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 Senior teachers at a South Lanarkshire school have been removed following a parent outcry over the involvement of a US-based religious group. Some parents have labelled the Church of Christ extremist, and outraged that their children were given books at an assembly questioning evolution and highlighting the church's own religious viewpoints. BBC News 13 Sep 2013


Churches in general, and not just this one have to be very careful in today’s very secular society. We must also acknowledge that our tabloid media play to the gallery when they find something that might pull down any church, and for any reason. A scottish rag ‘news’paper published a photo of one of the leaders of the ‘extremist’ church face painted to provide the image to accompany their smear article. The leader’s face was painted for a bit of fun at a school outing to show what pirate Jack Sparrow might have looked like. The rag failed to mention this. It also failed to say that this same church leadership have been a very active part of the school, without incident, for the past 8 years.

What on earth brought this hullabaloo about? Apparently a book was handed out to some of the schoolkids which depicted the ‘young earth’ position that many other christian scientific academics also believe, ie the earth may be less than 10,000 years old and not billions as some other scientists think. At this point it is essential to say that science does not, and has never, spoken with one voice. Science is not the enemy of faith, but can accompany it. At the same time, primary schools are teaching detailed same sex education to very young minds. I can’t help but wonder which causes more harm?

We should also note that the issue was brought to the media attention by the humanist society of Scotland. Is the penny dropping now? If you thought that this church had an agenda, more so the humanists who want nothing to do with God at every level. It has nothing to do with science or faith after all, it is the humanist society making a headline while they can, and getting their 15 minutes of fame in the process of making maximum damage.

I know many Christians, and some support the young earth view, and some that the earth is billions of years old. They don’t fall out, or shout that the folks who don’t think their way are heretics. There is no fight, just a healthy difference of opinion, and anyway, when we get to heaven we will not be asked how old we thought the earth was, we will be judged on what we did with Jesus and His teaching.

So, the 8 year work and witness in a local community school has been brought to an unfair and abrupt end by a devious humanist, and with the glad help of a rag tabloid, but take heart my friend, if you are a Christian, you will know the end of the story, and guess what? WE WIN!

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