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   [16 Nov 2013 | Saturday]

My first Love, my beloved

My first Love, my beloved

You loved me when there was no one who loved me.
You stood by me when everyone, most of all my family rejected me
You lifted me up and carry me when I was beaten down and left to die
You believed in me when no one else did.
You give me a chance when no one else had confidence in me.
You cared for me when no one else cared.
You watched over me when I was lost and alone.
You protected and covered me when I was in danger.
You comforted and counseled me when I was sad, alone, hurt and despised.
You’ve set your angels guard over me, lest I dash my foot against a stone.
You are my only Love, my first Love.
I daydream about you all day long, wondering if you are thinking of me too.
I know your eyes are upon me always, I sensed it.
You have cried many tears for me.
You suffered long, because of me.
You love me far beyond my understanding.
There is a marriage ceremony coming, the grandest wedding in the Universe, the grandest wedding in Heaven & Earth;
The marriage between the Son of Almighty Yahweh and His Bride/Church is ready to take place.
Are you ready, to be joined together as ONE, with the Father, Son & Spirit?
Have you prepared your hearts, your soul, and your mind to receive Him (son of God) as your Husband? 
Have you washed you robes (wedding garment/your righteousness) white in His Blood?
How much do you desire to have Him in your life?
Do you yearn for Him as a chaste virgin yearns for her husband who is away on a long journey?
Did you know that love and marriage goes together like peas in a pod, you cannot have the peas without the pod;
Are you in love with the Son of Almighty Yahweh, the one who died for you?
The one who loves you so very much, and suffered a horrible death because of your sins,
do you love him?
How passionate are you about Him?
How much do you desire Him?
Do you wish that He can come and consummate the relationship with you in marriage?
Are you crying out for him in the midst of the night when you awaken?
Or are you shacked up with strange lovers?
Who is the last person on your mind before you fall to sleep at night?
Who is the first person on your mind when you awaken in the morning?
Are your treasures (hearts) filled with the cares of this world and of this flesh?
Do you yearn for the things of this world and the desires of the flesh instead of Yahshua, your beloved?
How can you say that you love Him when you do not desire him with your heart soul and mind?
How do you expect to be a part of the greatest marriage feast in the universe if you do not respect, honor, obey and follow Him (word) wherever He leads you?
Do you think that you are worthy of his Love and His riches in Heaven?
If your heart is in the world and in the flesh and into the desires of your own selfish fleshly needs, then you are not worthy.
God is Love! He that the Love Father/Yahshua/Holy Spirit with all his heart, soul and mind will become love, just as he is Love and will share in His riches in Heaven for all Eternity.
Joan Matthews, Servant & warrior of the Most High God, Yahweh
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