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  Dreams & the Supernatural

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Candlestick FunTown

'We've been through a storm & now a fire' A monstrous fire destroys an iconic boardwalk & 50 businesses, leaving those who rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy asking, 'Is this some type of message?'

Yes, Repent.

The fires in West Texas burn as the hearts of my people slumber.  The fire came to awaken my people.  I told them from where it was coming, and yet they do not believe the warning was from me.  They hear not of me or from me.  Are they my sheep who do not hear my voice?  The walk of the people will fall from elevated heights, they will be brought down, and the turn, the change of events, is about to begin.  One fan died - more to come, people, more to come.  Hear my cry for you as a nation, your death is not far off, and I will not hold it back forever, for it shall have its way.   Shall it have its way with you?  Shall you morn?  Yet all you need to do is to cry out to me, to your G_d, and repent.  Your National Park Yosemite is ablaze, your shoreline became flooded, you seek to rebuild “Fun Town”, and now it burns.  Here is the word of the Lord.  “For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defenced city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built.”  My warning is not taken seriously, my warning is not heeded, and the people now make a great effort to rebuild what shall not be.  The cries will be heard nationwide but will their cries be of me?  I do not make these things happen, says the Lord, the dark forces allow them to happen and I cannot stop them because the self-destruction of this nation comes from within.  You justify it, you want it because you no longer love me or want me, says the Lord your G_d.  Old ways will become new again and technology is deceiving you into a false sense of intelligence that will abandon you.  Only I will not abandon you, for if I did the end would come.  Am I not your G_d?  I stand with you forever, so please, please, please come back to me and make me yours once again, for it is not too late.  Repent today, for Yom Kippur is a day for you as the fires cry and burn, and I burn to be with you once again.

Technology creates luxuries which forms decay in your hearts, and turns you away from me and my foundations of truth.   It’s evident to me, but is it to you?  ‘What shall we do?’ and ‘Where should we go?’ will become your hearts cry.  From silence and inaction to screaming and drifting, a vast multitude will become because you have not cried out to me first.  I am your G_d, and before me there is no other.  For these words will be the only words you speak, as the breath is to speak, your breath of life is mine, for I will take the strength from your eagles wings and bring you low before the nations.  You will become subject to it if you do not come back to me.  Only this will strip you and your arrogance, and your pride will only leave you breathless.  Come back, come back to me before it’s too late. The fires that burn need to burn in your hearts for me as I burn to be with you.

Let us reason together.  Let us become friends once again.  Acknowledge your need for me, and I will restore you and make the world once again acknowledge you.  I will restore you, I will renew and refresh you, and I will once again pour my blessings upon you if you would only cry out to me and forsake your idols of money, luxury and materialism before you seek me, for you will have nothing apart from me when you make your idols your gods.

You cannot repent, you cannot change without me.  Those who have ears to hear heed my voice more, not less, and will come to heed my warning and prepare the way for my return, for I return for a spotless bride, not a harlot.  Come back to me before it’s too late.  Your oil, your heart, is all I can stand to see.  If you are proven to be of me, your heart will repent for yourself and your nation.  Your oil will then overflow, and my spirit and wedding feast will be yours. 

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