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12:51 PM   [27 Feb 2014 | Thursday]

Breaking the Safety Net of the Law

Break the "Safety Net of the Law" to walk the "Tightrope of Grace"

Once again I feel the need to share some of the teachings I am receiving from Christ through His servant Creflo Dollar. No, we don't follow man... but we do follow the leading of the Spirit inside the man...when IN Christ. Some of this is notes... some is what "I feel" Holy Spirit is saying to His Church.

As a believer, How many times do we hear, "Jesus didn't come to destroy the law but to fulfill it?" Then we have the whole grace/law battle going on!..ugh!...Well I say, NO, He did not destroy it, for the unrighteous, there is a place for it.......but,  for the "Righteous", those filthy rags have been exchanged for a "Robe of Righteousness." And this message is to those who have received this gift... We are not to put New Wine into Old Wine-skins...(old is the law, New, is grace/Jesus) John 1:17)...When Jesus came,suffered and died, He took our place. So we could NOW come boldly into His presence...we were once under guardians, managers, (until the fullness came)HE was the final sacrifice. It is HIM we look to...NOT a set of rules, regulations and sacrifice that was once written on stone, for now, our adequacy is from God, (by faith, through Christ), not of the letter, which was called the ministry of death. II Corinthians Chapter 3. Jesus says obedience is better then sacrifice...Our obedience is unto Him now...and it comes with much more glory!

Hebrews 10:26 has been an issue for many Christians. "if we willfully sin, after we received"...lets talk about that...we willfully sin when we go back to the law to "make us right" once again.....there was one sacrifice for all time..we go to Him, not another "animal" sacrifice..
He didn't fulfill the law for us to "keep it," but for us to be free of it!." We are Not free "to sin", but free "of sin." There is a difference. Knowing grace will empower you to go and sin not. Don't act the fool, then thank God for His grace..If you have peace in sin, Then you don't know grace...period

Jesus came to reveal the true spirit behind the law...and to redeem those under law, from the law...Romans 3. He taught law to those who were under law...But now, once your faith is in Jesus, and not in law keeping and traditions of man, He tells us it is the end of the law.. Romans 10:4.... Confused yet?  I tell ya, it took me years to grasp this, and I am still learning!!..All I can do is share what I have understood thus far........Holy Spirit will do the revealing....

Galatians 4, now... this whole book is one of my biggest insights into receiving the revelation of law versing grace.  It is all about going back under the teachings of the law instead of being led by Holy Spirit, whom you have NOW received. And as long ago as this was written, it says this problem still exists TODAY>Gala 4:29  I highly recommend you read and reread this book with an open heart and mind, to be challenged in your thinking...of what we think we already know...I have been walking with our Lord for some 23 years or so...but just recently in the last few years had a light  come on for me!!! I'm am now free to LOVE life and SEE Good Days!! YAY!..truly!

Now that we were given the gift of the Spirit to lead guide and protect us. Is it enough? Will we let Him lead?...Do we believe He wrote the law on our hearts?....Or is our mindset been so "institutionalized" we choose rules, regulations and traditions of man to lead us, teach us...even (sadly)condemn us when we fail? There should be no condemnation when IN Christ....  We are no longer a slave, but a son...Do we treat our children as slaves?...NO...It is no longer about our performance. He knew we couldn't perform "good enough," that's why He came!..He loves us, and He wants a family of "Human Beings", not "Human Doings."

I am in no way coming against "going" to the institutional Church....but remember YOU are the Church....and you have been saved by Grace/Jesus...Don't let the mixture of grace +/performance, the "if you do this"... and "if you do that"....(a law mentality) (as if He needs our help) your guide...but the leading from within...For where the "Spirit of the Lord" is, there is Liberty, we are "now free to be led." I hear the Father say...this is my Beloved Son, Hear HIM, and serve Him only. <3

My prayer is that someone gets free from my "many" postings...I share because I am excited in what He has revealed to me...I in no way try to promote an "I am right and you are wrong" mentality...For this would be "Self Righteousness" And only HE makes one righteousness...May Christ be your guide.

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