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eeima (2)


   [16 Nov 2013 | Saturday]

I stepped out of time and into eternity through eyes of God

I stepped out of time and into eternity through eyes of God (Vision)

As I got ready for work one morning meditating on the Lord as usual, I felt incredible love for the Lord swelling inside me it was a kind of love for the Lord that was stronger than anything I have felt before.

I said, Lord I feel this incredible Love for you and I don’t know what to do with myself right now. 
As I said this I immediately found myself looking down the eon of eternity it was as if my spirit was taken out of time and into Eternity.
These questions came into my spirit for the first time in my life.
Are you ready to love Him/Father with all your heart, with all your mind and all your soul into eternity?
Are you ready to obey him for all eternity?
Are you ready to spend eternity with the Yahshua/father?
Are you ready to be trained and be taught by him for all eternity?
Are you ready to be one with Him for ever and ever for all eternity?
I did not have to think about it, the answer was YES, YES, YES I am ready to LOVE Him for all eternity, for ever and ever and ever.
As I found myself standing in eternity with the Eternal Father, I found myself intensely desiring to love Him and to become one with him.
I realized as I stood and looked around in eternity, there was no firmament above, and no firmament below, I looked down at where I was standing and I was standing on nothing. I realized eternity has no beginning or no ending. There were no darkness nor light, it is ENDLESSNESS, (this is the only way I can explain my experience in eternity with my limited carnal mind)
I felt a burning desire to love my Creator & Savior forever and ever for eternity, to be one with him, to ever learn of Him for eternity.
Nothing else matters to me but to please Him with all that I am.
My desire is to love my God and to be transformed into the image of His Dear Son Yahshua by His Holy Spirit.
The things of this world have grown strangely dim as I drew closer to my God.
I sat and I said, I have gotten a peep into eternity.
The veil was pulled back and a window was opened, and I looked and saw myself in the eons of eternity. And my life will never be the same again.
I said, I have seen eternity through the eyes of God.
I realized at that moment the reason why my father created me, it was because he has this incredible desire to love me forever and ever and that he wanted to share his world with me, I was birthed out of my Father’s LOVE, it was his LOVE that gave birth to me. 
And I must testify that I love Him with my soul, my heart and my mind. I will love him for all eternity for ever and ever, AMEN
I said, “woe is me”, for I have been touched with an everlasting love, so deep and so intense I cannot contain it.
In Eternity we will be ever learning of Him, ever loving Him, He will teach us all things and eventually we will be one with Him & Father & Holy Spirit. WOW!! I can’t wait to go home.
Be blessed in Yahshua
. please find many articles containing revelations from our Father listen to my messages every Sabbath @ 4:00pm, join many others in the chat room live
Joan Matthews, Servant & Warrior of the Most High God, Yahweh
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eeima | Sun Feb 02, 2014, 05:02

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 Hallelujah......even though their might be a billion of us we can all have a personal relationship with Him!!!

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