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Oscar Idolatry

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12:27 PM   [16 Jan 2014 | Thursday]

Oscar Idolatry

It's time again for one of the most pagan of our society's celebrations, the awarding of those damnable 'Oscars'. I say pagan and damnable because of what this ceremony represents; namely, the honoring of people with, of all things, a golden idol, fashioned after a human being. To make matters worse, we are not honoring people who may, by virtue of noble deeds, deserve such societal favor. We are honoring movie stars, people who are among the most self-centered and most unprofitable in society, and who, in fact, have no real value to society. These are people whose lives are built entirely on the worship and gratification of the flesh and on the absolute fiction of 'acting' in place of their actually being. Certainly their life pursuits, as celebrities, have no legitimate value in the sight of God.

Let that sink in! These people have no other purpose than to become 'screen people', that is, people that they are not, and probably never could become. Often they become truly mythical people doing purely mythical things. Moreover their acting serves no real or good purpose other than to 'entertain', that is to 'divert' the attention of, those who are taken in by them, even as they advance their own glamor and fame beyond the bounds of reason. What could be more obviously ludicrous?

To make matters worse, we, the audience, are actually lending credibility to them, and to their deceit and foolishness, by giving them our attention, our money and, tragically, our affection. In the thoughts of Augustine, we are engaging in 'having our thoughts diverted into 'false ideas and dramas' and of experiencing 'entirely false feelings of emotion.'

Do you not see that it is all a big lie? The actors and actresses are fully engaged in the task of being unreal people; their primary work is to lead us into an unreality of thought and emotion; their reward, if they are very successful, is an idol of gold in the fashion of a man; at the very least they will strive to enjoy a world that is filled with godless materialism and immorality. We may wonder why there is so great a degree of wickedness among these particular people. Does it not make sense that because the foundation of their existence is corrupt, the house of their lives is, likewise, corrupt.

These people do not merit our giving of honor and prestige to them, they merit our pity and our rebuke. Instead of having them come forward to receive a statue that endorses and encourages their useless and sinful pursuits we need to call them out to confess their sins and repent and bow low before the Lord Jesus Christ in faith and submission. Christians should not be found to be supportive of people who live for the specific purpose of deceiving and of glorifying the flesh. This goes for music celebrities as well. Certainly Christians should never be found to advance what can only be described as paganism, especially paganism in the form of rewarding idolatrous people with golden idols.

To honor those who are truly deserving of honor, by virtue of their being in a position of authority or of bearing good fruit, is not sinful (Exodus 20:12; Romans 13:7; 1 Timothy 5:17). To honor actors and public celebrities, especially in light of the basic vanity and uselessness of their existence and life pursuits, is, like the Oscars, damnable!

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