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Our Book

“Our Book” 12/10/13 Our lives are books where our names are the title and from the very first page in the first chapter to the very end of the book our life’s story has been written. This book is the story line of our lives, unscripted. Every page turned is equal to the days, months and years in a chapter of our lives. We are the lead character but we don’t know the plot, or the other characters we will be introduced to throughout our life time. We don’t know the adventures of life that we will experience. We don’t know the highs or lows, the pain and suffering, the joy and peace, the agony and/or defeat, the good or bad times, the happy or sad occasions, the victories, successes or failures that we may encounter. But just like any other book that captivates our attention, to a point that we can’t put it down, we turn each page with expectation and anticipation, holding our breath, waiting, hoping, praying for the next chapter to be better than the last. It has to get better. Regardless of the size of the book (in years spent on this earth) and no matter how many twists and turns or how much the plot of the story thickens we continue to look for that happy ending. As we get closer towards the latter chapters it becomes quite clear that all through the pages turned and the years passed there may have been a sense of something missing or something not quite finished. There were some chapters that we felt could have had more meaning or had emphasis on the things that really mattered. Yet, the book had been written, edited, and approved by the author long before our life began. And no one but the author knows how the story ends. It is human nature to want to skip to the back of the book and see just how the final chapter ends. As the one who the book was written about, we see that there is a substantial amount of information in the pages of the chapters of our lives that are quite accurate in how we’ve lived. There is not much left out. There is nothing to question or dispute. But in those same pages we find periods of regret and some things we were able to rectify and peace now reigns. While there were other things or opportunities to make it right that were lost and couldn’t be recovered. Now that I’m almost at the end of my book my most desirous want is to do something great for GOD. But what would that be? What would it look like? And if I did it, how would I recognize it? There are remaining chapters left in each of our books. Some chapters are longer than others but the pages still remain uncensored and unscripted written and approved by the author (GOD). As we turn the remaining pages let’s pray for wisdom, favor and endurance to finish the book with the words “Well Done” instead of the words, “The End.” We may not be able to write the remaining chapters of our book as we would like to but we can surely live our lives as the author intended. This may make a difference in the reviews by those who read our book throughout the years as we live a life pleasing and devoted to HIS purpose and this may also bear witness on how the author brings our book to an end. Where are you in your book? How do your chapters read? The next time you’re reading a book and turning the pages keep this analogy in mind. It just may change how you look at your life, the chapters therein and those left to come. And yes, I have found one of my great things to do for GOD: you’re reading it. You have just by the reading of this first post become a part of my service and my great thing for GOD. GOD BLESS
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