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What Life Would Be If I Was a Billionaire

My total existence would be on the other side of life with the world of people who have the least with the hardest times and the greatest sorrows with the most hurts along with their non-stop pain and sufferings both mentally and physically with my greatest joys in just giving to others what they never before had in ways which brought their genuine smile as the greatest reward that could ever be simply because their heart has been touched; and it feels so damn good as being life's greatest high because Mylene and I have done it countless times when God allowed through His blessings even when living through many years of hardships.

The truest hearts in the human race are those with a kindness about them that can just be felt in their presence and seen within their eyes; and what makes those who have absolutely nothing in their own life so very special is that they just accept what is while knowing that is just the way God has chosen for them with no options; and what's the most unique about all who live in the worst of situations is that those with hearts will even share with others the little they have because they know from experiences exactly what it is like to hurt badly physically and mentally with absolutely no hopes because of the cruelty from most all others that really don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves even though their words may say different.

But the time is coming when all true colors will be seen which are vines with no fruits, and they shall suffer the greatest punishments because nothing that a thousand sweet words can say will ever hide what's truly the intent of ones heart that tells our creator everything there is to know about each and every individual whom has ever lived. Hebrews 4:12-13

Welcome to the world of people yesterday, today and tomorrow with the righteous hearts being few while the fruitless are many. For those who care about others as they care for themselves, you need to understand the truth and true education from God; and even those who don't believe in God are soon going to learn very much the hard way, so even non believers with common sense also need this only true eduction now because no one is trying to change them, but rather only inform a truth they will learn one way or another; and their freedom gives them the choice to believe as they choose.  

1 Corinthians 2:14, Hebrews 5:13 and Matthew 7:13 are many.

1 Corinthians 2:13, Hebrews
5:14 and Matthew 7:14 are few.

Being there are billions of people on earth means that there are billions of true stories about the lives of individuals that would make anyone with a true and genuine heart to cry along with graphics that would make you vomit as Jeremiah through his God given vision of what's coming upon the human race of every age from infants to the elderly; and the tears for the victims which in truth are innumerable will include most all who are reading these words because they have hearts and minds that the god of this world wants in blind darkness exactly as they are now. Either those words, or God whose words are pure as silver and tried in the furnace of earth seven times was a liar when He said that this whole world has been deceived in Revelation 12:9.  So either overcome the father of lies now through your heart with dependence on God for help while fully knowing that we can do nothing by ourselves; or remain just as you are which will become the greatest error of your entire life as you become one in the greatest storm of life while only possessing false roots with no depth as an anchor that cannot hold you in place as the raging out of control storm takes you into the worst timeoftrouble that has ever been which shall be as a living nightmare spread over the coming years that will turn many into cannibals that eat the flesh of their own children; and so says God who blind shepherds don't believe or understand that spread their own blindness into their congregations worldwide who they feed not full truth but only partial truth which makes thy word is truth in vain because the doctrines and traditions of man have made the word of God to be of none effect in all the lives that listen to and believe the blind that's leading the blind into the ditches with no escape. Ezekiel 34 Mark 7:6-16 Matthew 15:14 Isaiah 29:13, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, Job 15:15


And these good people are coming upon a ditch they cannot see because the blind cannot lead the blind.

How strong are you in feelings when it comes to the realities of life that very few know anything of in any depth? If you are weak you won't be able to handle what will be read and seen, but those who are weak now will become totally unstable when they themselves or their children become one of the victims they choose not to see now. 

This little girl below who's mother put her into prostitution was found dead in a dumpster at 5 years of age; and according to the news resources, her mother needed the money for her drugs. So sad, and even more sad is the suffering of children all over this planet with their suffering in many ways that I will not even write.


When it comes right down to the bare and true facts of life regarding the realities of this world in all places there would be uncountable individuals on every detailed subject of suffering and in every way of death imaginable. And what's most sad people of the world today just don't see or care with religious and non religious people just thinking that all will get better or they will be in some man made fairy tale story of a secret rapture prior to the great tribulation which is just another untruth placed within minds through the powerful psychological broadcasts from the father of lies alias prince and power of the air who fools all the people all of the time. 

Below is just bits and pieces of the way this world is now as things to come will become ten thousand times worse everywhere worldwide. 


Can you even begin to imagine in your worst nightmare what it would feel like to be treated much worse than trash because you had become as human trash being kicked, stomped on and tossed on the pile of the living and dead other bodies considered as worthless garbage? And when the devil who's evil spirits take control of minds it matters not what country you are from because his evil ways have always been worldwide. . .but his reign as god of this world is coming to an end and he knows his time is short so his rage of hate is unstable nitroglycerin getting ready to be an uncontrolled massive explosion that takes billions of lives over these years that are ahead of us all.   

Tortured; and my eyes get tears with a heart that hurts because somewhere there are people being tortured, raped, beaten, murdered and just every way of evil; and if I was a billionaire, my wife and I would have an island away from this world to only teach and live according to our creator who no one even knows according to His own words; and they all in the billions will hate me for those words, so I just ask where is your love that I have never seen for years? And I ask because according to God's own words, if we have not love, we know not God, for God is love. 1 John 4:7-8


 As far as torture victims go they are everywhere worldwide and being tortured as you read these words with worst graphics that I will just leave up to you for imagination or your own research because nothing is sadder than truth I hate to have to share; and especially the truth being what you don't want to know about that one day could very well include you.


There are many tools of torture with Satan everywhere worldwide; and very hard at work because as you just read his time is running out a written in Revelation 12:12

What this lost world of darkness needs to see is reality and the time of man according prophecy and the truth of God that the god of this world has blinded all from seeing other than who God has chosen because of what He can see within their hearts that tells God absolutely everything with nothing hid.

What's going to happen will effect this whole world's population. . .but what the blind cannot see nor have been taught is that those with the most shall suffer the greatest with far more horrors to face than those who have never had anything; therefore the more one has and the greater their life as celebrities, the elite, the political powers and all who center on self will suffer the greatest while those who barely survive and have been accustom to a life that most can't even relate to will really see things no different within a world that has turned into total chaos with its end coming.

America became the greatest single nation because it was a promise from God to Abraham in Genesis 12; and God also promised it would be totally destroyed if as a great nation did not follow the instructions of the almighty God who created it by the intelligence that He gave man; and because this once great nation became a very rebellious nation that knows not God nor obeys Him in any way according to thy word is truth----its final destruction is growing close through the beginning of sorrows followed by great tribulation because God always keeps His promises exactly as written so they can be proven to any opened mind; and time is running out.

The greatest mistake of the human race is that all known through human intelligence along with what man teaches and just totally brushes the creator of us and our planet within the eternal universe that was created to be inhabited completely out of their lives when in truth God is suppose to be the center of our lives as our priority in life.

All religious people will say that's not true with judgment against me for what I just wrote, but when looked at from God side with His words of instruction as the Holy Bible that says we are to live by His every word. Can you see this whole world of religion with love for each other and full agreement to all of the words of God while living in harmony with joys while worshiping our creator with the same doctrines and traditions?

There are but very few individuals which make up God's little flock that are scattered worldwide as they wait for God's lead because they are God's only true church that can do nothing without their Head to direct them.  

But man has taken God off the map and out of the picture they live within other than lip service from billions of blinded religious hypocrites that don't even know the meaning of love beyond false words that sound good; and what I say comes from love and not judgment against anyone because my only life is God; and because God is love He has chosen me as living proof through years of experiences that only a false love exists within the buildings of man called churches; and my proof is years of only trusting in brethren for any kind of small helps while not even receiving a true friendship other than an occasional false brethren just as Paul or Job had to deal with. 

What all are about to learn is that the only truth of life and true education is within the pages of their life's book of instruction that no one reads in the way its own instructions tell us all how to do it properly.

In all of the photo's that you glanced at you need to look again slowly as you picture yourself or children as one of the victims. . . because I can promise that you will become one from perhaps a devastating earthquake, hurricane, torture, rape, starvation, disease, terrorists or just any of the worst nightmares you have ever had becoming as a living reality that takes your life. American soldiers raped many including children and they (some) torture without mercy---so when America becomes conquered by German and other foreign soldiers, do you think that any special kindness will be shown to residents of the great Satan?


 You can learn the truth of all things regarding life and what you're life is going to be like in truth, or you can just remain with your head in the sand with the rest of the world as death with great sufferings come upon you.

Read chapter 3 of Lamentations while placing yourself as the victim and you will have entered the reality approaching your life because God who authors only truth is not the author of confusion which can be understood through faith in the words of Psalms 12:6.

But man has always been confusion as written in Jeremiah 3:25.

Have you ever heard of true education? For those who believe in God as the few that have been chosen as written in John 15:19, it is only them that fully understand the only genuine education must come directly from God without men involved that are not being led by His Spirit of Truth because there are two God's; and one is the god of this world who is the father of lies and a counterfeit Christ with a false spirit of light which is actually darkness; and believers in this world will become a witness of just how dark this whole world has always been with facts that this world's civilization is about to become even darker with more hardships and tragedy with panic and suffering becoming the worst ever before been in history of this human race; and very few will be spiritually prepared to handle what's going to happen; and what will be for all cannot be changed because this world's fall is history to God because He witnessed it and inspired man to write the breaking news which is not known nor reported; and because the god of this world deceives so well there are very few in God's little flock written in Luke 12:32 that actually know our only True God that full knowledge of is unsearchable because He has no beginning and has no end and has no time as time or limits known to man who He created. 

 If I was a billionaire during the times past my whole life would have been nothing but helping as many that God led me to by His Spirit to glorify only Him because no one false can hide from God; and my reward would be the in-depth happiness that goes far beyond words with the joys that I would have always just from the real pleasures and genuine smiles from so many that had their lives changed through the love that God commands us to have.

 If I were a billionaire during these end times I would purchase one or more of the 7100 Philippine islands because over 3000 of them are uninhabited. From there I would have an open door only through God for all of those who wanted to completely get shed of their old life of confusion with problems and much darkness within a crumbling society that is going to fall worldwide beginning with the USA; and there is no hiding from anything coming because this world of dark evils with extreme technologies can see all things via satellites and every system of tracking and location known to man. However, when a flock devotes their lives to God as written, there is no storm that they cannot bare through faith such as Shadrach Meshach and Abed-nego as written in Daniel 3:16-18 that is meant as a lesson for all today who have faith in God, because without that same faith there will be no survival.

So what's a new life?

Pure honesty, love, care for others, always acknowledging God in all of our ways so that He directs our paths, kindness and living on faith when surrounded with a whole world of darkness in wars, starvation, terrorism, diseases, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and just every possible darkness known to man. A new life is learning how to genuinely appreciate each other one step beyond only words; a new life is always giving thanks to God; a new life is a life that has no old life left because all of your affections have been set on things above because you know that earth was a temporary place of training that would prepare you for the kingdom of God that will be filling the entire universe that never ends for all of eternity.

I were a billionaire I would be the man that God has transformed into a person only wanting to help others just as written in my heart which God reads because it can tell no lies as the lips are so good at doing; and God has taught me to live in ways with so little while having all of the needed faith to know that I will do even greater works than our Lord Jesus Christ because He said that all who believe on Him would because he is going to His Father. John 14:12

So through my very strong faith God has been preparing me through the past five years while being on His spiritual chain in the Philippines and cuffed to the Bible while making my exit from this world spiritually speaking with 15 prior years being private intake of His words while gaining an education directly from God without man to take away or change the meaning of with the exception of different men who I actually believed through the years as God showed me just how false all the preacher teachers of man truly are through His every word which I came to fully trust as commanded.  

When God said that the walls of Jericho would fall ----They Fell.


 When God says that destruction cometh---It will with His Guarantee. 


Of my hundreds of writings for God what all need to understand is that we are all now as human beings into the final decade of mankind with man ruling man through greed and lies with corruption in all governments and religions along with the blind leading the blind through all of the buildings of man worldwide that are the churches of Satan just as God shows as proof all through His words of truth than no one believes because the smooth words of man sound better and say different things that all in this deceived world actually believe rather than the words of God that we are to live by.

So no matter what your dreams may be and no matter what your life consists of along with no matter how much you have financially, the days are coming when you will have absolutely nothing as life itself only becomes worse and worse beyond words. But where you are and how you deal with all things depends on what you do now to be prepared because the greatest place for any human being to be is away from the world as it is and into a different world where God is through only truth with Him as the teacher and instructor. 

Proverbs 2:4 are the words instruction that I follow as my life with verses 5-6 for my reward; and the same for any who do as God instructs with Proverbs 1:22-32 as a very clear strong and truthful warning for all on earth that all who believe need to not only hear, but hear with spiritual ears through actions which will make them of the few in verse 33 before it's too late.

I have written a book as a message from God for this entire human race and am in wait through faith for God to provide me with the funds to pay my publisher for my books press release which will make it known for many in this world; and in God's time all things will be put in order according to His will and not mine; therefore patience with faith is the key for all things because God is in control and just allows Satan to be His tool for gaining over-comers to be a part of His eternal government; and that is why Satan was created as no mistake, but a purpose mankind knows nothing of. Isaiah 9:6-7, 45:7

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