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Jesus Saves

 I came to faith in Jesus Christ and began my journey with Him in a unique and different way.  Over the internet via MySpace.  

It was May of 2006.  My mom had been battling lung and liver cancer while I was caring for her, my two kids, and my disabled brother who has Multiple Sclerosis.  All this while working full time.  I had a huge following on MySpace as a writer/blogger.   My writing was usually about the fact that God was a false belief, that there was no God, and I taught various New Age/Wiccan/Pagan beliefs and practices.  Along with my many followers, however, was a Christian man and his wife.  They never said anything, and just seemed to lurk around.  

It was about this time that I won a trip to Chicago, where I am originally from.  At the time, I didn't recogize God in it, but that is a LONG story for another time.  I must mention, however, that on this totally free trip including spending money, I was going to meet the daughter I gave up for adoption at birth when I was a teen.  She was in her 20's at this time with two kids.  The week before my long weekend trip mom passed away.   My brother in particular was VERY upset that I was still making my trip, but I did. 

I wrote about my upcoming trip on MySpace, and this was the first time the Christian man, Dave, spoke with me.  He was very respectful, not pushy, just talking and caring.  He asked about my beliefs, which I wrote about to him, but still showed respect. At my mom's services, however, I was VERY upset because a neighbor gave each of the grandchildren a Gideon's New Testament.

It was just a few days later, after her service, on June 9th that Dave and I were chatting via messenger.  He was telling me about his abused childhood, about he and his wife and kids, and about Faith.  Suddenly, and completely uncontrollably, I began to cry.  Everything was just "hitting me".  Dave asked if I had a Bible, to which I quickly responded no.  Then I thought of those little Bibles the neighbor had given.  

For the next 4 hours Dave and I chatted and 'read" from the New Testament, and I gave my life to Jesus Christ.  For the rest of night until dawn we changed my MySpace page from metaphysical Wiccan healing and such to a Christ centered page.   My thousands of followers woke to a shock, and many accused me of being brain washed and considered coming here to rescue me.  

We also, over the internet, searched for churches, and found what ended up being my first church where I was taken under an older ladies wings and watered and grown in leaps and bounds.  Many times surprising the Pastor and an Elder I had grown close to. 

All of it shows me that God can use ANYTHING and ANYONE.  Even the internet, which can be used for such bad.  Dave passed away at just 39 years old suddenly of a massive heart problem just a couple years later, a few months after my daughter I met on that trip passed away.  Again, stories for another time.  God was so in it all, even though I didn't know Him yet.


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