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Father of Lies

 But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! Amos 5:24

I am one of those who lived his teen life through the 1960s and that age when the devil was active in convincing the general population that love was free, and liberating. That can only be described as one of the biggest lies of the devil, and from the pit of hell. The trouble is, that there is a generation now who are older, and maybe a bit wiser, and who now know that how we love, and live our lives is important.

The UK has been rocked recently by the arrests of well known, household name celebrities whose past has finally caught up with them. Abuses of young girls and boys, at the hands of famous people, who had also bought into the idea of ‘free love’, and thought they were committing no crime by their abuses. If you lived through the 1960/70s you will know that Britain was branded as a prudish nation, and we were told we needed to be liberated. Satan was at work in the hearts of our nation, and his work was easy. It was easy because TV programs and movies reflected the happy side of flower power, and ‘no guilt’ love. For the purposes of clarity, read ‘sex’ for ‘love’ because we had been convinced they were the same thing, and a generation of young folks in the 1960s fell into the trap. That same generation are now seeing the results of that lie unfold before their eyes in the recent arrests of 70 and 80 year olds. Their ‘hidden’ and previously ‘acceptable’ behaviour has now crept up behind them and exposed the shameful truth as their victims find the courage to speak out.

What should we do with these ‘dirty old men’ who are now a frail shell of their former celebrity selves? God is certainly forgiving, but first we have to recognise our need, repent and ask for forgiveness. However, what do we as society do on a human level? We cannot sweep this disgusting behaviour under the carpet and ignore it, so they pay a human penalty determined by the courts. In the meantime their victims, who have lived with the abuses for decades have justice. What would you think if I suggested that in order to make their own progress, those abused, now older victims also need to forgive their abusers? Now that is a tough call. Could you do that? I wonder, could I??

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