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Christmas Cheer?

 It’s December, and the Christmas selling frenzy season is already in full swing! I confess to being a lover of the season. I love the trees, the tinsel, the presents, the family meals, and the list could go on. It is too easy to see that the season revolves around a tubby, red suited man who magically drops through chimneys, and wriggles through letterboxes and keyholes with ease.

In those far off days when I worked for a living, a few guys had a conversation about the meaning of Christmas, and one piped up that we shouldn’t spoil it with all that religious stuff! That was years ago, and it is worse today. We are even encouraged to say ‘Happy Holidays’, and write ‘Merry Xmas’. Some local councils are even lobbied to stop displaying the manger scene. We have effectively presided over a devaluation of the real meaning of Christmas. In those well used words, the clue is in the name my friends, it is CHRISTmas!!

We can choose how we celebrate this time, either with or without the true reason for the season in our heart. We don’t have to acknowledge it, but it is still a celebration of HIS day, not Santa’s, no matter how Godless we are, or how much we love the red suited guy as he guides his reindeer drawn sleigh across the sky. Come to think of it, that concept really does require a lot of faith, and more than the truth of the virgin birth.

So however you choose to celebrate, believer or not, please keep in mind that there are many poor, ordinary folks who will not be able to afford the turkey dinner, or eat with family, and who may only possess the clothes on their back. Many of us are blessed by this same Christ of Christmas, and we should remember, and if possible help those who are less fortunate. Sure, there are seasonal food kitchens and shelters for the homeless, but we cannot leave it all to the social services, or indeed to Santa who is totally powerless to help. We all have a responsibility to give to others in measure of the blessings we have received. That works at national charity, church, and personal levels too, so this year, help spread some real Christmas Cheer. Just a thought.

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