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Tholught For Today - January 7 - Did You Go to The Garden This Morning?

Thought For Today - January 7 - Did You Go To The Garden this Morning?

Thought for Today – January 7
Did You Go To The Garden This Morning?
Did you go to the garden this morning where Jesus was waiting for you? Did he greet you there, with your burdens and cares, did he bid you to give them to him? When you met with the Lord in the garden, did he tell you that all would be well, if you only believe, and his love would receive, and that no one could take you from him? When you walked in the garden with Jesus this morn in the cool of the day, did he tell you of heaven, his home up above? Did he tell you that he was the way?
If you did not go to the garden, this morn at the breaking of day, to meet with the Lord who was waiting for you, to take all your burdens away – then you have missed a great blessing that could have been yours, had you worshiped at his throne of grace. He wanted to comfort and give you sweet rest, and wipe all the tears from your face. Had you met in the garden with Jesus this morn at the breakiing of day, great peace would be yours after hearing his voice, saying child you have nothing to fear – for all will be well if with me you will dwell, and walk in the garden with me.
I went to the garden this morning where Jesus was waiting for me. We walked and we talked and we had fellowship there. He showed me his plan for today, one day at a time, each moment I'll find his guidance sufficient for me, if I will but trust in his holy word, and be led by his spirit, you see!
Oh friend won't you come to the garden each morn at the breaking of day, where the roses are fresh with the dew of the morn, and the birds sing so sweetly of love, to walk with him there, and so to prepare to live in his presence above?
Oh! Who then will come to the garden to pray, where Jesus is waiting for you? He waits for you there to show you the way, and show you the depths of his love. For you see, he is not willing for you to be lost, and cast into eternal hell. All your sin debt was paid when he died on the cross. He carried your guilt all away. And when he arose on that first Easter morning, how fresh was the breaking of day! The dew on the rose, and the song of the birds, in the garden they met Jesus there. Sins debts were paid, death was destroyed when Jesus came out of the tomb. Forever there will be, for you and for me, a place by his sanctified throne.
So, why don't you come this morning with me to the beautiful garden of prayer, to tell him how thankful we are for his love, and that we have a home over there.
With these morning thoughts still fresh in our hearts, let us walk with him all through the day. As he guides us along and shows us the way, let us but trust and obey. Then when the shadows of night come along, and we come to the end of our day, we can rejoice and lay down to sleep with assurance of waking to an eternal day.
From the book - "Morning Thoughts And Meditations"  -Copyright:  Robert A. Searles

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