't. We did go in for the ultrasound and there still wasn't anything. No heartbeat or movement and the baby still measured at 13 weeks. That sucked I still had that bit of hope in me that we would see this baby moving around perfectly healthy and alive but things don't always go the way we want. We left and went home. I have read that taking high doses of vitamin c and drinking parsley tea will help speed up the process so I started that. I am taking 6000 mg of vitamin c a day(spaced out during the day not all at once) and drinking at least 3 cups of parsley tea a day). For any lady that is reading this because she is going through this and wants to go the natural way I will describe how I am doing it and what results I am getting.
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