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Hello My Name Is..

 Hello my name is David and I have a problem, which I confess in front of my peers and betters. I am a blogaholic and liable to say things that offend. Obviously Abraham Lincoln was wrong when he said that we “can never please all of the people all of the time”. See, there I go again because even that great man recognised that you can’t please everybody, so why should I? Well that’s why I am in this therapy help group for hopeless cases.

How did I get here? Well, I will get to my feet, kick back my chair, step into the circle, and tell you my story. I have this sense of standing up for the underdog. I know it is wrong, and I am trying to correct myself and get into line with the majority who think it is best to ‘go with the flow’ and accept what is given as right and proper, but I still get spasms of sympathy for those who have no voice of their own, or worse still, whose voice has been diminished by political correctness.

Then there’s my dual personality. There are things I wouldn’t dare say about injustice in a real face to face conversation, but put me in front of a keyboard, linked to the blogosphere, and I will say things that are bugging me about society’s ills as I see them. I am working on this personality flaw too, and soon I hope to join the majority of silent people who don’t ever express their opinion, just in case it is seen as wrong in some over-sensitive hearts.

But my biggie, is opening my mouth and speaking or blogging without due care and attention. If I was a driver, I would be up before the judge, and thrown in with all those other criminal offenders who deserve to be there. So I throw myself on the collective mercy and wisdom of the group. You, society in general, can help me by letting me learn to be quiet about expressing my feelings for the underdog, the injustices of society, and my inability to keep everybody happy. Then I can pretend everything in the world is rosy. I am sorry this group was not available to Abraham Lincoln, because he would have benefitted greatly from your group therapy help. It is too late for Abe, but maybe there is hope for me after all.

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Saul | Sat Dec 07, 2013, 14:12

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 David, this post can be taken in so many different ways.  So since I've got no clue, where you're going with this, I'll speak about myself.

I can be content in any situation, I'm in. Complaining about things does more harm than good. I can go around complaining about the state of affairs of our nation and what's wrong with it. Or I can do as Paul instructs and pray for our leaders, and ask that they be blessed, protected and surrounded by those who can guide them. I can trust in God that He can change the hearts of men. I can speak blessings not curses, I can let the Holy Spirit use me as a vessel to affect the atmosphere around me. We will be judged for every idle word, we speak/type. Abraham Lincoln was put in a position of power and could and did make decisions that affected a nation. I am not, so complaining gets me no where. But I can pray, and speak in harmony with God. I can affect the atmosphere around me, by my testimony and leading others to Jesus. My world is rosy, because I have the Joy of The Holy Spirit (Joy when there appears to be nothing to be joyful about) which is no matter what the circumstance is around me, I can trust Jesus. 

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