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PED or Elpidio wants truth of how I see him and what I write; so truth he wants, truth he shall receive because my only life is survival with faith for all the needed strength while pleasing God; and I was told how believers would come against me.

and for years now I have used these following verses along with just more than I care to count on love, kindness, care, compassion and everything having to do with our commanded love towards each other that without God cannot be known by His own words this world of believers completely refuse to believe; therefore I am not picking on Elpidio, I am not judging Elpidio and I am not hating Elpidido – But what I am doing is using him as a perfect example of all believers on the way he is and how God sees all who act in the same way as he does.  

Love and life are inter-connected

We know that we have crossed the frontier from death to life because we do love our brothers. The man without love for his brothers is living in death already. The man who actively hates his brother is a potential murderer, and you will readily see that the eternal life of God cannot live in the heart of a murderer.

We know and, to some extent realise, the love of God for us because Christ expressed it in laying down his life for us. We must in turn express our love by laying down our lives for those who are our brothers. But as for the well-to-do man who sees his brothers in want but shuts his eyes—and his heart—how could anyone believe that the love of God lives in him? My children, let us not love merely in theory or in words—let us love in sincerity and in practice! (1 John 3:15-18)

Let us love: God has shown us love at its highest

To you whom I love I say, let us go on loving one another, for love comes from God. Every man who truly loves is God’s son and has some knowledge of him. But the man who does not love cannot know him at all, for God is love. (1 John 4:7-8)

“Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard. (Proverbs 21:13)

There is a very strong message from God directly to all believers; but none, no, not one seeks truth as written; therefore I deliver what no one wants to hear; and I do it because I have no other life other than asking the Father to direct my paths. Want warning for today?

“Foolish people! How long do you want to be foolish? How long will you enjoy making fun of knowledge? Will you never learn? Listen when I reprimand you; I will give you good advice and share my knowledge with you. I have been calling you, inviting you to come, but you would not listen. You paid no attention to me. You have ignored all my advice and have not been willing to let me correct you. So when you get into trouble, I will laugh at you. I will make fun of you when terror strikes— when it comes on you like a storm, bringing fierce winds of trouble, and you are in pain and misery. Then you will call for wisdom, but I will not answer. You may look for me everywhere, but you will not find me. You have never had any use for knowledge and have always refused to obey the Lord. You have never wanted my advice or paid any attention when I corrected you. So then, you will get what you deserve, and your own actions will make you sick. Inexperienced people die because they reject wisdom. Stupid people are destroyed by their own lack of concern. But whoever listens to me will have security. He will be safe, with no reason to be afraid.” (Proverbs 1:22-33)

My wife and I have been so poor for so many years that rice with a few boiled veggies is basically what we live on; yet I have a history of giving to others all through my life; therefore when hated, detested, judged and scorned by a world of lip lovers for God while not even knowing Him leaves me with toleration for them all because they know not what they do.

Elpidio wanted answers; and if he would only have read these words below with God’s truth he would have known, changed and repented.

One Example of False Brethren we all will soon deal with as written in Matthew 24:10

Sep 21, 2013

 Who ElpidioLGagolinan has shown himself to be in the eyes of God being one perfect example of brethren and sisters in Christ and the way God sees them all.

My wife is 40 and a 4th grade teacher for DepEd here in the Philippines; and she is still taking college courses to gain her Masters to become a principle, yet Elpidio would make remarks to my wife on how she should learn better English before calling herself a teacher along with just so many cruel remarks that she finally just had to block him; and through many of my writings including my life in the Philippines he has known of her weak heart and the fact that we can’t even afford Heart Friendly Ensure for her to drink; and in the same way, even though I have over twenty years with God through Jesus Christ, thirteen websites, a published book and only look to God as written in Proverbs 2:1-6 and 3:5-6, Elpidio has never even once said even one kind word other than asking me if I knew Jesus Christ seven times and now rebuking me for cussing making him the perfect example of one real asshole; and he is a man who teaches others how to walk with God while being a blasphemer not even knowing God through His own words not believing God’s words against him just as most all believers according to “Thy Word is Truth”.

Christ was tortured and crucified by people that know not what they do; therefore our Lord through love asked the Father to forgive them in Luke 23:34; and that is Christ like love, but that does not mean that he liked them for what they did; and even God’s pure words speak that without love for others it is impossible to know Him. (1 John 4:7-8) and when we show no care for others in need, God will show no care for us when within famine and the sword – Proverbs 1:27-29, 21:13

Paul suffered a hard life for many years while also having false brethren in 2 Corinthians 11:23-27, and in the same way with the times coming it will happen to all believers while living a life they have not become spiritually prepared for. . .

“Take care that you are not deceived. For many will come in My name claiming they are the Anointed One, and many poor souls will be taken in. You will hear of wars, and you will hear rumors of wars, but you should not panic. It is inevitable, this violent breaking apart of the sinful world, but remember, the wars are not the end. The end is still unfolding. Nations will do battle with nations, and kingdoms will fight neighboring kingdoms, and there will be famines and earthquakes. But these are not the end. These are the birth pangs, the beginning. The end is still unfolding.

They will hand you over to your enemies, who will torture you and then kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of Me. And many who have followed Me and claimed to love Me and sought God’s kingdom will turn away— ‘’’they will abandon the faith and betray and hate one another’’’. The love that they had for one another will grow cold because few will obey the law. False prophets will appear, many will be taken in by them, and the only thing that will grow is wickedness. There will be no end to the increase of wickedness. But those who do not waver from our path and do not follow those false prophets—those among you will be saved. And this good news of God’s kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, a testimony to all people and all nations. Then, beloved, the end, the consummation of all things, will come. (Matthew 24:4-14)

No matter who we are, we all can make mistakes and reach our boiling point through fellow believers calling us a bastard, another saying to go and fuck yourself, another calling me an author for the devil and a whole world of false brethren and sisters just pissing all over you because they only care about themselves with lip love to God who they don’t even know.

So what did Paul have to deal with?

“I do not understand what I do; for I don't do what I would like to do, but instead I do what I hate. Since what I do is what I don't want to do, this shows that I agree that the Law is right. So I am not really the one who does this thing; rather it is the sin that lives in me. I know that good does not live in me—that is, in my human nature. For even though the desire to do good is in me, I am not able to do it. I don't do the good I want to do; instead, I do the evil that I do not want to do. If I do what I don't want to do, this means that I am no longer the one who does it; instead, it is the sin that lives in me.

So I find that this law is at work: when I want to do what is good, what is evil is the only choice I have. My inner being delights in the law of God. But I see a different law at work in my body—a law that fights against the law which my mind approves of. It makes me a prisoner to the law of sin which is at work in my body. What an unhappy man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is taking me to death? Thanks be to God, who does this through our Lord Jesus Christ!

This, then, is my condition: on my own I can serve God's law only with my mind, while my human nature serves the law of sin. (Romans 7:15-25)

Was David as perfect as this world of self-righteous believers when he planned the murder of Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband? Was Solomon perfect with his strong desire for females that he had 700 wives and 300 concubine, and with age he allowed the worship of false gods to his women?  (2 Samuel 11, 1 Kings 11)

If all we could do is be as perfect as ElpidioLGagolinan – we would all be saved for eternal salvation through obedience and love for others rather than being the murderers God describes Him as because of no love or intent. . .

“Those who hate others are murderers, and you know that murderers do not have eternal life in them. This is how we know what love is: Christ gave his life for us. We too, then, ought to give our lives for others! If we are rich and see others in need, yet close our hearts against them, how can we claim that we love God? (1 John 3:15-17)

Because loving others is a commandment from God. . .

“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. (Revelation 22:14)

Do you think this world of believers God sees as murderers will receive His blessing for the tree of life?

Where is my love for others? Written through these words;                                                   


Where is my sacrifice for God and humanity to become worth of delivering a message nobody wants to hear?   


In this world today is only much unseen confusion when looked at while being a part of it; however when we become away from this world, thus seeing all things as written by God from a clear and true spiritual point of view while having zero association with any religions or human beliefs along with all the ways of humanity including corruption worldwide; all that can be seen is our coming destiny in ways so gruesome that none believe what God tells all; therefore I do have a message for this human race, but sadly most all people other than few will hear truth through delivered in the same way [amongst scorpions] as Ezekiel Chapters 2 & 3.

May God be with you because the worst timesoftrouble ever before on this earth are coming upon one totally unprepared civilization; so say the words of God believers refuse to believe while believing themselves and this world of false teachers God warns them all to put no trust in.  -- Which belief is your belief when there is only one true God and only one true belief?    


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ElpidioLGagolinan | Sat Oct 19, 2013, 22:10

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Let us handle truth. By the way Jeff, do you know anybody by the name Stephen Lynd ? I saw an internet note from him asking God, Is Jeff Callarman around today ?


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