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Gender: Female
Age: 64 Years

Country: United States

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12:56 PM   [13 Mar 2014 | Thursday]

A Personal Testimony

 "Why Wait?" Part 1

That’s an interesting question.  So you might ask in return wait for what?  I will be looking at this question and describing to you exactly what I mean by “Why Wait?”

I have wanted to write about this for over ten years. Finally being able to do it is amazing to me.  Blogging has been on my to-do list for the past three years.  I did try it once with the wrong approach and maybe the wrong timing at any rate I never came back to it.  I’m here now to share things of an intimate nature that in more than one way shaped my life.

First, before I divulge the reason for “Why Wait”, I just want to say since I’m new to blogging please, be patient with me.  I’m sure as things roll out, I will get better, or at least that is my hope.  I’m a new writer.  Yes, I am a writer, albeit a new one.  So Blogging is going to be an exercise in learning.

Second, I am a Born Again Christian.  What is that you may ask?  Everyone is born physically, your first birth.  When you repent of your sins, ask Jesus to live in you, He forgives you of your sins giving you a new life, the spiritual.  Now I am born again by the spirit of the Living God when He called me to himself through Jesus Christ.  He gave me the faith to believe that Jesus is His Son who came to this earth and lived a sinless life and died on a cross for my sins so that I don’t have to die that spiritual death and be separated from God for eternity.  Through Jesus Christ I have access to God and He has given me eternal life.

A wonderful thing happens on the inside when you surrender yourself to Him.  So all my life experiences center in God and how He has worked in me.  When I write He is always included.  Whether you know Jesus as your Savior or not I think you will be able to relate to my experiences.  I know the world full of people who have had the same things happen to them but maybe not the same effects.

I will start by giving you some background information on me.  It’s important for you to know that in first grade Jesus sought me out and made me His own.  An evangelist came to my grade school class in Widen, WV and was granted permission to talk to our class about Jesus, (Imagine that happening today!)

Growing up in WV in the 60’s and 70’s as an African American had many challenges.  I remember one time in particular I accompanied my best friend to church.  I was happy she invited me.  She went to a nice big church.  She left me by myself sitting in the foyer.  I really don’t remember why.  I watched as all the grown-ups filed by making their way to the pews.  I remember feeling a little uncomfortable because no one said hello.  One man looked over at me as he passed by and no doubt voiced a lot of other people’s thoughts when he said, “What’s that n****r (the offensive "N" word) doing here?”  As a third grader this confused me.  I had been told God is love and He loved everyone.  If God loved everyone and these people were in church surely they were like God and loved everyone too.  I expected to be received with love.  I did not get what I expected.  Instead I was confronted with words of hatred.  His hateful words caused me to question God.  Oh, I still went to church, for a while, just not to hers.

We moved to another city by the time I was in fifth grade so I attended the Methodist Church up the street from our house with my best friend.  I was skeptical by that age but still wanting something.  While I sat in Sunday school one morning I remember asking the teacher if the stories in the Bible were real because there were some very incredible things that were happening.  She replied, “No, they are just stories, I remember thinking” Then why are we here?”  It kind of reminded me of the time I was told Santa Claus wasn’t real after years of believing in him.  I felt stupid and foolish.  So what was the difference between them?  At this point I began to shut down.

My best friend and I never went back to Sunday school.  A couple of years later we decided to go back to church because the new Pastor was young and good looking.  We went to look at him, sit in the balcony, laugh and eat candy.  We even joined the church at his urging.  He came by my house to personally give me a Bible with my name on it, but by this time all my interest had died. I walked away from God, the church and all of that religiousness after his visit.  Those church experiences left me empty.  I turned all my affection, satisfaction, happiness, and joy to the things of the world resulting in eight years of hurt and pain that could have been avoided had the treatment  been different or questions asked been answered correctly.  I can say now that God still had a plan and a purpose.

I entered High School with low self-esteem which made me prey to my own desires to be beautiful and loved.  Not knowing how much God loved me I looked for it in every boy I liked. My teen years unfortunately splattered my life with deep hurts that can only be healed by Jesus.  I graduated High School about the time the “Jesus Movement” hit big.  God kept sending people to me everywhere I went.  I wasn’t running as hard because deep inside I wanted what I saw in these people, Love.

My brother Jimi lived in Hollywood, California for several years, with our Uncle Chuck and Aunt Nancy who had become Born Again Christians.  So, Jimi came back to WV, no doubt to tell his family about Jesus.  Well, I did what any sinner would do.  I ran.  I ran from WV to San Francisco, CA to live with my sister, Sharon, and her soon to be husband Phil.  I can honestly say God was hot on my trail.  When things did not work out there I actually prayed with every curse word you can think of.  God heard my prayer and sent me to the one place I tried to avoid.  My Uncle Chuck and Aunt Nancy had the only door open to me.  God will move you where he wants you. God pursued me; I surrendered after a year of being stubborn.  Oh, what a wonderful thing.  My three years in Hollywood laid a strong foundation of faith.

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eeima | Fri Mar 14, 2014, 00:03

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 Great stuff...and He finally got you..what a wonderful God of love He

castlesrme56 | Sat Mar 15, 2014, 19:03

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 Thank you eeima for reading the beginning of my blog.  Yes, Jesus pursured me till He won me.  Now I am His forever.  It's been an interesting journey and I look forward to more.

God Bless.


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