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As I think about the world and its current condition, I cannot help but believe that much of our troubles have their genesis in the apathy that seems to have maintained a foothold in the world. I haven't any idea of how it got started in he first place, but I think a good place to begin is to remember how the leadership of the country campaigns for the privilege of serving the people, but when the people speak up on various matters, those elected have their own agenda and turn their backs on the people whom they were elected to serve. This has spilled over into the life of the church which continues to have to compete with Sunday morning soccer, track and field events, and any number of other activities that are supported and put in place by those who have been elected to serve. This is made worse when the leadership of the church also acts like the elected officials. If we have any hope of getting back on track, we cannot continue to be apathetic about the status quo. We have people in the education systems in this country that are teaching our children what it means to be gay and how to go about trying it out for size. Unless the rank and file in the church stand up and be counted to stand against the liberal clergy and otherwise, we will continue to descend deeper into the quagmire of sin and degradation, for which God will not stand by and turn a blind eye forever.
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amerxp | Fri Sep 06, 2013, 17:09

 In any fight, you may be facing now, or in the future you are not alone. As a matter of fact, God is always with you.Because of his love for us, God is always with us, especially in difficult circumstances. Therefore, if you ever face a battle do not worry. He is a master warrior.


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