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12:04 PM   [31 Dec 2013 | Tuesday]


   I was delighted, about three weeks back, to discover some portions of Scripture that I had completely missed over the years I have been a student of the Bible. It taught me again that it is so easy to miss what is there in plain sight, when we read with ( mostly unconscious) our particular bias or beliefs. Added to the appeal for me was the fact that some mystery hovers about these verses. There is nothing like a good mystery as long as it is not to outlandish.

My discovery started with verse 4 of Genesis chapter 6: There were giants in the earth in those days- and also afterward-when the sons of God lived with the daughters of men and they bore children to them.

I had never noticed those three words....and also afterwards. They grabbed my attention because they seem to refer to the time after the flood which is described in the next chapter. At that time God, through the flood, reduced the human population of the earth to Noah, his wife, his three sons and there wives. Yet as we read further in the Bible we find that the giants appear 'afterwards'. Somehow they 'jumped' the flood and the reduction of earths population to one family. If we remember that the origin of the giants was the co-habiting of 'sons of God' with the daughters of men, we are forced to conclude that the same thing started to happen again after the flood. Here is mystery.

A possible light may be shone on what happened here by turning to the book of Enoch. The book is not included in the canon of Scripture but seems to have been held in high regard by the leaders of the early church, a view supported by the fact that Jude quotes from it in v14,15 of his letter. In brief, the book says that the sons of God were 200 angels sent from heaven by God to teach the pre flood people. They were attracted to the women of the day and made the choice to abandon their God given mission, to marry and live apart from Gods direction in their lives. Again, Jude seems to be referring to their final fate in v6 of his letter.

The giants pop up in many parts of the Bible after Genesis. Goliath was a giant and it is stated that he had brothers. The spies Moses sent into the land of Canaan reported seeing people groups of giants. They are referred to by various names such as Rephaim, Anakim, sons of Anak and others.

My next discovery came in the book of Daniel. Once again just a few words but I had never noticed them. Chapter 2v43 speaks of a kingdom that will dominate on the earth just before 'the God of heaven sets up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed'. The final earthly kindom is symbolised as a mixture of iron and clay but there are a few words slipped into the description which are easy to miss with out careful reading. They seem to be out of context with the theme of the chapter, but nevertheless they are there. ' so they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men'. Amplified Bible says 'in marriage bonds'. More mystery, supernatural beings co habiting with earthly women. This thred begins to take on more importance now also, because of its being described as a major part of the final state of the world before Jesus returns.

My final surprise came from the book of Revelation. If you have been a christian for a while you will have come across teaching regarding the mysterious being called the antichrist. Revelation gives him the name of 'the beast'. In some places he is referred to as 'a man' and christians have always been on the lookout for the appearing of this person. What I had missed altogether was the statement that he is' the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit' Rev 11v7. Angels are sometimes referred to as men from the perspective of the people they are appearing to, in the Bible. Revelation 11v7 eliminates any possibility that this person is a human being. The bottomless pit is used by God as a prison for evil beings. This supernatural being has been locked up but is freed for a short time at the end of the ages( see Revelation).

If Judes reference to the angels who did not keep their first estate and were chained up in custody in eternal darkness includes this supernatural person. Is the beast the leader of those 200 angels who turned from God in Genesis?

More mystery!!







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