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   [23 Sep 2013 | Monday]

How to fix the economy with some humor.

How to fix the economy with some humor.

I really don’t like being pessimistic but outside of our Lord Jesus Christ some things don’t give me much hope. I am talking about debt, personal debt, corporate debt, but mostly our national debt which is now at the 16 trillion dollar mark, give or take a dollar or two. Now our dollar is not backed by anything other than the ”good faith of our government,” the same people who created the mess we are in and are basically giving us an I.O.U. I am sure that should make you feel much better. Who knows where it will end or how but I pray that we start crying out to God for his wisdom in this matter.

Here is how some people managed to become debt free and it didn’t cost anyone a dime.

An innkeeper had a traveling salesman stop and inquire about a room and was told the room was $100.00. The salesman said fine but he wanted to see the room first and left the innkeeper a $100.00 deposit and went off to see the room. The innkeeper took the $100.00 and ran next door to his restaurant food supplier and paid his bill that was due for $100.00. The restaurant supplier then ran to his butcher and paid his bill that was due for the amount of $100.00. The butcher then ran to his favorite hooker and said here is the $100.00 that I owe you. The hooker ran back to the innkeeper and gave him the $100.00 for the room she had been entertaining in. The traveling salesman then returned and said that the room was not up to his standards, took his $100.00 and left. Just think, all debts were paid with nobody out anything or no work done. Too bad our congress can’t work out a deal like this. Or maybe they are trying.

Consider the ant how he toils and stores up for the hard times. May God help us.

As always feel free to share and comment.

In Him, Mike


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