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I am noticing a growing trend for the women in our society to want to be men. We get the recent news that women want to be included in the ancient home of golf at Muirfield, where the Scottish Golf Open is being held. There are a few very vocal ‘ladies’ who want the same rights as the men, and not to be excluded from this club. Scotland’s First Minister has entered the debate by saying he would not attend the Open because of the men only rule, and he is a keen golfer.

Then there is the now closed debate on same sex marriage, because from next year homosexuals will be able to have their marriages blessed in church, or to be more accurate, some churches. That is until the law is tested (and it will be) to show the inequality of how differently they are treated by some. So, we have another group of men who want to be women and vice versa.

This all got me thinking. Are we all the same, different, or complementary? It seems it depends on which group is shouting the loudest at any given time. All women golfers want to be members of Muirfield? Not at all, only some are making it their protest of the day, and it certainly doesn’t mean all women agree. A very small minority of women want to be men, but it seems from the way the news is presented that this is true for all women. Again, not true. Believe it or not there are women, no let’s call them ladies, who can see and celebrate the differences between men and women physically, emotionally and psychologically, and thank goodness for the majority of these sensible people. On top of all that, we have girls who want to be ‘boy’ scouts, and boys who want to be ‘girl’ guides, or more likely not to be the children, but adults with their own agenda.

I am the biggest cheerleader you will find for Mums and Motherhood, and I don’t have a problem that Dads can’t be Mums, in spite of the obvious ‘inequality’ it demonstrates. I can hear you say, ‘don’t be stupid’. Really? The rolling stone of equality has not stopped, and in this moving process it has gathered no moss, so there is more to come. There is an old saying, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. If ‘equality’ has its way to the ultimate conclusion, then it will be the men who will be rocking the cradle, while all the women are too busy trying to be men. So, all that to say this: Can we please let men be men, and women be women, each complementary to the other, and then maybe the family unit could be made stronger as it should be, and children happier and more secure in an otherwise uncertain society? Just a thought.

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