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How To Backslide in 30 Minutes or Less!

Every moment in life gives us the opportunity to choose:

-- What thoughts will I think?  

-- What words will I speak?  

-- Who will I ultimately trust?  

Some years ago when my family and I lived next door to a revengeful, oppressed woman, I had no idea how to handle our neighbor's bitter hatred as she was bent toward constant revenge against us. Prior to this woman and her family moving in next door, I'd lived quite a comfortable life:  tree-lined suburbia, trips to a nearby mall, inground pool, etc.  Diligently homeschooling our three daughters and though an active church member, my spiritual life had gradually waned as I had allowed other things to overtake a close relationship with the Lord.  One day when the woman's intimidating harassment had grown to a fever pitch, I plopped on the downstairs' couch and curled up into a ball, hoping to never leave the house again thinking, "What's the use?"  So in the next thirty minutes I had the opportunity to choose.  Would I totally give up on God being able to deliver me from this mess, or would I trust that He had a plan?    

"I know He can do it.  I know He can do it.  There's something He wants me to do."  All along I'd wrongly reasoned that God hadn't cared much about my situation and that the Bible had nothing to say to a person like me, one who stayed home constantly next door to a neighbor who wanted my entire family dead.  But as soon as I choose to trust Him thinking:  "I know He can do it," I began to understand God.  God, you see, had me, not only His daughter but His love, continually in mind.  And once I choose to turn from my erroneous thoughts leading on that downtrodden path, His plan began to come forth.  

"Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord; for I am married unto you:  and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion." (Jeremiah 3:14)  Speaking to backsliding Israel, Jeremiah encourages God's children to make the choice to turn, to trust Him when in 30 minutes or less they could continue plopping down, down, down, or instead be filled with His plan.  We may reason that backsliding is the easy way out, but once you get up off the couch and truly turn toward Him, you'll never want to plop back down again.   


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