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Unity and Division


Like all places where similar people choose to meet, be it a club or a church, unity of mind and purpose is essential for its survival. There are few better places to be than with people who share your thoughts and views, where you can feel relaxed in the company as a whole. Since we are all human, differences can and do occur, which if big enough, can eventually cause disunity and then lead to division. When a club or church is divided, people get disenchanted, leave, and eventually it has to change, or it falls.

A church is not a club, it is a gathering place for all ages who want to learn about God’s Word, and those who claim the personal saving grace of Jesus Christ. So, the church is different, right? Oh I wish that was true, but unfortunately a church and a club have a common denominator. Their members are both fallible and imperfect beings. We may be human, but we are also supposed to be different because we are not our own, ‘we are bought with a price’ (1 Cor 6:20). Are we so human that we cannot see the price Jesus paid for our unity?

Why do we always have to be ‘right’ and get ‘our own way’? This applies to every age and ministry group, without exception. There can be a very fine line between unity and division, and sometimes we ignore the cracks that appear, and then before we know it, the house has fallen, with no winners! It’s one thing for a secular club, but born again Christians should know better, right? Sorry, ‘fraid not! From the dusty rubble, I can picture two opposing ‘my way’ groups facing each other saying, ‘now why did they have to force the issue like they did’? Am I right in questioning their salvation, or is that a step too far, and should that ‘crack’ also be ignored? Just asking.  

Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. Luke 11:17 NIV

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