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   [14 Dec 2013 | Saturday]

The Wonder of God

The Wonder of God

Have you ever looked at the trees and wonder, did God spoke them into existence or did he form them with His hands?
Have you ever looked at a person and thought, is this person aware that Father woke him up this morning? Is he aware that Father holds his life in his hand? 
Does he realize as he goes about his daily business that God is watching over him.
Have you ever heard the thundering of voice? 
Have you ever wondered what his voice sound like?
Well it is not in the storm that rages. 
It is not in the earthquakes.
It is not in the hurricane. 
It is that still small voice that rumble deep within our souls.
That gentle whisper in our inner being that tells us right from wrong.
His words are unspoken words in us, His mind in us, His thoughts flowing through us, having the mind and the thoughts of our Savior and Father, Yahshua.
Have you ever seen the tears of our Father?
Just look at a weeping mother holding the bloodied body of her child, killed senselessly.
Just look at the tears of an Innocent child abandoned and abused by an adult.
Look at the injustice, the hurt and pain of so many of Father’s children around us weeping.
Father weep for us every day, just as a parent weep for his/her child, there is no greater LOVE, than the Love of our Savior & God. He weeps when we go astray, when we hurt other brothers and sisters.
Have you ever seen the compassion of our Father? 
Just look at many mothers and children sitting on dry dirt in Africa and other poor countries, mothers holding their malnourished babies in their arm, with nothing to eat nor drink. No place to lay their tired weary heads. His compassion is great towards us every day, he suffers long for our sake.
I know that at times I might say some things that you might not understand, but Father said to me one morning, if you can only see yourself as I see you, like a little child; (like a parent sees her little child), then you will know how much I love you; then you will know that it is O.K. sometimes to get upset and frustrated when we can’t express ourselves to him the way we will like to. 
At times I feel what I want to say to Father, but cannot find the physical word to express myself. When I don’t know which road to walk or which door to open, all I can do is just kick and scream just like a child would when they are unable to express themselves in words. This is how Father sees us like little children unable to express ourselves the way we should.  Know that he understands our tears and frustrations, he knows and sees our heart and he feels our pain.  listen to my messages every Sabbath afternoon, join many others in the chat room live
Joan Matthews, Servant and Warrior of the Most High God, Yahweh 
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