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cyberchristian (2)


1:14 AM   [03 Jan 2014 | Friday]





   Have you considered becoming a Christian dream interpreter? Uh Uh! you may be new age! 

Well..not really. Dreams originated with God, they came with the package at creation.

You don't have to read too far into the Bible to come across God speaking to individuals in dreams. In fact dreams and their meanings play quite a big roll throught out scripture. Josephs dream interpreting saved an entire nation from the devastating ruin of a severe famine. God out manouvered the devils attempts to destroy the child Jesus by directing Joseph in dreams. Daniels dream interpreting still gives us clues regarding the last days.

In fact we are told that Daniel had an excellent spirit and interpreting of dreams is listed as one of his skills. Many ungodly people were warned by God in various places through out the Scripture.

Job tells us that God speaks to men in the night seasons in dreams (Job 33)

The first sermon of the Church age, preached by Peter in Acts 2, says that God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh and one of the results of that will be unsaved people having divinely inspired dreams. We can easily miss that, but careful reading shows us that the verse goes on to say, 'and on my Menservants and Maidservants ALSO will I pour out my Spirit etc'. So dreams are high on the list of Gods activities in the last days. The Amplified Bible, in that verse, says we will be ' telling forth the Divine counsels'. Sounds close to dream interpretation to me.

I believe not enough of us have these skills. Many Non Christian folk have dreams they know are significant, especially if they are repetitive, but some go for years unable to find somebody to give them the meaning. If we have developed the skill we can be used in a powerful way to help people along the path to salvation.

Two good sources for training in Christian dream interpretation are the Ministries of John Paul Jackson (Streams Ministries) and Doug Addison ( Doug has the online dreams interpretation crash course (which I did) and John Paul has various courses on the subject and a big presence on YouTube, where you can get a good feel for what He does.Quite a few of the videos have Him doing interpretation mostly with Christians.

If we are equipped and with Gods help, the next time somebody near us says, 'I had the most unusual dream last night, I wish I knew what it means'. You will be able to say,'I might be able to help you with that'                                                                                                                   




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cyberchristian | Fri Jan 03, 2014, 05:01

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thank you for this post....:) i have a thread up right now in the forums: "tell us your dreams" i was just talking with a friend whose been having disturbing dreams and we planned to discuss this on our next get together. God speaks to me often in dreams. if i need an interpretation, i usually get one from God in two to three days. people who are not sensitive to hearing from God when they want to understand their dreams, would be pleased to have a dream interpreter they could connect with. from what you shared from the scriptures, about the many dreamers in the last days, these interpreters will be needed.

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