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Sonshine (2)


   [04 Jun 2013 | Tuesday]

Holiness Brings the Power?

Holiness does not give us power with God, but the power of God produces holiness. Holiness is a process that has to do with our behavior. All behavior comes from the heart, and mental paradigms. Our behavior is never the root problem; it’s always our heart and our belief systems. Holy living is a by-product of a sound mind, and clean heart. Holiness can be defined as, “oneness,” this is where what we believe, say, and practices all line up. The reason we are able to live holy is, because, we have the power of God operating in our hearts. We do not or cannot live holy enough to obtain the power of God. Holiness is produced by grace in operation. Those who refuse to access grace can never live holy.

That being said, what about revival; do we have to be holy enough to expect a visitation from God, or does a visitation from God produce holiness. If we are saved, delivered, healed and made whole by grace through faith, what makes us think revival is different! I've read some books from people in the past on what they did to get the healing anointing, or what they did to move God. I can say that these people, abandoned, the message of the cross. His gifts and callings are without repentance. We cannot pay for the healing anointing, nor can we move God by our holy behavior. God is already moving we just need to decide if we are going to join Him.

Religion has placed God in a far away galaxy, with his arms folded saying, “I will not bring revival, until you change your ways.” This translates that God will not do anything for us, unless, we deserve it. This mentality is saying that revival will come by adherence to religiosity and churchianity. We need revival to change; we cannot change to get revival. This is like God saying, I will not love you, unless you love me first. We need to ask ourselves this question, “does being holy make us blessed, or does His blessing make us holy?” Grace always comes before works, and works cannot get grace. When we have grace, we have the power to work, but no amount of work could ever makes us worthy of grace.

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Sonshine | Thu Jun 06, 2013, 10:06

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Preach it brother!!!


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