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Since everyone else seems to be putting there opinion out there on Phil Robertson and his remarks, I guess I will too.  This may make some of my family (married in or blood) mad but that is not what my intention is.  I believe that Phil has the right to say whatever he wants to.  That being said, there may be consequences of what he says.  This is not a freedom of speech issue.  He has the freedom to say it without being charged with a crime but others may not agree with what you say and if they pay you money, they may not want to any more.  That is there right as well.  I think that A&E is wrong for suspending him just because they do not agree with what he said but that is up to them to run their business as they see fit.  My right is that I no longer have to watch their channel and their advertisements.  That is my rant on Phil and A&E but I'm not done yet.  There is a much greater issue at hand that is much more important.  Yes, I am a minister, a reverend, a pastor, a preacher....whatever you may want to call me.  I am a disicple of Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed of it nor will I hide it.  That is who I am!   The most important issue of today is morality.  It seems to me that morality in the U.S. is whatever you want it to be.  If you like something, then do it.  Your morality is what you want to make it and no one better say anything about it.  This is what the world seems to be telling us.  The problem with this thinking is that everyone's morality is not the same.  What you say is ok others may not and what others may say is ok, you may not agree.  Example: (and yes this is extreeme but gets the point across)  Man #1 may find it perfectly fine (morally ok) to have relations with any woman(any age) he chooses, whenever he chooses with or without their consent.  You may not agree with this but who's morals are we basing life on?  His?  Yours?  Someone else?  If our morality is based on people, then it is subject to change based on who is in power at that time or who can get the most followers.  BUT.....If our morality is based on God, who is perfect and never changes, then his morals are perfect and never change.  That is what this country is founded on, the moral principals of God Himself.  Why do you think that we have the laws that we do?  Because of what the bible says.  It is not based on what man or men said but on God's word.  Now we are trying to take the 10 commandments out of our court houses and remove any mention of God and His word out of all of our government.  Then what are we basing our moral standards on?  What the president thinks?  What the majority of our political leaders think.  If that is the case, then our morals are subject to change at any time.  Phil was correct in what he said because it is what God says.  Don't shoot him, he is just the messenger, God is the one that said it.  Yes, in this country, you have the right to be gay if you want to and today it seems like it's the cool thing to do.  It seems to be on every tv show, music, and politics.  If anyone has a differing opinion then they are called a hate filled bigot.  The gay community wants freedom of expression and long as it doesn't go against their beliefs.  People can trample all over Christians and their beliefs because we are supposed to (according to the world) just sit back and take it without saying one word.  That is not what the bible teaches.  I have figured out why gays are so vocal about their life style.  It is because they cannot naturally reproduce.  The only way for them to "procreate" is to get others to start believing in their agenda.  That is why they have parades and tee shirts with "gay pride", etc.  I don't dislike anyone that is gay.  I don't have an issue with the person/people at all.  It is their lifestyle that is wrong.  I know what you are saying, "who am I to dertermin that"?  Again, I am just the messenger, God said it in his word!  I love all people.  I don't care what age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else.  But I do not agree with a sinful lifestyle of any kind.  It is detrimental to our society.  So on this issue....I proudly stand with Phil!

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