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My Works for God and Humanity

Being Not of This World is something so spiritual that Only God Can Supply the Meaning for those Who Seek According to His Instruction which the Religions of Man Worldwide Fail to teach because they are all the Blind Leading the Blind.

Those who want only to share God's word as written within a deceived world become those who are the most hated with judgments against them; and that is because God said that life for those who trust only in Him would bring much persecution from false brethren. Proverbs 1:7, 22-32 was written for the "many" today with verse 33 for the "few".                          

And its because of the god of this world despises anyone good, true and righteous with genuine care for others with reason being that Satan is a god of hate who fills all minds with very evil thoughts against anyone who has love for others, therefore through these years past I have just come to accept being falsely judged and detested through many hateful ways that very clearly shows just as our Lord said life would be through His words in John 15:18-21.

Yet all men of God run the race set before them just as Paul in {Hebrews 12:1-2}  These Are My Works for God thus far plus hundreds more not even listed; and God has become My Only Lead in Life, so all things according to His will, His way and in His time.

This description of just how much I have written with the very great number of views in many sites with the kind of response our Lord speaks of in John 15 that should concern every believer.

Yet today's believers will say how you boast because by grace they have been saved without works while not even knowing God.

Sluggards may be saved, but not eternally without obedience according to words of Paul referring to Christ in Hebrews 5:9.  Currently I have thirteen free web sites; and when God directs I work non stop at writing more, editing, adding or subtracting while only looking to the Father just as our Lord and Head Jesus Christ did while leaving all believers with an example to follow which according to God -- none, no, not one person does. {Psalms 14:2-3} 

And always remember that when God is the only concern through the life of a human individual with absolutely no other life---nothing is by accident or coincidence.

False teachers get paid to be the blind leaders of the blind whereas my pay is faith for the fuel to keep me alive in hard times as the preparation for the much harder times coming upon this whole misled world. But none believe God for His every word that we are to live by; and that is because believers trust and put confidence in man which God says not to do.

These links below are my many for God as His workman who lives on faith as a witness through experiences with today's buildings of man falsely called churches that don't follow their Head Jesus Christ, because if they did there would be but only one True Church of God rather than the religious confusion of this world with thousands and thousands of various beliefs plus uncountable more when separated into different financial organizations with different names, doctrines, beliefs, traditions and spirits of error from the god of this world who has deceived this whole world exactly as God said in Revelation 12:9.  But man does not believe God who is not the author of confusion through His every word being pure as written in Psalms 12:6, 18:30, 119:140; yet man has always been nothing but shame with confusion through the inspired words in Jeremiah 3:25.

In all of my writings I won't say that those who believe in Christ born as the Son of God are not saved---- But what I will say is what God has been teaching me for over twenty years now with His deepest teachings being within these past 61/2 years on how we will all be in tribulation with---or---without His mercy.


There are but two roads in life which both lead to our final destination as children of God which natural minds have no true understanding of.

So the question that all who believe must truly ask themselves are these; which road are you on? Are you of the few in Matthew 7:14 or the many in verse 13? Do you only follow your head which looks only to the Father that removes you from this world with the teachings of man who have not the Spirit of God?

Do you see every word of God with no confusion that is only truth with instruction for us all to live by?  Do you see all believers who participate within the buildings of man and the many pagan things they do all being deceived just as God who speaks only truth labels all who reject Him through disobedience?

Without God's Mercy

"Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished".          Isaiah 13:16

Only pure truth with no mislead that a world of believers don't believe was written for them all.

With God's Mercy

"Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Psalms 33:18-19
Take very careful note of the two words "fear Him" in the verse you just read while asking yourself if you have the fear of the Lord. If you do, by which verses in the Holy Bible can you prove it? and by what actions? and by what Spirit? The "Fear of the Lord" is one of my many works for God that all who believe, truly need to read.

Today's shepherds all throughout the world within all of the religions or beliefs of man have not the fear of the Lord, therefore they are the blind leading the blind because how can a blind person teach something they cannot see and know nothing of?  I speak as our Father directs just as our bodies Head was directed by His Head the Father; therefore did only the things that please Him.  {John 8:28b-29b}
The Word even tells that shepherds worldwide don't feed believers as their sheep---but none, no, not one believer seeks and understands God according to His word we all are to live by.

My Free Website Links below.

The Times of the End Have Arrived

The Beginning of the End      

Truth You Need Beyond Words

What No One Can See                            

Wisdom or Foolishness              

The Way of this World            

We Are Within End Times         

Words as God Leads                  

Today’s Reality in Truth              

Human Ignorance                           

World Book You're Life Depends On

Messenger for Humanity          

What All Civilization Needs to Know



 Experience Project

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About Love And What It Means Too God; About My Grandmother At 103About Wolves In Sheep's Clothing And The Coming Horrors.  Whats Been Happening Behind The Backs Of All Worldwide Including Religious Deception.About Suffering For People Of God And Why I Was Chosen Out Of This World By Christ. Strait Is The Gate And Narrow Is The Way Which Leadeth Unto Life, And Few There Be That Find It. About Running The Race Words From An Ex-church Goer  And My Reply Powers Of Satan Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me  What God Is Looking For Within His Created Beings That Is Completely Missing, Therefore Great Punishment Is Coming. The Powers Of Darkness About My Past In America And Now In The Philippines  

What God Says About Churches The Worst Living Horrors Are Coming Closer Each Day. . If God Is Not The Center Of Our Lives With Priority, We Are Of This World; Therefore Know Not Truth As It Is Written. Strong Meat: Hebrews 5:14 We As People Of God Are Always Watched And Measured By Our Hearts. The Love Of Christ That People Of God Are Lacking. Prophecy Towards The Fall Of America Prophecy Towards The Fall Of America What God Sees Within The Hearts Of Overcomers As Christ About True Christianity God Knows All Things Including You're Own Heart Better Than You Know Yourself---Plus His Instruction on How to Read the Holy Bible  I Have About Eighteen Years With God And Not Church, Therefore God Is My Teacher Through His Words Of Truth Rather Than The Twisted Words Of Man. There Is But One God And Only One Religion; Yet Man Has Made His Own That Have Caused Confusion. The More Faith That We Have; The More We Turn Only To God While Going Around Man. People May Not Always Like Truth, Yet It Is Written For Those Who Put Absolutely No Trust In Man. People Helping People Will One Day Be The Way The Whole World Is.

Below is another site I have many posts in. 

True2Ourselves Blog 

  Today Week Total
Posts 2 0 456
Comments 0 1 86
Views 0 20 98,220
Kudos 10 10 10
Hmm, over 90,000 views and only 86 comments with nothing positive, no friends, no brethren and no communication whatsoever other than being called many cruel words, ignored and as one man said, "You are a bastard" , another your an author for the devil -- ah so much love just as the hate Christ told me that would come my way. John 15:18-19      

In a Christian friends network web site I have 308 posts and only God knows how many views; and with all of those posts, not one brother in Christ, not one friend and not even one communication through about 2 years. But I stayed with them because I was never banned;

{but have been now banned with very many others including the Bible in Facebook}

And as an example through God for many to see the way of the truth for those who come to know me by God's direction. {update} As of the new year 2011 I was also denied access into this very religious christian website full of love as described above because thy word is truth just as Christ described believers hearts.

There was also the Christian site allaboutGod and another called Godspace that I was banned from and denied access to my own hundreds of writings. There also have been other sites where many posts were made along with posts in facebook, twitter and some in Myspace and even more sites. 

All of my hundreds of writings are only on God and the realities of this world past, now and to come because I have absolutely no interest in anything worldly because my heart and mind are set on only God as my life's priority with my wife next in line, and the story about her is that she was a gift from God who He knew that I needed to survive in a foreign country with no income or employment; and our life is a great struggle and she never complains but prays, and we pray together in faith even thou we have so very little within a world of religious people who have absolutely no care whatsoever, but plenty of loving words with praise to God. 

Through the years I have sent many an email to churches, brethren, reverends, priests, acquaintances, family, websites and just anywhere and everywhere having to do with God through faith; and included were very many direct emails to a couple of pastor generals and individual ministers in some huge religious financial organizations and some small, yet there has never even been a brother as another part of the body of Christ with love and understanding of how we need each other because one body part cannot function properly without the other; and there has never been any care, help, love or even just even a tiny bit of genuine friendship. And this has been something spread over six years now. There have been a few good people through spoken words with no more; therefore not what God is looking for in individuals at this time prior to the beginning of sorrows and great tribulation.

The fact is this; when it comes to words from the tongue, there are billions, but when it comes to hearts that God searches very deep, there are but few. 

I write not to make complaints, not to argue and never to judge; but write as a man of God who has been led by God for very many years in ways not even known at that time, but now am seeing many things and His reasons why as they are being revealed or made known through the blessing of having some understanding of God who is the Holy One that we must understand to have the fear of the Lord. Proverbs 9:10---and there are billions who believe, but as sluggards in the flesh, they will never come to know God until great suffering or after the 2nd resurrection.

Examine yourself very carefully with the word of God as your only guide, and before you judge me think of the fact that the time of twenty two years since my beginning with God and all that I write with no other life is how long it has taken for God to begin teaching me so much about His words of truth that any believer should only follow in truth with never man who has always taken from, added to, changed and destroyed while leading billions into the ditches of death without God's mercy.

When I think about Paul I wonder what was on his mind when he was being stoned, beaten, lashed, in prisons, hungry, naked, cold, thirsty, shipwrecked, robbed and even having false brethren; and am also always thinking about Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego who were willing to burn rather than rejecting God along with all that Job lost in wealth, sons and daughters, massive pain, a wife telling him to curse God and die plus his own friends turning against him; and all of these men were as a lesson for us all today because what happened to them could very well happen to you and me. And that is the truth---the whole truth---and nothing but the truth so help me God.

But are the blinded shepherds worldwide teaching their flocks the truths of God? Not according to thy word is truth in Ezekiel 34 which they all just claim out of context so as to claim their own innocence as they lead hundreds of millions into their own deaths. . .so says God who believers worldwide don't believe.

So when our Lord said these words--- I took them all as very direct and very personal. . .

"If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they also will persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep your also. But all these things will they do unto you for my name's sake, because they know not Him that sent me. John 15:18-21

Hate means to detest and persecute in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, and I have been detested and greatly persecuted by all churches through the lead of man because I am not of that group who is of this world. I pray that God gives you understanding---and He gives it only to those who know Him. Study 1 John 3:14-18 with 4:7-8 and Proverbs 21:13 that have no confusion whatsoever. 

Be ye followers of me, even as also I am of Christ. 1 Corinthians 11:1

 With my life that belongs to God, my wife and I only struggle daily as we pray in faith and just wait; and our time of wait has been very difficult over these past 6 plus years now because this world of religious love has absolutely none, yet are all great judges because they know not what they do. 


About me




Hundreds of Writings 



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