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10:46   [07 Jan 2014 | Tuesday]

Facing Impossibilities

                                                             Facing Impossibilities 
                                    2 Chronicles 20:1-20:30 

There comes a time in the life of every believer when he or she is faced with a seemingly impossible situation. How do we conduct ourselves during these times? Why does God allow them? Can we really prepare for them?
In this story we can learn a lot on how to respond when trouble comes: 1) seek God, 2) pray and hear from God and 3) act in faith.

I. When Trouble Comes: Seek God
1. Jehoshaphat was alarmed: (v 19:4) He is involved in revival and restoring of the people back to the Lord. However, we should not be surprised or alarmed when we face attacks from the enemy when we are serving God(1Pe 4:12). 

2. Anointing attracts attacks: Throughout Scripture we see this happening: 
a)Joseph: was seeing wonderful dreams from God, having favour of his father, then he is attacked by his brothers and sold into Egypt. 
b)Elijah: Has revival on Mt. Carmel, then he is attacked by Jezebel which causes him to run for his life. 
c)Job: Was perfect in all his ways, then he is attacked by the devil. 
The anointing and revival attracts attacks. We see parallels to that in the attacks today in India.

3. Jehosaphat responded by seeking God: He resolved to seek God: he made a firm decision against his natural inclination to rely not on his own resources or to feel sorry for himself or ask God why. He decided not to postpone and sulk but to act.

4. Jehosaphat got others to join him: He called all of Judah together including the women and little children to join him in prayer and fasting (v 13).

II. When Trouble Comes: Pray and Hear from God
1. How did Jehosaphat pray? 
a)He praised God (v 6-8); 
b)He reminds God of His promises (v 9, Isa 43:26); 
c)He admits his inability (v 12); 
d)He expresses his sole faith in God.

2. God responds, v 14 ff: God answers our prayers! He speaks by his Spirit through his prophets. 1Co 14:3 but everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort. God gives direction in confusion (v 16,17). The Holy Spirit leads into all truth (Joh 16:13)

III When Trouble Comes: Act on God’s Word
1. Respond to revelation: Jehosaphat bowed and worshiped in response to revelation. They praised God with a loud voice (v 18).

2. Faith is action: (v 20) Believing God is to believe His Word and believe his prophets. Faith is action: the Word was that the battle was not theirs but the Lord’s. However, God only acts in response to our faith. Praise demonstrates our faith. It reveals that we trust in our invisible unchanging God in the midst of real and changing circumstances. They praised God in the face of their enemy.

3 Faith turns valley of trouble into valley of Beracah: (v 26) God turned the trouble into a blessing. He is a redeeming God, in all things He works together for our good. Their faith demonstrated by praising God turned their situation around.

If you are facing a difficulty in your life, watch out it may be God’s way of blessing you. In all things God is working for your good. He can turn your adversities into opportunities of blessing. Are you ready? The enemies will always use your need to attack and mock God through but the Lord shall give you victory this year in Jesus name.

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CBornAgain7 | Thu Jan 09, 2014, 21:01

 I pray for victory and answered prayers. Even when we know God is working for our good, its still intimidating to be headed into the unknown. It's hard to trust with a broken and fearful heart. It's hard to be brave. 

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