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   [07 Dec 2013 | Saturday]


I Sing HOLY                                    

October 22, 2005, I dreamt I was in church with my sister she was going to choir practice, she went into a room, I started to leave when I saw her pastor coming in my direction, he asked who I was, I told him I was Jackie’s sister, he asked if I go to church, I told him I live in Queens so I go to church sometimes(this was when I was in religion), he asked if I liked going to church there, I told him no, that’s why I only go sometimes. As we were walking in the church yard he began saying something to me, but I broke into singing the song, “Holy, Holy, Holy and I lifted both hands as I sing the song my body lifting off the earth, going up, up, up. I was on a house roof, other people were there too, they were trying to get down but didn’t know how, I wanted to help but thought if I hold onto anyone my body might sink to the ground, because I know I can easily float down, then I awoke. I Then fell asleep and started dreaming again some family members were there, and I started singing “Holy, Holy, Holy again with my hand held up to heaven and my body started lifting from the earth I held Jade’s (my daughter) hand and she was floating with me. As I floated along there were many people on the ground and I touched their heads as I sang HOLY, HOLY, HOLY and floated above everyone’s head.
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Joan Matthews, Servant and Warrior of the Most High God, Yahweh
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