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   [16 Nov 2013 | Saturday]

I saw Yahshua (Dream)


I saw Yahshua
October 14, 2005
in my dream I saw Yahshua sitting he was talking about who he is, suddenly beams of light started coming out of his face then all over his body. Yahshua stood up, but he wasn’t standing on the ground, he was hovering in mid air, by this time I can only recognized his form because of the bright rays of light that was shooting from his face and his body, He was shining brighter than the sun. I put my right hand up to touch the light that was coming from Jesus. I believe there were angels around too, because a voice was telling me that when it is all over Jesus is going to get his bride, in my dream I was very troubled, because I couldn’t picture Jesus with a wife. Then I saw a woman she was so bright and white with light, she was flying around like an angel and I knew then she was the bride of CHRIST. I saw many little angels they were flying/floating all around me some of them were playing hide and seek. When I woke up I understood that the bride of CHRIST is actually the church. I looked at my hand to see if it were glowing from the light of Jesus, I thought I would see my hand shining bright from the light of Yahshua,  I put my hand on my husband head, in an effort to save his soul.
Be blessed in Yahshua. please find many articles containing revelations from our Father listen to my messages every Sabbath @ 4:00pm, join many others in the chat room live
Joan Matthews, Servant & Warrior of the Most High God, Yahweh
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