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answered prayer

To all Christians, I'm putting together a collection of faith inspired stories to share with other Christians. If you have a story of answered prayer you would like to share with others please leave it on my blog or send it to me at It is my hope that these stories will help others when they need it most. My own story of answered prayer has inspired me to do this. Please let me share my story with you. My life was changed forever the day my beautiful 14 year old daughter, Kelly was killed in an accident. Being a Christian, I know God does everything for good. Although I could not understand how this could be for the good I have faith and believe Gods word. Knowing this kept me from being angry with God, however the devil will use anything to distance us from God and he put in my head that perhaps Kelly was not really saved. So my prayer to God was not why or how could you let this happen it was please let me know Kelly is safe with you. For days after the accident I would walk in the woods in back of my house begging God for an answer. During one of my walks I looked down and on the path was a purple thistle with a monarch butterfly perched on it. I knew in my heart God had put it there for me to see, but it was not the answer I was seeking. I told God ( yes imagine I TOLD GOD ) " I know you put many beautiful things on earth for us but this is not what I ask for". The butterfly just sat there opening and closing its wings. A month later I found myself at a Christian Camp trying to heal. I was standing in line at the lunch buffet when I looked up and saw a huge poster of a purple thistle and a monarch butterfly. It was the exact image God had laid at my feet 4 weeks earlier. Under the picture was written; "I WILL MAKE EVERYTHING NEW" REV.21-4 "I WILL BW HIS GOD AND HE WILL BE MY CHILD" REV.21-7. God is faithful even when we can not yet see it.
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mweber | Thu Nov 21, 2013, 01:11
my answered prayer: My brother was an addict. He was 58 years old and had never suffered the consequences of his decision other than bad health. I hated him. He stole from his entire family and hurt us so badly with his life style. One night God spoke to me through my conscience and told me to stop slamming him and instead to pray for him. So I did. One week later, my brother was arrested. As he was in jail waiting for his ourt date, he called me and asked questions about Jesus. In time, he was holding a Bible study class for several inmates.

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