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12:09 PM   [14 Sep 2013 | Saturday]

GOD is Omnipresent

 Of all of GOD's characteristics His being omnipresent is one that we take for granted. We talk of GOD being everywhere without realizing what that really means to our life and walk.

Omnipresent is not just everywhere at once and at all times, it is, He is present in all times, past, present, and future at once and at all times. Time and space are not restrictions to GOD. As creater He was before all things that exist and He will be after all things cease toexist therefore all things exist in Him while He is in all things.

The devil (a created being) can only be in one place at a time and only in the present time. He cannot visit the past or he would change it to his will, he cannot visit the future or he would change it to his will.While his dominion is large he cannot be everywhere in it at anytime. The devil cannot enter GOD's presence with out GOD's permission while GOD cancome and go in the devil's dominion as He wills. The devil cannot change the present either, Christ died on the cross so that He could be seperated from the Father (for the only time), this enabled Him to defeat all the works of the devil and take the keys of death and hell.

While we live in the devil's domain we are subject to him, but when we live in GOD's Domain we are subject to Him, they co-exist only in the present.Because Christ freely and willingly gave His life in our place of judgement and punishment we are now by faith adopted as joint-heirs of GOD's Kingdom. We can enter GOD's presence anytime and anywhere we choose.

We should have no fear of death, hell, or rejection by the world (family, friends, anyone). In Christ we are victoriousover death hell, and the works of the devil. We onlyhave to fear ourself. Only we have the ability to hold back the blessings of GOD from our life through pride (selfishness, lust, vanity).To live for GOD I must choose to die to myself, if I choose to live for myself I have submitted myself to the devil's dominion.

Since I have proven over and over again that I do not have the ability or strength to die (and keep dieing everyday) to myself, GOD's omnipresence means that I can be victorious over myself. What Christ did for me on the Cross, in the grave, and through the Resurrection are still powerful today and will be through all my life (future) because GOD is omnipresent.

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amerxp | Sat Sep 14, 2013, 22:09


Syrian Christians are suffering

Syrian Christians also serve in the Syrian Arab Army and have successfully fought off Jihadi terrorists in many mainly Christian villages in the North West of Damascus. A Maaloula resident said the rebels, many of them sporting beards andshouting Allahu Akbar, or God is great, attacked Christian homes and churches shortly after moving into the village overnight. "They shot and killed people after checking for Christian religious symbols and identification. I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village," said the resident, reached by telephone from neighboring Jordan. "So many people fled the village for safety." 

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