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Why Church?



Why do we have churches in our towns and communities? Do you think they are antiquated and no longer needed? After all what purpose do they have? Great questions, and I would not be surprised to know that you have asked these questions yourselves. I know I have.


Have you wondered why we have so many non government backed charities, or good works set up in our communities? Who are the most likely to visit the sick without being asked, or paid? Think about your friends, and ask yourself who would be most likely to care about you? Who are the most likely (but not the only!) people to work on a voluntary basis in a food bank, or charity shop, or in a hospital? Whoever they are, our very fabric of society depends on their willingness to help, and one thing is certain. They are good people. Let me make another suggestion. Many will be Christians, and attend one of these ‘no longer needed’ churches.


It will not surprise you to know, that these good people don’t do good works to make them suitable for church. It’s the other way round. Most will go to church, and in their own hearts will want to reach out as a result of their commitment to Jesus Christ, not their church. Surprised? The fact is, none of us are good enough in our own right, for heaven, but with our confession of sin (now there's an old word!) and God’s forgiveness, we want to reach out for no other reason than we care. It’s really quite simple, and often overlooked.

So, next time you walk past a church, and wonder what goes on inside, and what kind of crazy people go there, step inside and be amazed. With an open heart and mind, who knows what will happen inside your own heart, and spill over into other lives!

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