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Who Gives Kudos:


   [02 Nov 2013 | Saturday]




God loves you! Do you hear God loves you?


What does that love have to do with you? Did you create Orion? Or Pleiades? Did you wake today? Did you make one hair white or black? If you couldn't do that which is least, come then what could you do to make it right or to add one hour to your life or to make God love you? The answer is ...nothing, to all three. It's because God creates you and causes to love you not passively but to so actively LOVE you and to do it with infinite care, beauty, or Holiness. To you Whom He came to Body of believers and little Church at Bethel, To Who you come to, to become to stay in character with that love matters. Wholeness in body, soul, and spirit within in His blameless character within in Christ by His Doing He'll have us deep dimensionally in His love. He knows the very number of hairs we have on our head. He knows every sparrow that falls. He says, "Consider the lilies or the ants," when you have worry of finances. He puts all our tears in His bottle to acknowledge them. And what if His healing comes through tears; what if His blessing comes through raindrops?! What if a thousand sleepless nights only happen to prove that He is near?! He's doctoring of us in His love until you see He's not disappointed in you but is pleased greatly in the Salvation Sin Substitution of His Son for you and until you see that this is encompassed even micro-managed majestically in His protracted Magnanimous Beneficial Benevolent Program to you firmly, Sending Himself to rescue you. This is up close God come alongside to help, in Greek, Paraclete. God yearns for you with deep affection. By His scourgings He has us healed as affection sourced in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the affection that took Jesus Christ to the cross to fulfill God’s purpose. It is the affection that led Jesus to submit to arrest, to torture, and to death. This is also a deep and abiding affection in God's heart. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He's loved you from before the foundation of the world. When abject sinners, nonetheless caught in our sinning, but sin-ners (persons who sin) who are Called by God, Chosen, Called and personally hand picked by Him, like us, we were loved, He's forgiven us. We were loved when we were fetuses before being born and before In Eternity Past when the Lamb before the world was made was slain, and we were foreigners to Himself and aliens to The commonwealth of Israel, The Body of Christ, and a mere wisp in His mind. You've loved us while we were Your enemies God or in other words of another mind at Your Son's Death. A cross death was a crude Roman device to keep Israel in line at that time with Caesar. But God had a plan. He had something better in mind for us in sending His Son, Jesus, to a dark cross. Believe it people of God or not we were there in His death and resurrection but God meant it for good, our good! Let's find how this works. For Isaiah 53:6 says, "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way,…" And Romans 5:6,7,and 8 says, "For a good man someone might die or might dare to die." But Christ treats us sinful people (especially who acknowledge they are sinful and get saved) as different or special. He creates us a rejoicing when we hear joyful noise sound the voice of God joy ready mind for He's loved us while we were still enemies or sinners and in our minds apart. Scriptures use the term, "hostile" in our mind. But God still loves us. He's loved us just the way we are. There's a lot of love around the Cross for us on God's part. Jesus suffered excruciating prolonged pain in it, the whole process. His wrists and feet were pierced with nails with pain so excruciating until He heaved His last breath in death. Isaiah 53:6b continues, "and God has laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Remember as the whole scene turned ugly it turned victorious because God was there working. Amen. God took on human form and Died in our behalf, (His face and body marred in form and appearamce more than any other physically beaten man,) so that we could be forgiven set free, changed, metamorphosed, redeemed, saved. Who could speak or ascribe adequately the magnanimous beautiful Eternal quality of such Divine affectionate power rescue as He performed? We are speechless as to such a firm grounded rescue over something so insidiously, and sinfully sinful, and reckless but necessary from our viewpoint as sin! He as Christ even spoke forgiveness for His captors, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Christ willingly died on the cross obediently surrenders to the Father's plans at Gethsemane and then to their hands. He is delivered up on Calvary for the sins of mankind. He suffered and died alone as Heavenly Father turned His back on the Son of His love. "He Who knew no sin, became sin on our behalf that we might (know Him) (yada in Hebrew as in know in the Genesis sexual procreative sense,) (lit.) become the righteousness of God in Him," II Corinthians 5:21.  He is exalted. Victorious. He literally became sin, our sins in all their loathing, performing our atonement. He became sin as principle and became all the sins of the whole world's people, everyone’s from the beginning of ancient time. Substituted in our place before God Christ said victoriously, "It is Finished!" presenting His Righteous Blood to God the Father, but comes out of the other side of an Eternity of Eternities from an empty Tomb as He did on the third day raising us He rising from the dead, so He let us go free. We are regenerated justified, born anew. We are the object of His affection and now can know a Righteousness of God apart from the Law or apart from works in the Son. We can worship and rejoice in Him, in Who He Is. "He was delivered up," it says of God in Acts 2 and in Romans 4:25, “put to Death for our offenses, was Raised again for our justification." That delivering up and Raising up justifies and is from Him. We can know Covenant Relationship with God! He Died an Unjust Cruel Death On The Cross (Capitals To Emphasize it was God in J.C.,) was Buried, and Arose and was Substituted in our place so that we might be saved or rescued re: go free to a spiritual life of born again freedom unmerited or undeserved, with an Eternal inheritance reserved in Heaven undefiled for us from Father God. But our sins were laid upon Him. This fact made me wonder as a child: it was the fact that our sins were laid upon Him but we were there when they crucified Him. I was a sinful person as a child who guiltily and innocently but inquisitively went to Church with my parents. I went to church and I came near to Heavenly Father God. We can at least say. "thank you God, for Your mercy,"  as we realize His mercy in Jesus Christ. Our accountable part was this true work that we played being at the cross in Adamic nature. We were there at His Death (and His Resurrection as well,) for the Bible tells us this. We were there in a multitude of ideas. "Crucify!" they yelled and "crucify," a second time they yelled. I believe each of us were there being from Adam. We have an exchange to make and pair up Christians with conceiving in God's Finished Act at Calvary calling it a wondrous thing (His Atonement for us) as His Redeemed Body gathered together in His Name! Stop, think about the Cross yourself, and think about unity unifying our thoughts with His this way. A delayed response is usually a good one. Why did Jesus rescue us? It's because we needed a strong saving from sin. In one sense, only He can tell us or I that answer of why personally He saved us when we go to see Him in Heaven! His love is one recalls like a gentle flowing easy tributary river, gentle, ever sweet, the Gaithers sang in the Seventies to listening hearing hearts. To respond with, "thank you," is all we can do to worship then to God according to the Gospel. It's gratefulness on our part and thankfulness. It's mental assent with the facts of salvation, Divine prickly conviction with those facts, commitment to God, and follow through, or continuation of belief in Jesus after once for all commitment or close following Jesus Resurrected close hard after being blown away... by God's love! We then walk on justified, just as if we had never sinned or had in fact always obeyed God (in Eden.) But first conviction, then commitment to repent.

And Jesus rose the third day! He's Alive! His blood and death and life are efficacious! In this Eternally timeless yet timely love act affectionately the affront of the Gospel is not taken away. You see up close near the heart of God in the matter re: the love of God offends you and me for it is like creamery butter on toast eggs benedict that brings comfort that we sometime don't give glory to God for nor thank God for. The feeling like is as of us being lavished upon by God some way re: the Cross re: spoiled brats (even the best of us) then, for attempting at or trying at stealing (taking for granted really) and not relatively giving thanks with near intent to give Him that thanks for what He has Created and Provided for Saved us from but instead transgress (see Romans 1:21ff,) we can trace back to Adam, the very first man. And in coming back 180 degrees to God in repentance (metanoia) turning then is the gift of God received where the real Kingdom reality is being won from Satan by us and primarily God. The using of His Son’s Blood by us thus disobediently to neglect thanks by excesses as in getting drunk or disorderly for instance instead reflects the substance of shame results by our sin. But it's really God that through Christ makes us know the Holy from the profane as contrast at all. We're stewards albeit if at all in God’s time we become born again of all things existing, that even consist benevolently and beneficially for our stewardship. But everyone must have this born again experience denying yourself, taking up your cross, and following Jesus Christ to begin to live a ‘newness of life,’ life. We are sin-bearing in need desperately of a Savior. We literally are trying to or attempting at stealing of the (taking) glory away from God when sinning. We may attempt the abduction of His glory but really it's impossible to do. We are unable to help ourselves from sinning when in Adam though (some indeed not to saving grace admit they do sin.) But by committing iniquity (intentional transgression,) as sinners we're in this situation. This is what eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil did in Eden rather than eating of the Tree of Life which was another better tree. It has given us the propensity to sin. But where sin abounded God's grace does much more abound! Thus God became Jesus and won everything and us back! He won us, our hearts, who we are in Him, that glory reflection returned as we turned to Him thus. Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of life? The writer of John's Gospel asks us this question in His Book named, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ. We nurtured of God's pasture, eating God’s Manna gratefully from Jesus's nourishment (the Tree of Life!,) don't touch in reality God's glory at all in a marring of our God's glory. God's glory stands tall in and of us. Knowing God we are in fact restored God's glory. God offers every one of us always this particular care of His own heart of salvation for He is for us. He is our peace. He IS our Salvation and by infinite grace and mercy by a show of His love at the cross living a cross life before Him in a personal on fire relationship with Himself He has made provision for. We then so want to make a love response to Him from forgiveness received, mercy, and grace having a revelation of what He’s Done. And that is a first, rescue from sin, the acts, the deeds, the thoughts, the attitudes and emotions. Jesus takes them away the sinful aspects. God needs a sinless life from somewhere. His Mighty Arm got it for Him in Jesus. We are not sanctified then at once unless we believe in gradual sanctification over long periods of time as well. We're moved nonetheless, for knowing Christ's Finished Works knowing Him. We are, however, gradually becoming like Christ. God offers us all an open opportunity, an improved redeemed saved life born again! But we're originally created for knowing Him personally by pressing in to see Jesus accepting Him now born again in relationship fellowship seeking to acknowledge Him in all our ways in trust then on. He makes our paths straight then. We want to talk to Him a lot more fluently, and converse with Him near up close like in a stimulating sparks a-flying 'sparks from metal striking metal' talk. Or even then over a fish fry or a breakfast conversation, we acknowledge Him talking it up with Him more in His Provident Hands. The greater ethical reality of His Good Holy Nature and Righteous Holy Character over us seen and known by us in goodness in it and believed we begin to know how good He is more and more in glory and awe. He must increase. I must decrease. And personally we want to get to know (Him) throughout life by His Person and Work of the Son, Jesus Christ; but...aspiring to the personhood of God and in word, thought, attitude, and acts is not being a wearer of a mask before Him too. We want to live honest before God and men. We don't want to be members of the O.K. Corral as well as if to say everything is an absolute good from Him flippantly. God is in control. 

His LOVE being IN me I run to Him because He ran to me. It was the only time I saw Him! It was when I as a child of four recognized from hearing the godly plan of salvation it clicked spiritually I was sinful and  I was different and wanted that difference to be for good and I wanted truly His salvation and became born again, saved, God's friend* in saved - set apart for God of myself - dedicated lifestyle IN HIM and renouncing pride in my own works which are as filthy rags removing any haughtiness as well for I can bow a sinful soul like myself before Him, Jesus put on, a Holy Righteous Judge Being God is and satiate or satisfy Him! He being God and I, a man under authority I naturally want to satiate Him. I bow to God and accept His Son, Jesus' Payment for my sinful past. I recognize my sinful falling short in a magnified microscopic view of my sin and telescoped broadcast of the cost in His Blood that He paid for me re: God's great Salvation Redemption in process Ransom. So how do I pray Lord God? I ask. I want Heaven Jesus spoke of surely. Teach me then please God how to pray as I want to ask You how I pray I receive You in receptivity! And thank God torn from top to bottom was the veil in the Temple God performed immediately upon Christ's Death so access to Himself is open and freely liberal generous. But it's not necessary to manipulate God but instead to learn to like and even love everything He does! You can become as you are one Who God says you are for His Merciful Transforming Power and Light changes us. He calls into being those things that are not as if they were and we need to know God intimately by fellowship relationship as if we had not a relationship fellowship (with Him.) He wants to do something new for you and to you. You know He loves me and I know. It's personally so also. It’s my personal Pardon, to have His revelation just my thank you, my obedience, our follow through to say thank you in response. His grace covers us all. Have you your comfort in being born again? Being born of the Spirit? Born of God? Loving God fervently and knowing who I am, and Who He is, gratefully thankfully I'm keeping in a step by step obedient cadence (steucho in Greek) (rythmn or step,) with the Holy Spirit! "Parapeteo," in Greek is for a more wide step in the Spirit thus also. This is all by grace so far and in endurance my desire is: to run my race to the end of life also bravely. Let Jesus the Living Logos or Living Rema (they mean the same,) explain The Plan He's created, I'm in, reading Jeremiah 29:11! I'm committed to take the plunge into the pool of salvation to get to Christ to the end! But for the shallow pool of so called experts of theology let's stay away from it completely for although its still just water it's theology poses an extreme problem to genuine faith with false teaching. The false is believing its about works and myself instead of about Jesus Christ and His Deity and His Works and following Him. But knowing accursed is everyone proclaiming a false gospel we stop struggling to be good enough and let Jesus take over and grace and following after the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has the big picture so let's take His view with Him. Let's see spiritually clearly the Bigger Plan now not in the future beyond now because for the present time we've made mental assent, made commitment to count the cost to follow Christ all the way. We placed and positioned in His Kingdom of The Son are by translation transferred into it by Christ's winning at Calvary! We need to experience it. Every soulful place our foot treads upon abiding into Him we do efficaciously swim into rejoicing knowing Who God Is! The present past and future we then trust with Him. They indeed testify greatly in Christ at the cross to God's Finished works. In the storms of life I'll prevail because with Him I can do all things even through great trials for He is for us for we're born again on His side then! I will answer my critics by my actions. I will follow our Lord. The Kingdom of God and that of His Dear Son is just the Lordship of the Holy Spirit over every area of existence. When coming to God come through Jesus Christ. Come to the Father through the Son for now is the time to worship.

The Scripture Portion: In scripture particularly there in a Book called Isaiah chapter 55 God gives us precious words and invites us to salvation re: to drink with Him by bonds of relationship fellowship and He wrote in verse one: "Ho, every one that thirsts, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.2 Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which satisfies  not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good..

When God Ran by Benny Hester & John Parenti

Almighty God, 

The Great I Am 

Immoveable Rock, 

Omnipotent powerful 

Awesome Lord, 

Victorious Warrior 

Mighty Conqueror, 

Commanding King of Kings 

And the only time, 

the only time I ever saw Him run 

Was when 

He ran to me, 

Took me in His arms, held my head to His chest 

And said "My son's come home again". 

Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes 

With forgiveness in His voice 

He said "Son, do you know I still love you?" 

It caught me by surprise when God ran 

The day I left Home, 

I knew I'd broken His heart 

I wondered if 

Things would ever be the same, 

Then one night, 

I remembered His love for me 

And down that dusty road, ahead I could see 

It was the only time, 

the only time I ever saw Him run 

Was when He ran to me, 

Took me in His arms, held my head to His chest 

And said "My son's come home again". 

Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes 

With forgiveness in His voice 

He said "Son, do you know I still love you?" 

It caught me by surprise, It dropped me to my knees

When God ran 


Holy God, Righteous One 

Who turned my way 

Now I know, You've been waiting 

For this day 


{Repeat chorus}

The Good News of the Gospel is still the best great good news: Jesus Christ has Died For My Sins, was Buried, And Rose again Justified from the dead for my justification unto life! Many have seen Him alive! Have You re: Come To Him? How Would You Like To Be Saved, and know you ARE, to know Heaven will be yours, to at last come to be Found By God, And (Introduced fully to the Invigorating Rejuvenating Invitation that is Salvation or “One Way Love” Welcome from His Biblical Redemption Story that is Grace Enough! Within His special love that chooses its object (agape love for YOU) and really Fully Being Excited "Good To Go" (in terms of logo therapy by Victor Frankyl just this phrase,)) To Becoming An Intimate Friend Of God And Be Who God says you (already) are, a saved individual, from His Son's Blood, a Bond-slave of the Master, Alive to God's Personhood hopeful now, and dead to sin then you are a New Covenant New Creature in Christ. In a conscious desire for God and/or higher consciousness of an abundant forgiven Life of re: forgiveness In Christ From God Starting Over Again In This Life Being Born Twice you're living then spot on for Heaven. Being consistently ready for choices for Obedience then, For The Preparation oh And the Evident Experience Of A Saving Knowledge Effectually of the Person and Work of Christ within, and more fully in fellowship all the time spiritually in your life we meet aright with God and with others knowing it’s Him in the midst in His perfection of love. It's knowing Christ and Him crucified! Then reciting I John 1:9 in prayer to God when we sin, recognizing fellowship restored from He Who never leaves us. Entrance (Abundant)(Someday) To Utopia/Paradise: 3rd Heaven when this life is through is yours acknowledging God's righteousness within which is by faith humbly received from Christ's Person and Work in the Christ's love made real speaking in practice making His words from beautiful feet of our own making permanence meekly trembling the reason within you that you have hope. We literally are laying up treasure in Heaven knowing where our treasure is, our heart is. Heaven is a wonderful place. Just wait 'til the Rapture, and The Bema Seat. Twill be grand because the Bible consistently says so. "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the imagination of man, what God has prepared for them that love Him. I Corinthians 2:1ff) Do you know we'll for sure see those that have gone before, so do you know how to get there, or even the redemption portion in Titus that says, "For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts, and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. But after that the Kindness and love of God toward man appeared, NOT by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Which He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior; That being justified by His grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of Eternal life." "..This is the love not that we loved God but that He loved us.."- I John 4:7, 10, 12. This love of God constantly in motion and toward you for your wellness for your use selfless He has for you now, will mean more as you grow in born again awareness of His acts of love for you daily and is consummated by His Almighty Work on the Cross IN YOUR BEHALF. We realize He has been for us. This love agape, unconditional love from God, has made a deep and wide profound effect on you and in you if you said yes to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God truly in the Spirit.

Do you know albeit ignorantly but with some intelligence by sheer genius of knowing from other's mistake or of 'free' will by you that God's love expressed in the Bible is very real and that He loves you very very much? Do you know God's beautiful and infallible infinite expression of perfection of love involves He dying for you in your place so you can reflect that love voluntarily? We can make a legendary legacy difference in this world by His help bringing many more feet than yourself to Himself and by grace humbly put our Divine response to God in gladness daily for its a day He made we truly rejoice in! For it's by His doing (grace alone) we have been put into Jesus Christ and you already have the salvation given at the Cross. Then that you would voluntarily allow Him entrance to your life personally and honestly by choice in the cross you accept! Go back two thousand years to a lonely place called Golgotha where we are given a Choice. It's called Evangelical Response! The ball is in your court as the saying goes in B-ball. Saying yes to Jesus Christ involves Regeneration as I quote in Titus before and Justification as I quoted in Romans 4:25ff and Adoption Rom. 8:ff; Gal.3,4. Sanctification exists for you then for which there is a road of separation unto God being made into the image of Jesus Christ never attained quite just perfectly at all on earth until we see Him in Redeemed Glorified Bodies in Heaven but pursuing conformation to Christ's Death nonetheless in Christ. Grace is the operation on us by God’s intervention. Saying Yes to Jesus Christ His God's wondrous actions known by us, and/or wondrous grace knowing that He tenderly with His Voice kindly testifying personally of Himself to you strongly loves you unconditionally everlastingly and lavishes on you intimate prodigious love infinitely and care freshly with firm affectionate might at the Cross. From all aspects of this view of redemption He loves you FIRST!! And do you not know that all the faith and love you are feeling towards God is mediated access in process progressively received through the Son Jesus in the hand of angels and through grace's conduit hole, love is SHED ABROAD BY THE HOLY SPIRIT forgiveness in your heart WHO DOES NOT COUNT our sins against us. Know that there is Hope! It's like we never sinned or were righteous to begin with (but we know we have sinned!) We keep both truths in a corner of our minds. Of Importance! Even though we say thank you God for such wondrous salvation we remain undeserving. We do not despair but creep up into God's lap where we hear Lullabies. YOU ARE LOVED! Hope is established on the only one foundation, Jesus Christ. Hope is Salvation which God loves you in, and involves following a proved life in hearing the words of Jesus lifelong Who is the Living Word and Hearing them said of us, "you're My disciple in Whom I am well pleased!" obeying the Spirit of the Risen Christ in them nitty-gritty-like through Him. We sing God’s love in song. We Follow Him. What would Jesus do? We see God in Christ IS NOT JUDGMENTAL. What would He like? Generous Healing! Anointing! These are the questions of importance after you've been saved, asking Jesus on fire inside and being ready for the Day of The Lord or The Eternal Life at death or preparation for The Rapture in an afterlife! To be belonging to Him and in hope, wholly and completely consumed by hope now that's an 'up.' A Strong Mood rooted in God’s facts at Calvary and it's result created in fellowship by hope, encompassed by hope afresh, and newly brought to us, in God’s peace, saved, genuinely you being a real McCoy in 'ask God for grace for being saved through Jesus Christ inside is answered at the Cross,' type person saying Yes, I’ll be born again, and mean it by His Help obediently while He holds you on His knees in hopes to keep you for His own. It is an awesome thing to sit in His Presence to begin with and be loved! It happens once (getting saved,) and we make mental assent, commitment to, and follow through even with unseen evidence. We trust God and by faith take it as true receiving His peace. No more war nor enmity with God, just peace.  More of Jesus we would see and hear. Jesus is alive praying interceding for us to be saved. Scripture says He is. We may not know how to pray or to pray to begin with but we still know nothing at all UNTIL we pray. Ask Him, that is ask God inside and ask what His perfect will is as it is in Christ in scripture foremost or primarily told and follow through with it as you ask for His will to be done, "as in Heaven so on earth!" Mt 6. Ask His Son in to be enthroned on your heart.. *Do it knowing God’s salvation is a Divine Gift by grace. By it God's Doxa or glory be lifted high! Salvation IS by faith alone, not plus something! Sola Gratia! This in prayer prosucamai (request, petition) by humility begins and ends the ask for fruit of God's righteousness in your life but not your attempting to make right through personal efforts. That last part would not be salvation by grace with the mention of "personal efforts." Do you not know that it is by God's grace and tender loving-kindness tenderly from Him that one can know God intimately at the crisis beginning of our walk to return thanks meekly and have knowledge based in God's reality of the extent God actually incredibly infinitely suffered indeed went Through in personal suffering- agony at the cross He endured to a degree: His attitude going to-the-cross action in Himself, in which He shows the how of His Agape love to us caring re: His mankind. His way of wonderful lavishing almighty unconditionally beautiful infinite perfection of personal edifying individual godly crushed silence of love bestowed in visitation by the Sprit in beholding His Fullness in operating on us but also loudly sounding bounding in hope in very strong rejoicing sounds reverberating Agape Superior love embracing of you such that you are leaving the effect with Him of the operating! Please read your Bible God's love letter voraciously where you learn of this Finished Work in His love and in His unchanging goodness in His Time and in these things inside of the Finished Work of Christ to take hold, hold fast (proverbs 3:18 of wisdom.) It's good stuff laying hold of Character of no shadow of turning in Him of Eternal Verities in Him. IT'S TIME to draw close to God and near to God to withstand evil WITH GOD and powerfully learn what it is to be saved and the smiles of Heaven jumping into His lap in new identity He has of you into Him. It is not only of Him IN me but I also into Him living in abidance. The signs of power and demonstration of the Spirit mentors/leads us on to know Him! At the moment Everlasting life starts light begins and goes on in ever journeying and increasing intensity lumens to last forever. No shadow of turning at all in Him indeed.

It's being born again! In I John 4:7 we read "God is love!" We're not married to a book but to a Living Savior! We hear, "walk with Me," from our Lord and by the way, "here's a few tips in a book to help." God's love letter! (The Living Word Of God,) we must lay hold of. God brokered a deal, a unilateral God-man Covenant with mankind that's all-inclusive, one direction one way love yes, but one definitely must have the Son of God Jesus Christ inside themselves to live Eternally and knowing God made salvation open to all so He freely gave salvation to all even so we must decide to follow Him individually. We open up and receive His embrace of Divine love. Follow the Holy Spirit promptings, and let yourself Remain in His love occupying letting obeying be your watchword and assuredly you will abide attached in Christ victoriously, Christ within the hope of glory! Jesus gave himself to deliver us from this present evil age, Galatians 1:4,5, so we can meet Him in the Day Eternal or Kingdom Millenium blameless in His love because we get to be this New Natured New Creation of His own to get in without much complaint but hands lifted in surrender without wrath or doubting. For God wrote through the Bible through Anointed men born along of God by His Voice the Mighty and Gentle at times The Holy Spirit's hands needed humans hands. We've hopefully made our decision to follow Him by now. We've responded to His love in the way God wanted in scripture in His appearance 2000 years ago and today in faith so it is truly meant. Jesus thwarted Satan's plan truly. He took the keys of hell and death from that devil. He and by transference, we, came out on top from under it (the devil’s domain.) We're saved and whole now, in Him resplendent complete. Satan and His minions were made a mockery of, a public display by our Lord’s victory. The handwriting of ordinances which was contrary to us He took out of the way, nailing it to His Cross! Striving for perfection of Holiness in The Lord cleansing ourselves of every filthiness of flesh and spirit we take His rest re: take a surveyance of a yonder beautiful lifetime, Jesus' lifetime in us landscaped neatly and gifted to us to become people of excellence: the best we can be and deep in the wool and heart, heartfelt Christ-like ones in an influenza of infection for good! God makes the difference only. We are nothing apart, and can do nothing apart from Him but He's everything, all in all. Keeping it simple in God's Mercy and Grace is the true nugget of the Gospel. His mercies fail not. They are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. It is of the Lord's mercies we are not consumed for His compassions they fail not! His New Nature prevails, becomes ours. We are not bettering people getting improvements but doomed sinners saved by His grace who were hanging by a thread over hell! We are the lowest of the low in this world's eyes but those whom God has in His due time honored in His own way and favored like a shield about us (see last verse re: Psalm 5.) We get saved despite ourselves God drawing (herkuo) us with lovingkindness in grace intervention.

You won’t find the original Bible's language's Autographs or original language (greek and hebrew) Septuagent's very manuscript writings anywhere but you do obtain a good translation in today's language. Only the Autographs are inspired though in the original Greek and Hebrew. But many versions are good comparing so with no change not even a jot or tittle or an iota of change from the early copied manuscripts to then. How good a version one has and a translation helping obtained is definitely up to the reader's discernment and The Holy Spirit’s. There is one meaning to all scripture and that is interpreted Agape love of God for man correctly. Jesus is God's love incarnated He, yes fleshly tabernacled, incarnated that we might be born again Born of God Born of the Holy Ghost. He didn't swoon. That means never die. He didn't. Even the guards were paid handsomely and then killed because they failed to keep the seal on the Tomb He was inside of but the grave could not hold Him! Up He arose! He lived, and Died, and was buried and arose the third day and was glorified. Jesus is Alive! 500 early church people or disciples saw Him. Do you believe God would call us chosen married to His Son blessed to belong to Him? He is the Resurrection and the Life! Are we living to bring glory to Him? Amen. Jesus lived again because His righteous life is that and God saw or sees no one else's is has been or ever will be Perfect Righteous. Let's give God the glory truly. Jesus was raised by the Father God's glory Romans 6:4,5. Magnify Him! Make big His glory! His Salvation!

Having the Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ inside our hearts Who was sent by God the Father to earth and given to save and aid us and in our weaknesses to strengthen us as when He went away to Heaven and He sent the Holy Spirit to us and endowed us. We have the wealth of the riches of His grace. Fullness from Him was given for us to have wholeness in ourselves in The Finished Work at Calvary, we in Him, and He supplying by His kindness the seed of the Word of God. God will not let His Word return void but will let it perform the good work He wants and started in us until that Final Day Isaiah 55:11; Phil. 1:6. God promised that none of the diseases He put on the Egyptians would come upon His children as they maintained a healthy relationship with Him. And beginning a saved life at a God-Ordained moment in our lives we process the feel of a newness of Life of even fresh Newness from God we obtain nutrition of Him, for He is our health and helping us turn to Him totally and forgiven of course we can know His love personally greater each day for ourselves not earning it. He never leaves us nor forsakes us! For God to so love us so personally perfectly just as we are in Jesus He likes you as well just accepting you as you are then beautifully outside and as well within beautifully also. To Him we are of infinite value infinite worth, and this is expressed in perfection in our spirits (new creations) and in proportional personal treatment, being fit of Him, and of lifestyle from Him shaped uniquely to us well like He did Jesus. Even like He favored highly His Only Begotten Son, and this through bond-slave obedient relationship closeness we do now also return thanks and, not by externals alone (which is like plastic Pharisaical fake religion) but instead with favor inside primarily we so love Him back. Even while He treats you to all over again (from the garden) liking you fantastically and phenomenally well with your believing God's favor INSIDE as He sees you completed saved through Jesus Christ and someday in Heaven sinless. Stay with the very heart of God even the middle of His heart as you hear from His Voice! And in loving grace, and mercy He gives you such a spiritual blessing over and against good abundant life in Him thereof and in gaining promises in faith and waiting on Him through the  whole process. By faith and waiting we inherit the promises. Christ's river inside or well-springs spiritually impart life richly in our God within to overflowing. This is union in communion. All this is by faith but we take it by believing Him living in us from the Word of God. For all mankind has fallen and will fall for we have fallen hearts but for a saved relationship fellowship with our Father Creator God which makes all the difference. We also have assurance that enters within the veil, and holds to an anchor within it in Him. With God's Authorship on the plans He’s made from start to finish we’re knowing our place and purpose and we make preparation to see Him really like Israel was told to do at God's mountain! By the way that's with unmerited favor as well! It's all of grace however! We prepare for His scrutiny in His return! With faithful living we live by faith in His Faithfulness!

For our God is a personal God and the love of God for the people of God leads to personal assurance of salvation. God wants a Family of earthly personal relationships with all men and women by bond of fellowship relationship of all things common so to speak with you and them in purity and in unity. We are not talking abundance of things reciprocity zed here but of the heart, devout, and under lordship "in the little crevices," as Inspector Hercules Poirot would say. God is no respecter of persons. He will reward anybody who by mouth proclaims to others the Salvation they have in the Lord. Have faith in your confessing Him before men. He says blessed more are those that believe having not seen yet believed. The Body of believers believe Him and will not listen re: to wolves!! (See James 1,2,3,4,5 and Hebrews 11:1, 6.) Do you want this faith of an overcomer and an insider? With God all things are possible. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By it the elders obtained a good report. What's seen is temporal. What's not seen is Eternal. II Corinthians 1-13. Faith gets us as believers to God through the Son and God to us He Covenanting in Jesus Christ's faith for you Galatians 2:20. We need to respond evangelically to God’s loving us in grace's power by faith. We have done this hopefully. God wants our life and specially our heart's allegiance or availability. He wants us in other words. It's all good the things God does. We are not better people resting on our own laurels or merits but sinners in God's hands lovingly accepted on basis of the Finished Work of Jesus Christ on the back side of a mountain! And on its top we’re standing!

In relationship With Him (not a religion) and in fellowship restored strong specially walking with Jesus, I’m attending Church (hint, here is mine: Bethel Assembly of God of Franklin Square, NY, 194 Courthouse Road, 516-326-3215.) With Joy in His Service (of the King) and enjoying everyone’s hospitality and enjoying hearts aflame for Jesus like Moses at the burning bush we're loving others within each one's personal space and also God's Personal Space Acts 7:1-60. God has made us a Family! God our Heavenly Father through Christ had said to you, "to love The Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength." And to, "love your neighbor as yourself." On these two commandments is all the Law and the Prophets satisfied, Jesus mentioning He fulfilled them precisely. A wise man, a professor in our Pastor's Bible College Walter Beuttler, has said that in order for God to do something with us, He has to do something for us, in order that He can do something to us!

(teach us.) (and in a sense, more)

God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself and in His reconciliation He's not counting men's sins against them but restoring the world to Himself giving us an ambassadorship to come to people's side for a salvation power rescue with the mission bells John 3:16. God will give us power to be witnesses. He gives great wages to His laborers who invite others to His banquet feast in Heaven! Scripture says one is worthy as that person recognizes in God's call His exceeding great rewards to become a soul winner and faith-filled laborer in the vineyard. God gives us the opportunity to explain His Work or testify of His Mighty works proclaiming Jesus is Savior. Nowhere in scripture does it condemn a man for wanting to be great in God's sight. It's as God tells us how to be great in that we tend toward to have a complaint. Serve one another as last, least, and lowest in other words. Jesus showed us the way. Follow.

It takes faith even though as small as a grain of mustard seed believing Him by grace in faith or in other words we in receive mode believe for that which is a measured dole dolloped of faith to you of His Salvation… He granting that each of us receive as a part of mankind the whole a piece of the pie doled re: His Gifts functioning and producing product that is a bunch of gifts from God He gives we receive in the Son in receive mode always reflecting Him but to bear fruit and build others up with it in edification of their outer edifices of themselves we do good to others giving aid for our God given purpose is to love in selfless faith. Faith from Him operating we recognize we have not arrived but from which we receive knowledge individually of Him with insight we have discretion to evangelically respond in gifted ness under Church leaders. God Sovereignly gives gifts to His children but we choose reception mode only despite ourselves. God's offer of unilateral friendship relationship is freedom from sin, re: open ONE WAY LOVE: Inexhaustible Grace for our exhausted world (copyright Rev. Tchividjian,) and is so very real in seeds of the Word falling to the ground to us. God's will sought by us daily keeps our own hope alive in Him sincerely by washing our feet daily and that by God's help through grace and faith obedient to Him alone we seek.  We want to be obedient to the Word of God.

Your contribution to the Body of talents too in the mix and this gift of righteousness from Him too we receive and become His (God’s) free product offered others given boldly to build others from the outside, with love phileo anonymously given professionally but is not something earned we owe God. In other words we take the cup of salvation and not take common things with it but in purity! Not greedily obtained (says Dan Fogelberg of "anything,") but received thankfully with relish and passion for God's purity. Advise or counsel to others may be unsolicited but meant in love. We're not doing God a favor getting saved but we thank God for favor already given us by Him at Calvary's Blood flow. We bless Him and bless His Name. We lift Him up. He is exalted!

Before God have you received power or Dunamis to be a witness since you believed to receive the Holy Spirit re: in Baptism of the Spirit having first come to Christ deliberate? Do you have His Gift of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of speaking in other tongues? Do you have Salvation seeds planted in you having fallen to the ground to you? And for telling others of Christ's good news do you want to will to desire this deep ministry of proclaiming His message for others opportunity and do you recognize He gives you as seeds to sow to give to others, as your obedience of faith, which is horizontal love for them and Power to be witnesses? That it is Vertical access to God first through grace contritely we respond to in belief in the Finished Work of Jesus and by relationship awakened baptized with loosened tongues of the Spirit's making? He loves you unconditionally and unconditionally you having Him as Source can with Holy Spirit tools, be equipped in obeying Him powerfully too and in worship. We seek for His Guidance and Fullness. For He the Spirit is Help for you literally like beholding in a mirror the image of Christ we need to seeing the unique person you are and were created or meant to in Christ become! Until we see Him in the mirror completely reflected however we have a long way to go nevertheless being a pull toward Heaven nonetheless. We deny ourselves and particularly not by devaluing oneself but honoring His Voice and Person and Work take up our cross and follow Him! See Luke 9. We worship or worth ship Him! God is “gospel-ing” us the Gospel. Let's first minister to God firstly and be ministered to by God in return having received His intended intent by ministry originally at the cross. 

There are no imperatives like obeying for yourself the Word re: our Lord's commands having come to Christ! We don't look upon evil but resist it so as to be a restraining influence against it and sin because it is startlingly crouching at your door as was said to Cain just after the Garden fiasco and still sin becomes a crossroads to all born again believers trying to obey Christ now in the New Covenant. Let's obey the Holy Spirit wishes and by not giving a show of carnality I Corinthians 10:13. Let's not crisscross the Holy Spirit's wishes.

But the Ten Commandments says this and that is God's limits, boundaries, and tempted in life sometimes it looks like its grim. But that was Friday, Sunday's a coming! Jesus arose from the dead! Meditate on that because Christ gave His all and can't we even do believing and waiting on God for the Spirit to quicken Christ's resurrection to our mortal bodies in faith or want 'some o dat,' as Carman sings, in faith? Testifying is all we can gain in the Lord victoriously but knowing our failure is repeated in the past too having gone through something in victory, or through general tribulation meaning trouble in this life we enter the Kingdom of God and much of it (thilipsis.) We rise from ashes like a phoenix in triumph in Christ! We tested by trials and tempted confess to God because it's our lower nature to disobey and to wander without this Person of God's Choosing, Jesus Christ at the helm or wheel. Yeah Carrie Underwood sings about that! We may or may not fail God but we can repent to varying degrees. We are powerless inside unless His Spirit gives the go ahead. We want God's will as in Heaven so on earth following after the Holy Spirit. If we sin we chose to but sometimes we may feel it was in ignorance. Excuses, excuses. This is no excuse because all this is tied to the will. Read Luther's Bondage Of The Will as an excellent book of the depravity of man and man's not having free will. By the way Mick Mooney has written several invaluable books also and his content is on Salvation by faith alone and grace alone too, worth noting.

We choose trust, belief, and follow through in the midst of God's choice. What we do with Christ within and the Christ's Kingdom tells us and others Who we believe Jesus Christ is. Not religious jargon but God's power and government in Theocracy we hold to. Moreover, there is no blame of others or blaming God for sin either or for fantasizing being supposedly in futility sin trapped. Christ is Risen! Risen Indeed! Romans 6:14 says, "Sin shall not have dominion or power over you, for you are not under law but under grace." We have choices! Options! In Christ is victory won and following after the Holy Spirit's choices is from Him against the tide of evil. The power of sin has been broken by the Blood. But the sinner before coming to Christ which he may or may not do eventually is condemned already not believing in the Name of Jesus Christ and will not believe until he does! He has no choice other than accept Christ or have meaninglessness direction in life like a wave on the ocean. Christ is our lifesaver on the ocean of living to bring us to His ship. We find rest anywhere He is at. He is meekness for our souls and that’s real good.

God looks down upon us in Jesus like as with Clarence the angel in 'IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE' movie and He calls us by name to come to Him like He did Mary in that movie and in the Book of John, outside Lazarus’s tomb, and His own empty Tomb. "Mary," He says as He sees her. He sees us in our sin and messy need in Adam and in our local sin messes but doesn't like that sin harms our lives which sin does (Greek word for sin is harm-atia, ie. sin harms.) He made provision indeed. The power of sin over us is destroyed by an in dwelling Savior. Our part is to turn to Him. He is patiently waiting for the restrainer (Holy Spirit in believers) to do His job and the full number of Christians to be saved. Vexed are we in Christ in context like Lot in Genesis of this sin-driven life stumbling upon Christ for salvation, then on walking a strait and narrow way, before He physically intervenes in this sin-trapped existence of man. Remember He’s returning in Almightiness this time to bring mercy for the lamb to lay down with the lion and to extend Hope! Remember with care God waited until Lot and his family of two daughters and two sons in law had left Sodom and had entered the next town safe until He brought judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah.

In looking for God’s justice it will be illusive to grasp in this life but ask for His mercy as much as you can to recall or remember to do and you will be standing re: right standing. It is something of what God does we cannot assume altogether aright in this life that is meaning perfect justice for us full either. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. In Christ a cautious life leads to wisdom. We must do right feeding upon the Son of God as our daily bread, living water, Divine breath. He says, "His mercy triumphs over judgment," in James also. 

But sometimes-bad things happen to good Christians anyway and suffering happens also because we live in a fallen world which has been subjected to futility Romans 8:26,27. Sometimes, "the rain falls on the just and the unjust," applies as Jesus said but we must repent anyway (like those on whom the tower of siloam fell, or those greeks with whom Herod had mingled blood,) in keeping with the Finished Work of our Lord and good fruit (metanoia means in Greek repent.) Other times we are persecuted for righteousness sake unjustly. Do good and suffer for it. Jesus says, “You are in bliss as a result.” Job was tested and you will too with hardship and temptation so in God's strength make it a giant test not a pigmy test to suffer for Christ not a personal falling short testing or tempting of God foolishly. Remember those in the suffering Church in the Body around the world as if you were suffering also in your own body. So how are you doing in Christ? Are you like Him yet? Maturity is illusive but is to be sought nonetheless lest we become a castaway.

Ask God personally to know Jesus or if you do to get your feet washed. "To live is Christ," and, "To die is gain." Read a book on that topic by Chandler.

We will find healing, deliverance, forgiveness, cleansing, sanctifying, Divine power, and His favor exploding being excitably born again God being merciful. Jesus paid it all. This means we get the exousia or authority in original Greek eagerly passionately to ask God questions and for things and actually become God's Children as He answers by His Power Dunamus, re: justification, just as if we never sinned! (like windshield wipers that never ever fail.) In being saved, we are Adopted by Him, and loved, and embraced  being God's child in salvation He being for you and He taking away your sins makes you to stand in right standing forgiven and keeps you from falling in ultimate fashion (Jude 23,) you clinging to His working upon you. When you fail or fall you prop yourself up again and in prayer get peace again with God crawling into God's lap. You stand up inside confessing your sin to God and in His Spirit become victorious saints sanctified through and through who follow Christ whithersoever He goes then as forgiven saints unto The Lord. In Christ reading in the Word daily becoming a steadfast disciple of Jesus in the Finished Work examining our Lord's lifestyle voraciously in that light and straining your neck to be in service to God by faith for other's aid in Jesus' grace power in the Spirit be justified in His Blood, forgiven. Eat meat not milk. We learn to stop the cycle of following elementary principles and grow up in Him however!

By grace alone Heaven someday is just a door step away then, short hop from this life! After salvation or getting saved to know God and to a halting overcoming life in this existence first, we pull out all the stops, and put on the New Self which is created in true Holiness and Righteousness of the truth: Who is Christ Himself. This is not a step for there are no steps to sanctification but we run the race believing Him near. But this daily walk is being made holy which Christ nonetheless does for you, you cooperating. He takes the desire to sin right out of you away and puts it far away from you. Born again you deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him as Luke ch. 9 illustrates to us how to follow Jesus (from my Pastor in a recent sermon.) In addition, is justification from Him follow through, that is doing by the Spirit that which He says to you to do and following through with it in a grace-walk that sometimes hits the mark. Amen. As God-pleasers and not man-pleasers we can do what Jesus said and did and in many ways be from one event to another re: be more like Him in every circumstance, striving to be like Him always. The point is be a God-pleaser. We can be in the good works complete God gives us alone now that He has made a new creation (meaning by faith in Him) outside as well within as the Bible puts it in II Corinthians 5:17 calling on Him, crying out extroverted and introverted. All things become new at salvation. In Him one gets brave to live in actions of heroism to Christ! We aren't straying from the simplicity which is in Christ in going there.

Only God is Holy and He makes one Holy as a Gift! It starts by your devoting dedicating yourself at God's altar you make in your heart in prayer to God which is at God's Altar in Heaven's seat of mercy as well! Will you realize that in God’s sight an incensed (praying) transaction takes place? You in a sense trade your bologni sandwiches for God's Lobster! But it is God’s Son’s obedience that saves you! Literally. He paid a debt He did not owe. I owed a debt I could not pay. Christ paid the debt I Couldn't pay and once for all or for everybody’s sins and completion of salvation for themselves there is a past, present, and future aspect to it. Heaven will be pleasure beyond all or even any pleasures of this life. We can exercise faith in the Son and in the obedience then of the Son in the Kingdom of God within (allegiance to Christ Jesus, His Gift, in His Resurrection, His Life, raised to newness of life, seated in the heavenlies, becoming a proved in the way disciple, under Lordship of Jesus Christ,) in joining to His Spirit: re: one spirit, By be Belonging to Him! By the Holy Spirit's Divine work, we CAN BE THIS DISCIPLE, known for the mark of belonging to Him by His Holy Spirit with His authority too at times, animating it in Him too for (following Him even in this,) He changes us by the Word this transforming of our lives like a butterfly from a silkworm in obedience as in a mirror and to be like Him in the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ in the Word resplendant as we obey the Holy Spirit’s promptings. We go from faith to faith glory to glory grace upon grace reflections of God motivated to minister to God firstly and then help others get saved! We travel from dead works to being made alive, serving Him! 

He who has the Son has life! If you do not have the Son in you, there is no life spiritually in you! Hell indeed is awaiting one is such a state of independence if they fail to get born again at any moment should Jesus not tarry and come back! Man looks at the outward appearance but God sees the heart. There is a way seeming right to a man but ends in death. Will you accept His Gift? Before it is Eternally too late? We're not promised tomorrow you know. 

Accepting His obedience on you applied leading to Eternal Life for you and you renouncing all sin or iniquity is right. Ask God what to confess to Him. You learn God is always right. His Death, as your salvation is precious and becomes precious. Yes, you lay hold of Eternal Life. Grip that thought of laying hold of it yourself. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. No man gets to God apart from Him. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way to life and few there be that find it. Horizontally humans loving other people take the plane or plateau vertically up in contriteness to God up to Heaven to God's sight/eyes first and His direction and love and His way being right! We follow it.

Jesus DID have clout and that attitude perspective living obedient pleasing of the Father in His love and He indeed submitted to God in everything. So should we submit to Him and at those times and other times submit to each other in Christ and be living the abundant life saved scripture says, "to the uttermost." In Jesus’ example we have a teacher Who not only lived what He said but did the same also as He preached and died firstly to save us He being the example/Savior. His integrity of being was never outlandish, profane nor inappropriate, but Holy and He stood His ground and Died for it, having thus it said about Him, "This is Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews." This was on a piece of wood above His cross put there by Pilate. This railroaded charge and true statement but guilty sentence was put in a plaque thus above His body up on the cross. Jesus’s audience during His earthly life was like an Old Testament one, hence His example of love for God and challenge to keep the Law was so far beyond our ability to keep we would need Him for it. It is impossible apart from Him. And the Biblical language He used was figures of speech that showed this. Christ gave gifts to men. He led captivity captive. He gave gifts by the measure of Christ's.

Jesus lived a life of integrity far away from the edge of or near to any sinning. He took captivity captive and emptied Abe's Bosom and brought the saints to joy. He gave gifts to men. He arose up early in the day to pray to His Father many a time and depended fully on Him for help during that day. Christ knew Decisions that day required wisdom and reliance! God’s unconditional love in Christ was compelling through the Son reconciling the world unto Himself in Calvary's Consummation: for He died on the cross HUPERNIKAO (more than conqueror) AND IT WAS FOR YOU, HE WAS PUT TO THE SLAUGHTER, BURIED, AND BY THE GLORY OF THE FATHER RESURRECTED!! We call on Him for His imitation of Himself as God's Son of Our Father God for it was efficacious for us. We, a broken clay pot (a High price though paid for you by Jesus meaning His cruel death on a crucifixion cross,) FOR YOU in which God sought by a way within His own Laws of Mercy & Justice and providing Mercy drops 'round us are falling to save you in the Blood of the Son's perfection of obedience and Death innocent. Jesus brought His Blood to the Heavenly Throne and Mercy Seat of the ark of testimony in Heaven between the winged cherubim before the Father and It satiated satisfied or pleased God as our propitiation. Jesus sprinkled nations Deut. 30; Isaiah 50:15.

He lived right and died right a torturous crucifixion death becoming sin for us that we might become the Righteousness of God in Christ. He Died that we to begin with could know His Righteousness. We can sit with Him in Heavenly places TODAY happily! Freedom is never free nor is it cheap. Free countries need a militia and a defense to stay free. However, slavery (ours, to sin) is a high price to pay if it is not intervened for. True slavery is to sin. The truth shall set you free. Jesus Died for a reason. Oceans and showers of loving acceptance for us from God is approving us for He is not against us or nor from a distance from us chiding us BUT calling us near softly and tenderly FOR salvation and opportunity for forgiveness and a Drawing near He having provided the Lamb but sin has made a chasm He wants bridged in our lives by His Blood. When one is subsequently saved sins are taken away gone! Forgiven! There is a sea of forgetfulness in God's eyesight and He posts an ethos and pathos: Corey Ten Boom says, "no fishing sign!" This is so because His Blood enters Heaven to the Mercy Seat to the Ark and veil being rent in two at His Death that awesome thick curtain between the The Holy Place of Priests and The Most Holy Place of the Great High Priest so the way into the Holy of Holies at the Mercy Seat before the Father’s Throne could be atoned for opening the Presence of God for anyone now. Hebrews calls it a new and living way made open by Jesus Christ. It’s better than animal sacrifice offered repeatedly year after year.

We make a change of mind and attitude about sin the deed, the thought, the speech, and attitude and do an about face from sin and sinful ways when coming to Jesus Christ for Jesus changes our mind and heart too for that to be possible for us (to be near to God also and able to feel love by God fully and weaned of worries because we come to learn we’re guilty before God firstly and then learn to depend to come to Him moment by moment for saving from all sin having heard the grace that is at the root of the Gospel and remain re: obey His Spirit-filled and Risen Life within for fruit bearing. This obedience to getting saved by the Spirit brings the fruit of the Gospel which is peace. Our paths become strewn with peace knowing He IS our peace. He is our provision. This happens by prayer first. Ask Him how. Jesus is all we will ever learn or know about God. Jesus will consummate everything someday when He puts all rule under His feet. He washes away by the Word what we ever are apart from Him shaken by a fire of baptism from Himself He alone can burn the chaff of and change you with for His glory by the Word of God; it's seed by showing us an exact representation of God the Father in Jesus (see Hebrews 12:1-3; 1:1-3.) He in His LOVE comes to us with open arms, heart, mind, and life, before our eyes this wonderful Treasure from God we have in earthen vessels. "Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord which exercises loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord. "(Jeremiah 9:23, 24 KJV) "This is eternal life that they may know Me," Jesus Said.<"/span>

We turn & repent and surrender to God through Christ and actually feel changes thus when we relinquish release of actual control of ourselves to Him but we feel this change over time also in magnification. We make a big thing of it. We proclaim it to others. In our chaos we let God have our worry too. In addition, to feeling a release you will actually BE a believer. Transactions take place before God. You’ll Experience God’s love first testifying for the first time perhaps, awakened and coming into His rarified atmosphere in-breathed in love Agape by Him to you and you get love, peace, and joy to share! Then you follow near as a disciple! He does save when we take His promise by faith and deaden our desires and preferences as we collaborate and it makes us complete and whole in Him, empassioned as one for doing good, a work in progress. We receive forgiveness of sins firstly being of Father God accepted and affirmed. We are receptive to the Word of God and come to receive Father and at His Throne we are like receptive trusting children who can't be released or shaken from knowing our Father God is good. If God it said that settles it for you or I. God dealt with the sin issue on the Cross. And when He died, our lives were dead so we exchanged them for His Perfect Sinless Life and now walk with Him in newness of life. We died to sin too and so we seek the unseen things above where we’re seated with our Lord sitting, standing, and walking with the Savior as in Ephesians.

He made us alive in Him in His Death, we coming to realize Him ad infinitim ad hoc His Presence all around and about us but first He finding us calling ahead we being dead in trespasses and sins unable or at the end of our rope or to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps at all. But God in His great mercy abounded wherewith He loved us and for His depth of mercy His love has now made us born again Christians who know confidently one can live a resurrected raised up to newness of life spiritual seating with Him in the Heavenlies in victory in a godly fruit bearing life and fruit remaining' living. We are can do nothing people without Christ or God. With Him Kingdom of God in our midst fruit bearing in life is possible and without outside us is a potential unparalleled for ministry if you continue to believe Jesus Christ seeking His Kingdom first and feeding on Him of necessity nourished up by faith and you will get heaven’s ticket too having gone into His strong tower of His Name where we find refuge forever. But then faithfully endure with patience to the end, to your race, persevering nourished up in the words of truth enjoying spiritual food, spiritual exercise, and daily foot-cleansing from Jesus Christ and as ministry to the Lord give also of or by yourself to God with your life time, talent, treasure, or testimony to bless others like A Melchizadek or Zadok priesthood. Be selfless. Love others as if they were more important. Do the small services to others nice and do them hidden too. Be anonymous as you can in giving. As the saved by faith open in heart and mind and openhanded we're living by the Holy Spirit in ways from the way open to the tree of life (Jesus Christ) not from the tree of the knowledge (or i.e. from man's failure to obey) of good and evil IN the Garden of Eden. 

We receive the Spirit of God like a little child with great relish who is given to them that believe and love Him. God would not hurt you spiritually to dismiss the smoking flax or burning wick that is you. Instead He encourages you to build you up. Instead of living by fleshly wisdom, we gain deliverance over the fleshly a little daily, re: those obstacles, which would hinder, our walk into Eternity, which are the world, flesh, and the devil and finally win in His Victory as we were saved if we prevail to the end. You ask God for sanctification. Possess your vessel which is you in sanctification. Endurance is a great comfort. God and you are a majority. He will use you. You need grace from God to stay renewed in mind and Spirit in the Word of God as if from a cheerleader blessed  and a butler composed advising. Having made mental assent, commitment to, and follow through accepting Jesus Christ for yourself trusting do not think that without having the mind of Christ all over you like the Paraclete within one called along-side that you will have victory. The unsaved heathen don’t have Him nor do you have the problems they do .. have Romans 12:2. "Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you might prove what is that good, perfect, and acceptable will Of God," the verse says. 

Christ cleans His own fish and Christ builds His Church. We present our bodies to God a living sacrifice in Romans 12:1, holy, acceptable to God which is our reasonable service. "We are renewed after the image of Him." "That I may know Him in the Power of His Resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering, being made conformable to His Death" Paul said and within that communion, meant that God and I may intimately have a bond of relationship fellowship. He put all his past on the dung heap that "I may be found in Him having a Righteousness which is of God through Christ and not of my own." He is near. He is close. This is a worthy goal to pursue. It is like having a sumptuous meal with Him, (having koinonia, fellowship or communion, and hupernikao which is overcoming victory) at His table (like Mephibosheth,) this walk with God in depth, a daily proved discipleship in the way in Christ and in my heart to relish Him and cherish Him in my heart is the Great Good News of all time at His feet inside. My heart knows no bounds, my joy unrestrained and because He lives, I too live, and can face tomorrow bravely because I walk close to Him. He's the Famous One!

We read His Bible and learn exploits of a spiritual life which but for the tip of the iceberg is invisible in born again existence. Love from Him requited by us now was initially compelling turning us around thus so that He wants total possession of us from the Father God's love letter compelling, (the Bible) & its contents being revealed to us through Special Revelation, the Bible, from faith to faith under His Lordship. Rejoice in Him reflections (for that is who we are,)(for today is the day of salvation the Word says) for we can see we need Him. We need salvation and spiritual hunger is there from Him. We need to look into the face of our Father and see He is approving in His look when we fail. Love from God directs spiritual hunger into acceptance from Him and we are published by God as letters read and known of all men. We are highly favored and loved but for no reason on our 'own' we know of. Believe Him for outstanding existence, living in excellence.

We do not lose heart in well doing but persevere in doing right. He wants to guide us with His eye. Flow in Him Blood-washed. In our mind, heart, and spirit we are renewed daily, fed, and nourished to be adequately adopted in equipped daily service for Him and to do to others though our outward man is decaying. Pastors and the local Body do that by edification, exhortation, and consolation stimulating intellect, will, and emotions, respectively. We follow. 

For all of what of three years and thirty years before that of the Life of Someone Named Jesus Christ whose name means "He shall save His people from their sins," whose life over two thousand years ago has been preserved so well in heritage passing down, and being written down about in the Gospels and been a legendary influence to an infinite amount of people we say praise God for like the seashore by heritage influence He did show He exists and lives and prevails! Christians who belong to God started hospitals, Orphanages, Lost And Founds, Schools, and Social Services and even multiplied in number today make scientific notions into phenomenally startling commodities even convenient inventions and helps to this day.

We call on God's Imitating of Himself in His Son and miming of Himself in His Son a grace-pointed walk of faith with Christ the Head daily in your crucified life in Christ and ultimately in Heaven gain your Eternal rest. He is revealed in us and in He residing there in our hearts spiritually into Resurrected life powerful moment by moment from His doing from start to finish. Born of God born of the Spirit ushered in we worship God in spirit and in truth. Approved in beloved-ness We are enlightened and illuminated about this present to us GOD of wonders beyond our galaxy in the Bible: it is unveiled to our heart and mind if we openly read it with revelation, interpretation, and illumination and application New Covenant eyes with open faces unveiled open minds for He has declared Himself in plainness in the Gospels, Acts, and Epistles for us clearly to believe the Gospel for ourselves that Jesus Christ having Died in our place has Finished the work and forever we should live like it is! The Law agrees and gives its approval. He is Holy. But it is grace is how He see us.

God created us and He claims complete ownership of our being as Creator Redeemer Designer. "If we lived like this Book is real for one week, men would repent in ways we now don't know about." was a quote by John Wesley. "For evil to triumph all it takes is for good men to do nothing," was said by Edmund Burke. The Steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. We experience God continually in kindnesses and tender mercies daily and grace  moment-by-moment! I pray you find the Lord Jesus Christ as Bread of Life Divine and New Wine Living Water refreshment. With the fondness God has of you and contentedly as Your Master & Savior Lord was of finding you He for you becomes in your personality and life Savior & Lord from sins and sin as a sin principle. And near or up close to you He comes up close and indwells you. May the fear of death leave you, believer!

Jesus said, "Blessed is he who is not easily offended in me." By faith you can do so by God's grace become the Friend of God, of His Family, a part, a member, and be accountable individually as stewards. It is all in Jesus. Jesus Alone is Source. Believe on Him and abide saved. A son abides forever in a house but a slave does not! It means God casts off your captivity and/or buys you with a Ransom off sin, for you a slave of sin before then sets you free now to son-ship. He really loves you in this. The real freedom is a great inner freedom from sin, which Christ does for you. You can ask to be made a slave again for love of your Master however. This time you're a slave of Christ, and under-rower. Freedom is never free nor is it of “cheap grace,” as Dietrick Bonhoffer coined. Again, I say God allowed His Only Begotten Son to pay a very high price for your salvation. He redeems us with a Ransom that saves us that is precious. Serving Him as volunteer bond-slave is a wise response.

Realize, "The greatest deception of the devil is tried from time to time by him (in attempting) to make us believe he doesn’t exist." Read The Screwtape Letters by Lewis. And without Him we can do nothing, and we indeed do nothing (we know this) without Him until we know what this grace is really about. Christ is our all in All in all. Surrender every area of control of every area to Christ. It takes a moment to be saved and a lifetime to stay saved. This is principally because of the sin principle and sin nature with indwelling sin. Make Jesus Lord. Eek out God's rescue even in thillipsis, (tribulation.) Make the affront of the Gospel your seeming friend as you remain at Calvary where we Survey the Cross upon which the Prince of glory Died. Like Joseph leave your jacket in the woman's hand but leave. Live on the high road of Holiness

We live as valliant perpetual students of The Word. We relinquish our past. We press pushups earnestly to Him. God in His mercy makes us 'alive,' we being dead in trespasses and sins before. We are made alive from the dead while in the body. This is the new birth. But God (Ephesians 2:4.) We push away the past. Reckon yourselves indeed dead to sin and alive to God. As Saved let grace abound. Romans 5,6 says through grace discontinue sinning and worldly associations. Jesus knows our sorrow. He is acquainted by relating with our griefs And the chastisement that brought our peace was laid upon Him and by His stripes (scourging) we were and are healed! We know His pathos and ethos more each day! We sit in Heavenly Places in Him! We oversee a panorama and even can pigeon hole an attention span in witness and testimony before God to others by faith!

The Certificate of debt (in the handwriting of ordinances which was against us,) is and was destroyed which was against us and God, He having nailed it to His Son's cross made a show of it Col 2:13, 14. Our faith is in God for a believing belief that "it is finished" and that the war is over with God, and within the moment by moment tug in the battle of war with baggage, the battle belongs to the Lord. God is in control (of us,) if we let Him and He is Lord. God calls us His Workmanship, His Poema (greek, workmanship,) His Field, & His Building. He calls sin finished with, in turning to Him and its deceiving power disempowered, and death's dominion destroyed and the penalty of evil destroyed and sins taken away complete. This is tetelestai the word for a completed process, the word Jesus used from the Cross. It is Finished! Those three words are the greatest words! We’re not perfect but ornery saints seeking goals.

Eternal Death is the result of sins wages (Romans 6:23.) Did you know sins pay.... a wage? It’s Death in tormented state in hell. Don't sin aggravating its consequences but accept Christ in your heart. Be God’s child instead.

"You are so beautiful," as Zephaniah 3:17 in God's love letter song God sings over you even so creatively sings and says to us and God quiets us in His love letting us know that we’re forgiven while others within the Body chime in their forgiven, because we are indeed re-created in Christ Jesus for good works which we're foreordained to accomplish Eph. 2:10. The Lord God in our midst is mighty to save! A Mighty Warrior! We need to be aware of beauty we can let out.

We cherish Him as we realize all this worthiness of God is of Himself and that there is no one like Himself! He is worthy to be worshipped knowing there is none like Him in His Holy Character and Just Nature et al. Our part in this revelation of Christ to us is to deny self, take up our cross and follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Then with that underway we are to obey Christ’s  commands inwardly and outwardly as He does that in us to will and to do Rom 8:2,3,4; Phil. 4:1-3, 6, 7, 8, 13, 19. They're not burdensome. When someone hurts you remember what God has Done for you! However, there are hard sayings of Jesus to hear and then hearing is to be obeying in Hebrew culture recognizing Christ does the work to help us obey by giving strength, replacing our life with His, and creating patient endurance. We endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ then in hard places as we eek out salvation reality close to reality that is God's. Christ's yoke is easy. It's submission to Christ in hearing the sayings and parables of Him to do them root and fruit of the Gospel, having acknowledged them holy and honoring His Kingdom Authority to give them to us receiving them as Holy. WE FIND SO MUCH IF WE'RE BELIEVING GOD BY FAITH IN VIRTUES GOODNESS OF GOD ALONE BY GRACE BUT UNWORTHY OF IT THOUGH BUT SAVED BY FAITH THROUGH GRACE THAT KNOWING, THAT GOD IS FOR US ALL THE TIME Rom. 8:30,31. Love so amazing somehow! He will begin to process the fruit of a Christian life in and through us in the Spirit for God's pleasure is both to will and to do within us!. That is a hallelujah not a sigh. PTL. Let our lives be “the proof of Your love,” For God and Country sings! 

There is no condemnation TO YOU in Christ Romans 8:1. Moreover, you are sealed 'in Christ' like eternally secure saved unless you walk out of the Father’s hand, but you won’t want to do that. Usually stay on target focused all the time in Him. Abide in the Vine, Jesus Christ (menos.) Attached you will find His Burden is light in Christ in His Death, Burial, and Resurrection life in Christ manifested in you and by you in Him by this new identifying of Jesus Christ's plans and purpose for you personally within and drawing near. You stay 'in Christ' like you are in a cup. Christ's yoke is easy! Remaining in the Lord with His love inside with satisfaction you are in a war with the world, the flesh, and the devil, which Christ won for you. We are walking out that victory as believers in trench warfare as Christians: believing to see Jesus go before us in the Spirit everywhere. The Holy Spirit and The Bride of Christ say come. The Presence of God goes before us everywhere in every situation and on us He's a Mighty Warrior and we are victorious everywhere in Christ by faith over everything Romans 8:37 (hupernikao in Greek, overwhelming triumph of the Lord.) This is staying in Christ, attached at the root. Obediently obey the word of the Lord Jesus because He will empower you and this possesses hopeful potential! Not only forgive from the heart The Lord to others but receive the gift of forgiveness.

We learn to suffer for doing right. We learn to abide in Christ in the body suffering while doing right things in a normal Christian life. Read The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee for you'll appreciate all aspects of the Finished Work looking into his writings. This is the message of the Gospel to remember the suffering Church as if you yourself were in the body suffering. It’s in letting the Holy Spirit out that really matters. In Heaven, there is no more trace ever of evil or sin in the Presence of God in Heaven for us I Corinthians 15:26ff. We will certainly have new bodies then that are sinless and in the Spirit then be fully righteous and completely holy. No eye has seen no ear has heard nor has it entered into the heart of man what God is preparing for those who love Him. We are saved eternally then in Heaven, when awed by God's wonderful Power and Presence within us forever in Heaven we'll be sinless for Eternity in resurrected bodies. Pastor says, "We or us may possess fifty senses in that State instead of the five we currently have!!"

As a good Father and Farmer winnows away chaff with His winnowing fork in His Hand so does our Heavenly Father God winnow of our lives of dross impurities letting the chaff blow away from the wheat. And He loves us greatly even in trials of all kinds even to have our lives being used as dredgers and shock absorbers and sanctified, storm swept cleansed heatedly in fiery troubling times. We can be clay pots with He the Potter’s Treasure about you to do His Will or bidding in fiery trials. Our endurance is helping us prevail letting His way work purity of faith in us believing Him in and through us permeating. God purifies we or us even like coal in a pressurized oven until we’re diamond like. God once saving you can use you. Are you open to this? 

We must not offend others by our lifestyle nor be offended by anything God does for us that we fail not to like. And in some ways God is the perfect gentleman who will narrowly depart momentarily to return later in greater manifest Presence fully. But God can do anything that is impossible and surprising us is His acts too to bless us He reigns. He does not tempt anyone at all but does test for short seasons but rescues and not more than we can bear and does intervene in an organically curative role miraculously in you building garrison of peace in you as fruit as we're continually receptive and continue to do His will. Seek His alternate like Abraham holding down Isaac to find your "ram" in the thicket, or way of escape from that particular test or temptation. God helps and others they feel His reach even His prickly convicting and become born again, through the Holy Spirit Who is persuading them individually. Revelation of Jesus brings us to faith in Himself for a job witnessing so others can receive a Divine Blood Transfusion. I plead with you to be saved. II Corinthians 5:19-21. We are living letters of the very heart of God.

Will you come to God 'Just as I Am?' the song goes? God chose this accepting of Jesus Christ as you are as the way to confound the wise, the worldly wise, the disputer of this world, the ignoble & foolish who see who turn, and are born again: this is God's way in saving others in accepting the Son's Perfect obedience then applying Him to your life and heart in His Death/Resurrection the ultimate reach of God to man providing His Sacrificial Atonement for you your sin. Then live the Christian life one day at a time as a grace walk and love walk like two sides of a coin. And grace is calling, so, they came to Christ, so they abide and stay with Him, attached, remain, menos in Greek, and walk in Him Col. 2:6; John 15; I John 2.) They weep but rejoice too. We're laying up treasure in heaven meaning growing in Kingdom grace with humility and seeking God's Kingdom inside first with a quality of love so astounding we lay sorrow aside and think of God's Astounding Opinion of us near & Eternally experience the true 'I want to' of God's love for us near and boldly. Where Christ is king we gather together in His Name in servant hood of service. Service to God in ministry like a Zadok priesthood or of Melchizedek. And to one another in an outward way we this.

We give cups of cold water in Jesus’ Name and receive one another as we would Christ Himself with Agape love acted out for them as Agaping or phileoing is more like it as witnessing in truth and action is warranted. We receive a righteous man and a prophet and a child and so we may receive a righteous man's reward like theirs. We give and learn to give even more, giving in some way continuously. And we don't own any of the gifts of God! We get used in them! We are useful as we remain submitted and available creative. God promotes and raises up man. So let's do accountability all we can re: be faithful in the little things and use integrity in the disturbances. The early bird catches the worm. But humbly and cautiously as stewards we feed the servants of our God in His timing and not dissipate with our lives Matthew 23-25. And then we can be ready for the Host of the Wedding or Lord of the Vineyard, when He comes we may open to Him freely! And so we watchful occupy (actively be ready) for Christ's return, and are being desirous to be like Christ, as impossible as it sounds ultimately as He lived His life as best you can until He comes back (which is a discipleship challenge,) from glory to glory even event to event.

It is through the Holy Spirit's zeal this convincing occurs to contribute thanksgiving by our lives through an outlived walk step by step In His Steps within. We make good ground to hear the Word in others and primarily ourselves outlived so we are changing transforming of heart always, God and myself watering, waiting, weeding, cultivating. And your ticket to Heaven is by faith through grace, not of you, not of yourself, nor works lest any man should boast. And a ticket can be held by someone beside you until it is not in abeyance, but really contentedly received meaning the resurrected Christ within dwells in perfect relationship union and is sent forth in God's timing in super ways, meaning super duper directed ways God can use. 

We are not manipulative religious persons; but we maintain a relationship with our Lord! Truly we 'love God' with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength in two commands, namely the afore and "love your neighbor" "as yourself," of which love is the summing up of all the Old Covenant 613 Laws. Rejoice in Him evermore. Pray somehow and ask God for salvation so you can live ready too if you haven't. You are God's masterpiece when specially known by God appreciative of His ministry toward you after receiving salvation and knowing you're loved, accepted, then redeemed saved on top. You’re also safe in God‘s hand as you live, and move, and have your being existence in His being existence obeying. Let Christ high priestly ministry minister to you continually.

It is also an abundant life no matter what for we exchange our faults for His life of quality asterick express within and outwardly express it as well! After salvation or becoming saved YOU are then being a thank you epistle to God (letter is an epistle in Greek,) written on our hearts by the Holy Spirit of God within and without with the laws of God written in the Spirit with the Names of God in the strong tower where we take refuge (His Name,) and confession of faith in the heart of God embraced within proclaimed. With everything within submitted to Him, with zeal also we follow Christ being disciples saved proved in the ways of the Spirit through Christ the Risen One. It is by grace from start to finish this abundant life in real zeal sparked inside is obtained to get a fire going in the Spirit in and through Christ to Eternal Life, and is lived now everlasting. "It is through much tribulation we must enter the Kingdom of God," Paul said in Acts as encouragement. O the depth of both the wisdom and knowledge of God. How unsearchable are His ways and His path from finding out. His understanding is inscrutable. Amen. Romans 11

From Dave Candel born again Christian and with the Holy Spirit’s aid. May the Fullness of the love from God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be yours as we all crawl toward the Son of Man, the Lamb of God!! Yeshua Homashiach!

P.S. Mt. 6:33. For it's a transformation a Wave of the Spirit or particle within of light becoming beams of light that are becoming NEWNESS of life we live in Christ not a reformed one but newness of life in the Son S-O-N. Be a pro visionary! Be salt to your earth and light bright so you can be The Light of the World to others who may need you. Light brings revelation, illumination, application, and interpretation.

God promises to bring His Promises to pass and to fruition and finish what He starts in you New Creation in Christ Phil 1:6; Gal 6:9ff; I Thessalonians 1. In His return there's tremendous hope extended!

Go For Gusto with God in His heart of Love for us! I John 3:1. But it’s all of Christ objective and/or specific we have every spiritual blessing in Him so when the promises of Eternity are fulfilled ultimately and we be ‘in Christ,’ righteousness confirmed is when you get your body in Heaven and the portrait of the Son meaning you GET THE SON and all He holds in abeyance contentedly and in inheritance FOR YOU is yours! Read the Word. No man knows the day or the hour! Living by faith in Jesus above, I'm living by faith and feel no alarm! You know 'twas best to let Him to have His way with you living Godly!

Let’s pray and count it all foolishness what lay of the past we remember realizing it may have existed far different than that reality you recall or anybody else recalls and lay hold of being found in Him not having a righteousness of our own but HIS! Let Him replace your life substituting in His gracious wealthy rich existence and spontaneously live for Him His Power and Presence in you in Christ and going before you! As you know God better through Christ settle it in your mind you are into Christ follow the Lamb wither-so-ever He goes building on the foundation of Christ gold silver and precious stones and denying yourself, take up your cross and Him Blessed Only Potentate Crucified, Arisen, and Coming Again follow! Hearing is obeying in the Hebrew culture so let’s hear and OBEY to trust! He your Savior wants to be, be saved today! For yet I’m crucified with Christ and yet I no longer live! Christ lives in me! Christ loved me and gave Himself up for me! I live with His might by faith in Him! Through Him! Galatians 2:20. Maranatha! 


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