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7:08 AM   [14 Jul 2013 | Sunday]

American Silence, !!Enough!!

In concern of the highest need of this nation to not recapture her former glory of Godly governance by sheer determination, but to reaffirm unashamedly the core foundations already set from her birth, is a statement in itself, if mishandled, could hold wide open to both be attacked from without, and rest in pride from within. It is up to us individually to make sure that promotion is in the framework of humility before God, and promoted by prayer, thereby be protected by Him. It is my understanding that we have not yet begun to take the first step of insuring such protection by an all-powerful God.

You undoubtedly are aware of the good deeds wrought by the folks at the Heritage Foundation who now have the succeeding new president ret. Senator Jim DeMint.

In a letter to the esteemed Senator, I thought to bring the following to his attention:

Sen. Jim DeMint,

Greetings. Based upon your acknowledgment of the gospel principle of an individual’s particular economic status of giving to your well-equipped fact finding that leads to disbursements to the hands of lawmakers, I am not so hesitant to agree to your request for support.

But something remains here a little more than troubling. Regardless of the amount of sensitive handling so many feel is a better road traveled, over and over again conveys a stout resistance. A resistance that is exemplified in such recollections as your citing the courageous young 19-yr old Mr. Bufford’s:

“strong conservative values that will lead our country”

In this, the only mention of hope to alter our course, I ask, how many more years do you think we have? Another year of appealing to the well intentioned? Another year to note comparable policy deficiencies? Another year to cite ten thousand more dubious acknowledgements of what really turns over and exposes the cancerous root that causes these deficiencies in the first place?

Retrospectively, this does not heed to well at all the founder’s many signals of alarm to be guided by. An alarm to correct without policy - cause, rather than with policy - outcome. The current open initiative of resisting even to the smallest degree any mention of providence is to perpetually resist ourselves right into shall we say, public pride. I’m afraid that may be combined in error with patriotism. What is the first step to alleviate such misguidedness?

“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

As I pointed out to your predecessor, Ed Fuelner, the recorded instance to maintain secrecy by the Apostle for those who were of “reputation” (Galatians 2:2), in this case, (I did not tell Mr. Fuelner) is not “in vain”. For unlike ours, they did not have any gospel underpinnings to affirm at all. Only now we have a constant battering to slow water-down of that foundation.

So just what is it we are calling on the mass conscience to deliver us from such deficiencies by? Is the smallest mention going to lead us into the abyss? You Senator, among so many have already reminded us of that state for some years now. It’s time to turn from public pride of self-determination only, and turn up the heat to promote the One who has been shelved from our campaigns with the seal of universal “Godspeed” well-wishing.



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