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Are you kidding?

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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 72 Years

City:Big Sandy
State: TX
Country: United States

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7:45 AM   [18 Jan 2014 | Saturday]

Are you kidding?

At the risk of getting into a rut of commenting on current events I offer the following. A Massachusets judge has upheld a ruling requiring the State Department of Corrections to provide sex change surgery for an inmate who is serving a life sentence for murdering his wife. The inmate, Robert Kosilek, thinks that he is a woman and he wants to set the deception in concrete at TAXPAYER'S EXPENSE!!

As I read this I could not help but recall the old saying that goes like this; 'When a person refuses to believe in God, the danger is not that he won't believe anything, the danger is that he will believe everything'. In other words, refusing to believe in God is to set one's feet on a path to becoming just plain gullible.

I also felt compelled to offer an adage of my own; 'Once a society refuses the absolute standard of morality that God endorses, the danger is not that they will have no standards, the danger is that they will have perverted standards and will, in addition, endorse stupidity like this.'

Are you putting me on? Taxpayers have to kowtow to this pervert and his perverted lifestyle? Have we really gone this far down the road of ignorance? I do not advocate violence but I'm tempted to think that this 'judge' ought to be impeached, tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail, merely on the basis that he checked any brains he might have had at the courtroom door. At the very least he needs to be thoroughly ignored, by everyone, on the basis that he is morally disqualified to be a public authority.

I sincerely hope that this travesty is averted. I pray that our society is not this far off the rail.

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