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simply me

 I was being forced to live a life I never asked to live, a prisoner of this world Mistreated and emotionally abused, I was desperately searching for a reason to live. With a deep desire to be loved in a world who's definition has no meaning. I was being tortured, slowly and painfully. Frustration and depression were controlling my life. I had Reached a conclusion at an early age .That the love I so longed for did not exist, I was destined to be unhappy all of my life. Nothing mattered I needed an escape, so I turned to drugs. Nobody cared about me, I didn't care about myself, perfect I would waste away and die using drugs. I had found my purpose in life, there was only one problem it was taking too long. I had spent many years destroying 
my body and now I hated myself. I was truly un loveable, and there was only one way for me to escape, Pharmaceutical suicide, but God had other plans. Pouring out his love, He rescued me that day and breathed life back into me. Setting me on the path that leads to eternal happiness, witch is only found in his son, (Jhn. 14:6) giving me a future and a hope, (Jer. 29:11) because he loves me, (Jhn. 3:16). God's love has truly transformed my life. I have completely given myself to Christ andhave finished my third year of discipleship with the Dream Center. Now my focus is on Christ and fulfilling God's plan and purpose for my life. Sharing his word and being a light , reaching out to others who so desperately need to feel his love. Thank You DREAM CENTER for shining bright in a dark world, (Phil. 2:15) 
David Kirby Spokane ,Washington

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