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It Is What It Is

 These words usually fall from our lips when something goes very wrong, and we feel powerless to make it different. They are usually thought or spoken with a frown in our heart, and on our face, because we love being in control, and nobody likes losing that feeling of being in charge.

In the journey of faith, the Christian soon starts to learn that control is not ours, because we are bought with a price, and the longer we are on this faith walk we find ourselves willingly giving over more and more of our wants, needs, desires, and letting God take control in His infinite wisdom. This process is not an easy one, and goes against the natural feelings of the human heart.

However, the words ‘it is what it is’ can also be followed by ‘so deal with it’! This can become a very positive thing, and I have found this to be the case recently. Life is never neat and tidy, with little safe compartments for all our activities, feelings and emotions. Life is messy, and we all know that. So when we are faced with these words, they could become a tool for dealing with those things we don’t understand. We ask God questions like, Why? How? Where? Who? and When? while all the time trusting the one who really is in control of our life, and it’s not me, or you for that matter.

If we really mean what we say about following Jesus, we have already settled the question of who is leading, and therefore in control. So, when you hear the words from me, ‘It is what it is’, keep in mind I am following closely behind the master leader, who also helps me to ‘deal with it’. It’s not a negative thing by any stretch, and is a very positive and liberating place to be. I am not in control, and I recognise and gladly accept that relationship with a wise God. Oh, by the way, the same principle applies to our relationships on a human level, and takes the form of putting others before ourselves in love and humility. Oh yes, it is what it is, and I am happy to be dealing with it. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you Lord!

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