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12:39 PM   [17 Dec 2013 | Tuesday]

Gods grace an mercy


i am what I am by the grace and mercy of god!. That is self explainable! When it comes to doing the impossible, we can only do what is possible. The impossible is what happens by the grace,and mercy of god. For only" with god are all things possible". Not by will,nor by might but by the grace and mercy of god. It's god that does it. Not us we can't do no more than ask, seek, knock.ask god for what we want,seek his will and way and answer, knock on the door of opportunity  by faith, and the door will open if god decides to open it himself. God does the impossible after you do the possible ; after you have done all you can do? That doesn't always work. Impossible things are beyond what you can do; don't blame yourself if the impossible doesn't come to pass when you try. That is not the grace and mercy of god. Grace and means that god does it if he chooses to. It is not up to you and you don't have a choice,He does it for free. Nothing is required of you but for you to ask,and exist God heals people not man. Man is just an instrument that god may use or may not use at all to heal someone. He don't need your help , we awake each morning only by the grace and mercy of god. When you pray and your prayers are answered ,you didn't answer the prayers. They were answered by the grace and mercy of god. Grace is gods free gifts, and mercy-is god feeling sorry for us,and helping us out of the goodness of his heart. Not because we deserve it w are all sinners that are saved by the grace and mercy of god. We ask then we wait to see if god will do it. In gods time his way ,and to the extent he decides to,God either does it or not.we have no control over those things. We tend to feel that when we are praying for someone to be helpful or something to happen,and when they don't get the help we wanted for them or when what we ask for didn't happen we blame ourself .and we believe that we failed . But how could we fail when we could not help that person nor do these things by our own strength .

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Saul | Wed Dec 18, 2013, 10:12

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 The Father is always willing.  Jesus didn't tell His Disciples go pray for the sick and wait to see if He wants to heal. He told them to heal the sick, it was a commandment. Still is. In our prayers, we act as if we have to twist His arm. "Father please heal me, please." Been there and have done that. In Jesus we have the authority and The Holy Spirit is our power. Jesus was upset with His disciples when the boy with the demon wasn't healed.  How long do I have to suffer you? Instead, of begging and then waiting to see, we need to expect that The Father is faithful to His Word. 

The children of Israel underwent periods of complete Health, where there was no feeble among them. In the days of Soloman, there was a long period, where Israel had no adversaries and no fatherless children. That was before His Holy Spirit dwelt in us.  Therefore, today we should have a higher (not lower) epectation. The Father works through us by His choice.  Jesus stated by this you will know my disciples "they will pray for the sick and they will recover".  Not they will pray for the sick and they might recover.  They will.  Of course it isn't my power when I pray for the sick and they recover. Of the 100+ people I've prayed for not one has said Tony you healed me, because they know it wasn't me. God used my words to do what He wants to do, heal. Jesus is perfect theology and He showed us His Father's Will. Jesus did all The Miracles through The Holy Spirit, just as we have to. Jesus did all His works as the Son of Man, and showed us what we can do through Him. Jesus is alive and the same Yesterday today and always. He healed "all" yesterday and still does today, when He has one person that His Holy Spirit can work through. 

SisterBeverly | Sat Dec 21, 2013, 12:12


SisterBeverly | Sat Dec 21, 2013, 12:12

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