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Were is the Body Of Christ

WHEREíS THE BODY OF CHRIST I have been a born again follower of Jesus or Christian for just over 10 years now. The first part of my journey was electric wanting to no more, dig deeper. Then during this journey I lost my job of over 20 years. You all are going to understand what went next why God why. Well it was not what I expected I got another job at minimum wage working at a Christian bookstore. Next question Ok Lord what is this about I am financially like night and day, but it was his way of leading me on a new journey. First long lesson trust in the Lord, second I have a job for you it took 3 and a half years and is still growing. It started with the people I met, the books he put in my path to read and finally the verse that started this journey Mathew 7:21-23. I tell all people who will listen God prepares us before he sends us on his journey. The people I met the books I read got me prepared to move forward on this path. That verse made me think how can this be that Christians would not make it to heaven. They go to church regularly they pray, perform miracles and yet Jesus says I did not know you. This is the start of my 3 and half year journey. It started me looking closer at my walk and the people I met what was Jesus looking for? The first thing I did was pray that God would show me more verses on this matter and how could people truly know they are saved. On this journey he took me through many areas of my life and what I needed to change as well as when I questioned him on, is this really you God, he answered a question I had since the time I gave my life to him and he showed me the answer. My question was about dinosaurs and the age of the earth I could never get a clear answer when I first came to the Lord. I had asked pastors other people looked at books but never felt a true answer. Then I heard him and it came flooding in all the answers to my question he showed scripture and pointed me to a book to read I felt wow this is the answer. So now I continue on my journey feeling a bit like Gideon asking God. The next main verses he sent me to was Psalm 50 it showed me another part of God and what he expects from his people. We do not look to see our salvation or allow God to direct our path down the narrow road. From this stage we walked together into Revelation a BOOK I SUGGEST EVERY Christian should read. The part that stood out was Jesus speaking about the luke warm church 3:16 that he spits them out. I suggest you read all from verse 14 to 22. This to me is the church today and Jesus is warning us to get it right. We have been lead down a garden path with denominational teachings which arenít always of the bible. We have put much trust in our churches that they would not harm us yet I hear I did not know you. Statistically today most Christians do not read the bible on a daily weekly or even yearly time setting, so how can we know the truth of what God wants us to know. The truth will set you free but you must hear the truth read the truth you canít depend that the man standing before you is telling you the truth unless you have read it in the living word of God. Another empowering group of verses is the Parable of the Ten Virgins Mathew 25:1-13. This parable talked to me about 5 Christians who went to church without reading their bibles and the 5 that did come who had read their bibles and were prepared for the lordís return and to those who did not know the door shut. I hear so often that you are saved because you know that Jesus died on the cross he defeated Satan and went home to sit on the right hand side of the father. Yet in these few verses like Mathew 21 they were preforming miracles yet they were not known. So it truly tells me that there are a lot of so called Christians in for a shock. Another chapter to read is 1 John 2 again it talks of being in Christ to be saved not just going through motions, it is all about relationship and without knowing a person it is hard to have a relationship. So for us to be truly saved we need to be in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and he even sent us a helper the Holy Spirit to bring us closer to him. In all, as this journey continues I have been reminded that the end is nearer than we think. We are again in the days of Noah if people have study the bible the times are very similar. The thing that was brought to my attention was the number of people who were saved back then total 8. Question how many people in the world at the time I have read stats that say anywhere from 3 to 7 billion people. So we see that God has high standards only 8 made it, today we have 7 billion people on earth today. So question how many go home, which brings me back to my title where is the body of Christ. If Jesus is the head then are we a tall strong body or are we the body of a small child? I call out to true believers it is time to come together and try and help those who have been deceived. On a lighter note when I asked (where) were the body of Christ is I was told buried in Israel and in heaven.
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