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“The SNP’s Bill to redefine marriage is to be “fast-tracked” through the Scottish Parliament, with March pencilled-in as the date for Royal Assent. According to the Herald newspaper, MSPs will hold double evidence sessions on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill, with early start times.” - News Report


At the same time as this rush to legislate for homosexual marriage in Scotland, there seems to be a lack of real help for the victims of the horrific gas attack on innocents in Syria. Yes, I do know about money being sent to help refugees, but welcome as it might be, it is like placing a band aid over the already festering sore? Would it not be a better idea to tackle the root of the problem, and not the symptom?


I bring these two newsworthy items together to show the inconsistency of government to show leadership, and to demonstrate the disrespect it has for the wishes of the electorate. I would suggest that there are times when government must show leadership to take the nation in a direction which the ordinary people would not ask for. Take military action as an example. If you ask the man or woman in the street if they want to use our service men and women in a war zone, they would naturally say no, because we are careful about putting our young men and women in harms way. However, there must be times when military action is the right thing to do. Of course, the major party in Scotland is calling for the removal of the Trident deterrent from Scottish soil, so by definition we diminish any argument for the use of military force of any nature, and at any time especially the use by rogue states of other weapons of mass destruction. We are good at showing off our forces at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, though.  


The other aspect of leadership which is lacking is on same sex marriage in Scotland. The largest consultation response in the life of the UK and Scottish Governments were received on this matter, but set aside. There were various reasons given for this, eg: some churches and organisations used postcards with tick boxes, and when those results are taken out of the overall response, the result flips to the desired political outcome. Another example of a lack of leadership in Scottish politics. To compound the issue, as the press release above says, the SNP is fast-tracking the same sex bill, and holding double evidence sessions to make sure it passes all political hurdles, as it surely will. I suggest there is an unholy rush, and we will get the Independent Scotland we deserve if both the bill, and the Independence Referendum succeed.


I smell inconsistency in the corridors of Scottish power.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8

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