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Relationship spoilers I


Growing up in a devoted Christian family with high moral values and beliefs I have grown up to view the world as either good or bad. You are either in the good team which is that of Jesus or the bad team (satan) and this perception of life has somehwat made me a very judgemental person. I want to refer to a situation i am currently facing now. Throughout my life i have never really been the boy type ( i am not a lesbian haha) but my moral uprbringing  already created that thought in my head that involving myself with males at this early stage of my life will bring nohing but problems to me. Don't get me wrong i have a lot of male friends, good ones at that but i never let the relationship escalate from just being friends. I have a lot of female friends who are the complete opposite of me, and my relationship with such friends can get very challenging because when i see the wrong things they do i always tend to judge them, which is not my fault as it was the way i was brought up. However when i judge them it is always with a good intention of hoping that they would change from their immoral ways. Sadly most of them have intepreted my judgemental attitude as jealousy and envy which is completely wrong because i don't see anything worth envying in the kind of life they are living. I am trying to ignore them now and let them live life as they want to but if i leave them to go astray i might end up Answering to God on Judgement day. 
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