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   [16 Nov 2013 | Saturday]

Hungering and thirsting for his presence (the upper room of our mind)

February 4,

Hungering and thirsting for his presence (the upper room of our mind)
Message frm our Father

These past two weeks has been two of the most (spiritually) difficult weeks of my journey back
to Father. After writing the last two articles given by Father, the threshing floor and the threshing of the
Wheat, and the People is Moved from Grace to Glory, things got really quiet;
days passed with me feeling lost and desperate for more of Father.

I felt as though Father had left me, I felt alone and abandoned; after months of walking and talking with Father, being in constant communion with him; we laughed, we talked, I cried and complained, and all the other experiences I had with Father; after months of receiving and writing revelations from Father, it suddenly became silent, so quiet; days passed and I became worried, and worry turned to fear; I wondered what have I done Lord.
Where are you Father?
Why have you left me?
What have I done?
Why are you so quiet, Lord?
Please Father, don’t take your Holy Spirit away from me;
your Spirit is Life to me, if I don’t have your Spirit it means that I am dead.

I carried on for days believing I must have done
something wrong and Father is displeased with me; I continued to ask Father to
show me what I have done so I can repent; I repented at the end of
everyday rededicating my life with fear, tears, grief and trembling to
the Lord, just to make sure there was nothing hidden deep within my heart
unknowing to me;
Father please search me, search the dept of my heart, see
if there is any wicked ways in me; rebuke me not in your hot displeasure, but
with the fires of your love Lord; make me whole and I will be yours forever;

Father, take my self-righteousness, my doubt, my fears, my hurt, my pain, my complacency and all the things in me that is not of you and burn them for your name sake; make me whole for the glorification of your precious son, Yahshua;

For days I poured out my heart to my Lord, crying and hoping he will say something to me; I said Lord, even a rebuke would let me know that you haven’t left me, you rebuke those you love, rebuke me and I will repent Father. Father is still quiet,
saying nothing, I am in a state of confusion and doubt about who I am began to creep in; the enemy is at work trying to get me to doubt my faith; I am painfully reminded of something that I believed the enemy whispered to me about a year ago, “Do you think you can do better than Job? The voice asked me.
Stunned, my mind is racing a million miles per hour; I repeated the question in my mind, and you know how our mind works, it can take us places we won’t want to go in the flesh; I thought of Job and all that the enemy had stolen from him, and how Job suffered tremendous loss, what great grief and pain he went through; I prayed, Lord cover me and my family with the Blood of
Yahshua; let not the enemy triumph over us; keep us from the fury of the enemy, protect us (Bride) Lord and keep us safe under the shadows of your might; Father send your guardian and warrior angels to watch and to protect us from the wicked
one. AMEN.

As I come to Father in our secret place, Father quickened in my spirit the event of Act chapter 1 & 2, the day of Pentecost; the apostles were told to stay in Jerusalem, go to the upper room and wait for the Holy Spirit to come; the quietness that I felt and the feeling of abandonment as if Father had left me has just been made clear to me that Father has indeed withdrew his from me, from us (bride) in order to bring us to a place of hunger and thirst for more of him; a place of self realization as to who He is and who we are in him; a place of threshing to be made pure through the purification of our mind, body and soul; this feeling of abandonment is to take us out of the world to a Heavenly place (Jerusalem) in the upper room of our mind; we must wait here in constant prayer, this is where we wait for the out-pouring of His Holy Spirit, the Latter Rain.
He has not forsaken us, but like a watchful parent, He allows us to walk out on our own in order that we might be strengthened by holding on to his word and promises with all our heart and mind, trusting in us even as we trusts in him.

Then understanding began to flow like a river, understanding about what was happening to me when I thought Father had left me; in the Pentecost event, our Lord had been taken away in a cloud into Heaven away
from the apostles and away from them that had a relationship with him. There is nothing new under the sun, God is the same yesterday today and forever; as it was in the days of the Apostles so it will be in these last days;

As I was going over in my mind what Father had just showed me, that we (bride) must wait in the upper room (of our mind) for him with much prayer, and that we must separate ourselves from the world and press closer to him, Father brought to my
mind the story of Esther (now, I have not read the book of Esther in years nor do I remember ever reading it) but who is like unto God?
Father, caused me to understand that not only are we (bride) to wait in Jerusalem which is spiritual for Heavenly places by faith; we are to wait by faith in Christ (Jerusalem) in the upper room of our mind, the Holy of Holies where the Holy Spirit shall come upon us, which is the Latter rain; for the former rain came on the day of Pentecost, now is the seasons for the latter rain; for like Esther who was orphaned and was brought into the Kings courts to be purified or cleansed before she was brought to the Kings chamber, and was found favored by the king, chosen to be his bride (queen), so are we (bride) being purified even now by faith in Jerusalem (Heavenly realm by faith) in the upper room (secret place of our mind), said the Lord; we are to wait in the
upper room until we are brought to the King’s (Yahshua) chamber by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (latter rain). Saints the marriage is about to take place between the bride and her groom, even now are we being prepared in our individual secret chamber to go out to meet our

The Glory and power of our Lord shall rest upon us, like as the power of our Lord through the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles in the upper room on the day of Pentecost;
also Esther was given the power to do right by her people Israel to save their lives from the decree sent forth by the wicked Haman (Satan) to destroy them; Esther was crowned with the glory of her king, so it is going to be with the bride of Christ; we will be endowed with the power and authority of Almighty to overcome the evil of this world and the wiles of Satan, and to be able to help other saints who have not yet given their all to Father.

Saints, I believe this is for each of us (bride) who in this very prophetic hour has made ourselves ready for the coming of our bridegroom; for of a truth in accordance with the last two prophetic revelations which Father gave to me (us) the
threshing of the wheat, which Father revealed signifies the final purification or cleansing of the bride, and the people is moved from Grace to Glory, which Father showed me, that when by grace our work is done, we moved on to Glory in the only begotten son of God, Yahshua, through the out pouring of the Holy Spirit upon those of us who are waiting in the upper room of our mind for the glorification of Christ in us.

Now I know that the quietness I felt and the feeling that Father had left me was not due to anything I had done, but was due to the fact that Father had truly left me (bride) in order to prepare me/us through the purification process before the
bridegroom comes, even as Esther prepared herself to meet her king (groom); God is an amazing God, he knows how to woo and instruct his bride; for during this quiet period of time I relentlessly sought the Lord with constant repentance (purification) laying myself out on the threshing floor (alter) for a sacrifice (wheat/bride) to be threshed, so Father can separate the chaff from the wheat, to burn up the chaff, which are the things that are not of him; I sought him with fear and trembling asking for him to fill me with his whole self, to let me no longer be my own, but take me to be one with him forever, for all eternity. This time alone was and is to be a place (upper-room) of quietness and waiting in and on him; each of us bride must be in this place of purification and quietness in prayer, patiently waiting for the outpouring of the power and authority of Almighty

For those of us who are going through this same experience, know that your redemption draws neigh; our time of glorification in
Christ is at hand, we must withdraw ourselves from the world, stay in Jerusalem (by faith) go in the upper room of our mind, pray without ceasing and wait for the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit; the Glory of our Lord is about to shine on us, wait I say on the Lord; stablish and strengthen your faith in Christ Yahshua; do not let the things that are happening now and the things that is about to happen in the world around us shake you; we are in the world, but we are not of the world, this is true now more than any other time in history; stay in the upper room of your mind and WAIT IN CONSTANT PRAYER it is very important
that we do this; please let us pray for each other that we may endure to the end; let us pray without ceasing asking Father to cleanse us and purify us for the coming of his Glory upon us.

Please read the full chapters of Acts 1&2 for the Pentecost event;
Also read the book of Esther; Esther is symbolic to the bride of Christ, she went through
twelve months of purification or cleansing before she was brought to the king’s
chamber, Esther found favor by the king and was crowned Queen; so it is with us
we are in the final stage of our purification and is waiting for our king for we
are highly favored of our Lord; we are to wait in Jerusalem (spiritual) in the
upper room of our mind for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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Joan Matthews, Servant and Warrior of the Most High God, Yahshua

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