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The debate WAS over!

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9:36 AM   [01 Jan 2014 | Wednesday]

The debate WAS over!

What debate? Every debate that ever challenged the veracity of God's word. Don't you mean the debate IS over? No! Every such debate that has ever arisen, from the day the serpent entered Eden and twisted God's truth to man's destruction (Genesis 3:1-6), to the present time, and into the remainder of time, WAS over in eternity past. God's word, like God, is eternal.

The mind of God, how God evaluates all things, is the same, yesterday, today and forever! He does not change, He does not compromise. What He has said, He has said, and every person that has ever existed will, most certainly, either live or die by it.

But let me be more specific. The present debate over homosexuality WAS over, before the world began. The evidence of this is seen in creation where God created them male and female and established human sexuality based on this ordination. It is seen in the Biblical word of prohibition of this perversity in both Old and New Testaments. In brief, there is no debate.

But, you say, isn't there, even now, an ongoing discussion, in socety and even in the churches? There is something, to be sure, but it is nothing more than useless babble if it questions the sinfulness of homosexuality. God has spoken. But, you say, do we understand that word correctly when we condemn homosexuality? The HOLY SPIRIT says "yes"! Nature says "yes"! In fact, plain reason says "yes"! The problem is not that the truth is not clear, the problem is that people are sinful, and love their sin, and do not want to part with their sin EVEN IF GOD SAYS NO!

See my website for more information Homosexuality and Scripture


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