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Day 2 - a day without foul language

 I didnt start this day with the intention of not cursing but the Lord had big plans for me today!

I started with getting kid #3 on the bus and kid #2 to the doctor for blood work. That went surprisingly well and the promise of a great day went well thus far. After dropping #2 off at school, I headed straight home with the impending need for my new routine of personal bible study. 

It was awesome! New found revelations were made! One being that, while I may not know my true purpose in God's work for me, I do know I am a servant of God. And in being such I must do all me service in a joyous way with love in my heart. *this proved to be easier said than done*

My first call of service is to my own family, treating everyone as a child of God and with unconditional love. While that sounds incredibly easy (bc we all like to think we treat our closest friends and family the best) I found that they understand me well enough to know exactly how to knock me off my fast rolling love train.

First service order was to clean the dishes. If you understand how aweful washing dishes is for me, you'd have more sympathy!  I'd rather scrub a toilet...but no, God said wash the dishes and so I did. And then I remembered I had to do it with a loving heart...ughhh! So I dug deep and found my peace in singing. And when I ran through every gospel I could remember from my childhood I just started over again. All in all it went well. 

And then he called master, my savior, my God! Put away your husband's clothes...wait, what!?! That man said he'd fix my broken closet. I made a promise that I would NOT put up his clothes UNTIL he fixed my closet!!! -stomps feet- God: put them away with love. I think we need to talk about my faith Lord. I plastered a fake smile and started singing..Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. After a few minutes I didn't have to fake my love in serving. I was doing it with happiness and honor that God actually gave me a job. ME! I'd never experienced a job order from him before. *happy dance*

Then comes the kids home from school. I'd planned a Bible study for them that would last about an hour before they could jump on any technology.  Wisdom shares it's knowledge. I was in the sharing mood. They were not in the receiving mood. I started to get upset and then I it with love. So I said a silent prayer and the rest went great! We laughed together and learned all about Adam and eve. #2: Adam was made from sand and Eve came from him. #3: Adam was only alive bc God gave him CPR and pushed oxygen into his lungs. #1 ( who is significantly older) chimes in: and they all died bc they ate the fruit of knowledge and knowledge is power and too  much power will kill all humans. 

*bible study over, thanks for participating! *

A little alone time gave me the moment I needed and the recognition that I had said or thought foul words all DAY! And I know bad language on a very personal level. Lol


Kiddos start fighting over technology and I lost my love for a moment. Without telling them I had realized how well I was doing with my potty mouth, or lack of...I slipped and said damn. #2: Mom! You can't say bad words to us. 

Is God speaking to you too #2?!? Way to hold me accoutable( I really am happy for that!!). Another silent prayer and I smiled and found my peace again. Apologizing for my bad language was easier than I thought it would be. #2 said it's okay and moved on :)

Dinner went very well and now my day is over...I've only cursed once out loud and once in my mind. God is definitely working in me! And I'm honored to be on his call list :)

Mood: grateful
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